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Pink is Wangyuan online! Back to the peak! The new hairstyle is creamy and sassy

2021-08-25 06:59:13 Oriental Infotainment

mention TFBOYS, It should be a real cultivation department. That's right . Wang Junkai 、 Wang Yuan, they are only thirteen or fourteen years old , At that time, they were just children singing online with guitars , Then they will sing together 《 Miss Dong 》 It's really a circle of powder . Later, the three of them were known by more and more people , And then change , Each one has become a superstar . For a long time ,TFBOYS A play , It's really mom powder 、 Girlfriend powder is a big piece .

Today, , All three have gone to college , The direction of three people's development is also very clear , There are fewer opportunities for three people to fit . Captain Wang Junkai is studying at the Film Academy , I also want to develop in the film and television industry in the future , Now Wang Junkai's variety show 、 Fashion resources are quite good . Yiguan Qianxi can be said to be the successor , Before, the sense of presence in the three small animals was slightly lower , Now it's a big turn , Already has its own film masterpiece , Hip hop dancing is also very good , Fashion resources are even better .

Compared with Wang Junkai and Yi Shuai Qianxi , Wang Yuan is the only choice to continue singing , So I went to Berkeley Conservatory of music to practice singing . It can be said that for quite a long time , There is a lot less news about Wang Yuan .

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