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The two luxury cars are parked together. Regardless of the brand, they all choose red, but the price is quite different

2021-08-25 12:43:49 Oriental Information automobile

Always see some embarrassing scenes , An extended range rover and BYD Tang DM Stop together , If nothing else , From the side, there is not too much gap . These two cars have been viewed from the perspective of Chinese people , Red festive large size SUV Very popular with consumers , Can be extended in black SUV But won the love of many local tyrants . Just know that the price difference between the two is too high , Close to the 240 More than ten thousand , Maybe they all think there is no way to compare .

In fact, domestic independent brands are not much compared , Also dare to face the reality , No medium SUV The brand of luxury cars , Byd tang DM() Fill this gap , Like this BYD Tang DM It's on sale 30 More than ten thousand , It's a domestic independent brand SUV The tallest in the world . Byd tang DM Your design style is so handsome , Chic large area air inlet grille layout , And sharp LED Daytime running lights , Double cross bars decorate the shape of fog lamp .

And the range rover () It has always been the oldest style of the family , The scattered air intake grille is regular , On both sides LED The light source group also has little to see , But this extended range rover is also the first extended range rover , Wheelbase reached 3122mm, With the existing 2922mm It's a circle bigger than . The luxury of the range rover is really not shown on the outside , Leather trim and... Inside 10 A big screen with more points , Plus some high-tech configuration , It's all money . contrary DM It's a lot worse , But the big screen is still bigger than the range rover .

The extended range rover is also very powerful ,3.0T Twin turbocharging ( diesel oil )、3.0SC Mechanical pressurization ( gasoline ) and 5.0SC Mechanical pressurization ( gasoline ) Three engines , And what matches that is 8 Speed automatic transmission . And BYD don DM It is equipped with plug-in hybrid version 2.0T Hybrid system ,4.9S It can break a hundred , The range rover can't be compared , Compared with other similar cars in China, it still has advantages . Range Rover and BYD don DM Although there is no comparability , But for riders who only look at the appearance ,DM It does look much better .

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