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Zhang Yimou guest starred, directed by Xu Zheng, and blessed by Shen Teng and Wu Jing. The box office of this film is not low

2021-08-25 07:52:52 Tencent Entertainment

Before you know it ,2021 Two thirds of the years have passed , It's getting cooler , Cicadas fade away , The summer vacation is coming to an end , But the best movie this summer is still starring Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse 《 Anger ・ Serious case 》.

Although its box office has not yet exceeded the billion mark , But the comment area is full of cheers .

“ No exaggeration , This is definitely the best police and bandit film in recent years ”“ Just look at Nicholas Tse , The ticket price is also worth , Nicholas Tse , You should make more movies !”“ It's a pity that the , This is the last film directed by Chen Musheng , Worth three strokes .” And so on .

In fact, apart from Nicholas Tse's appearance , Get rid of the memory of director Chen Musheng ,《 Anger ・ Serious case 》 It's also above average . Just the fight from fist to meat , Exciting racing scenes are enough to arouse people's adrenaline , However, the series connection of the whole story and the distinct plot conflict tightly hold the audience's heart .

But ,《 Anger ・ Serious case 》 How can I fight , There will be another day , Is the cinema going to be cold this year ? Don't be disappointed too soon , And don't let go of expectations , Because the National Day hasn't come yet .

Speaking of National Day , The most impressive thing about the film market in recent years must be “ Me and my ” A series of . A star studded lineup , The gathering place of famous directors , Image memories close to life and precious memories that affect hundreds of millions of people , Every frame is memorable , Every actor's hair is full of drama .

And this year is no exception ,《 Me and my parents 》 Once officially announced, the main lineup , It quickly attracted the attention of all parties and warm expectations .

The first to bear the brunt is directed by Xu Zheng 《 Duck prophet 》 unit , Once again, focus on the alley life in Shanghai , Tell the story behind the birth of China's first TV advertisement . In the official announcement , except 70 Vintage clothes of the s , Shanghai women with unique charm , Even every ornament has a strong sense of history .

And the cast , Except Song Jia 、 Zhang Yuqi 、 Hong Tao 、 Ning Li 、 Hu Ke, Sha Yi and other powerful factions , And one more “ Me and my ” Old acquaintances in the series ―― Han Haolin .

Han Haolin is young , But it was appreciated by Xu Zheng , And in 《 My country and I 》 and 《 My hometown and I 》 I also supported my part in the play . But these are standard for the National Day trilogy , Because there are still big guys who don't show up .

He is Zhang Yimou, who only appeared in the colored eggs . Speaking of Zhang Yimou , There must be no one who doesn't know , In the film industry, it is even more famous . This time 《 Me and my parents 》 Zhang Yimou didn't sit in front of the monitor and control everything , Instead, it was directed by Xu Zheng 《 Duck prophet 》 I played a guest role in .

Although he has only a few minutes of picture , But no less dedicated than any actor , While pondering the characters' expressions, he also discussed the script with Xu Zheng , Just to give the best presentation .

Actually in 《 Duck prophet 》 In the context of the story , It's really icing on the cake to invite Zhang Yimou , After all, his national degree is high enough , The contribution to the film and television industry is not small .

Zhang Yimou guest star , Directed by Xu Zheng , Stars join , But for the 《 Me and my parents 》 For this movie , The surprise is more than that , Because apart from Xu Zheng , Wu Jing 、 Zhang Ziyi and Shen Teng also joined the ranks of directors this time .

Wu Jing need not say more , His 《 Warwolf 2》 How successful it was , How wonderful the play is , Everyone can see how strong the strength is .

And Shen Teng, as a in recent years “ Box office panacea ”, A comedian with a smile , Even a few seconds of Cameo scenes make people willing to pay the bill , This is the first time to appear in the film as a director , Presumably fans will not be absent .

As for Zhang Ziyi , It's called the international chapter , Representative works are piled up and won numerous awards at home and abroad , Itself is a living sign , I don't know what kind of surprise the director's work will bring to you ?

although 《 Me and my parents 》 Only in October , But just look at the cast and Wu Jing 、 Shen Teng these “ Box office security ”, I knew its box office was definitely not low . Let's wait and see !

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