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Another pair of stars announced their divorce! Less than three years of marriage, netizen: "there is a omen"

2021-08-25 07:30:00 Tencent Entertainment

Another divorce broke out in the entertainment industry .

8 month 21 Japan , A screenshot of a circle of friends suspected of Li's birthday spread on the Internet , The content is to respond to his emotional problems with black tail sauce , He wrote :“ Friends always ask and say , I've been separated from the canon for some time , Thank you for your concern .”

Did he really divorce black tail sauce ?

Then the media called Li's birthday staff , The other party confirmed the divorce of Li's birthday black tail sauce :“ Because it's private , So Li Dan only made an explanation with his friends in his circle of friends . They signed a divorce agreement at the beginning of this year , Thank you for your concern , I hope I don't disturb everyone's attention .”

About their marital status , Prior to 2018 In, Li once revealed in the program that he had married black tail sauce , It hasn't arrived yet 3 Years of time , The two announced a divorce .

For the news of their divorce , After seeing it, netizens said “ Not surprisingly ”“ No wonder ”“ There is a premonition ”“ It's normal for them to divorce , It's not normal not to divorce !”

It is worth mentioning that , The news of their divorce has long been widely spread , Li Dan was also photographed by netizens showing up in a bar with a woman , The action is quite intimate .

Then, on the one hand, black tail sauce closed its social platform account , On the other hand, the joint venture between the two was also revealed to have been cancelled . Since then , Their emotional problems have also become complicated .

The emotional problems of entertainment artists can always attract the attention of netizens , As for why they divorced , Is it Li's birthday or black tail sauce ? We outsiders don't know , As a melon eater, I still hope they can be well after that , Pursue their true happiness .

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