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In 2021, there were 9 divorcing star couples, with the longest marriage lasting 12 years and the shortest less than 3 years

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It's easier to love than to be together .

From love to marriage , To choose divorce without love , The story of every divorced couple makes people sigh .

Today, let's talk about the divorce this year 9 Couple of stars , I hope you will cherish the people in front of you , Seriously manage your marriage , Have a happy little day .

01. Li Dan 、 Black tail sauce ,2 And a half years

Li Dan 1989 Born in ,2012 Introduced by friends , He worked for the talk show 《 Tonight? 80 Post talk show 》 Write a passage , Then he became a permanent guest of the program , Officially enter the entertainment industry .

after 5 Years of struggle ,2017 year , Li's birthday relies on a talk show 《 Poking fun at the conference 》 Conflagration , He is the planner of the program 、 The writers , Or make complaints about the members of the Tucao .

Before Lee's birthday fire , He has fallen in love with net red and black tail sauce .

2018 year , Li birthday in 《 Talk show 》 It was announced that he was going to marry black tail sauce , But he also admitted that he was not very voluntary , He also said he felt kidnapped by morality .

In the following 《 Adventure life 》 On , Li Sheng said he had married black tail sauce , But he also said he didn't know if he could spend his life with black tail sauce , I don't know what will happen in the future .

After marriage, they were also sweet for some time , They often show affection , The online business of black tail sauce is also very popular .

however , They were also angrily criticized by netizens for some remarks and behaviors .

The turning point of Li's birthday and black tail sauce seems to be 2020 year 12 month .

Because after that , Black tail sauce posted on social platforms , Don't mention Li's birthday . Her joint venture with Li Dan has also been liquidated .

In the face of these clues , Netizens suspect that they have changed their marriage , But none of them responded .

until 8 month 21 Japan , Someone exposed Li's circle of friends . Li Dan announced his divorce from black tail sauce in his circle of friends , He wrote : Friends always ask and say , I've been separated from the canon for some time , Thank you for your concern .

And then , The media contacted the staff of Li Dan , Confirmed the divorce , The staff member also revealed , Li birthday and black tail sauce signed a divorce agreement at the beginning of this year .

thus , Li's birthday and black tail sauce are over, only to maintain 2 Two and a half years of marriage .

however , For two people to divorce , Netizens are not surprised , After all, from their past statements , People also think they won't live long .

02. Li-ying zhao 、 William Feng ,2 And a half years

William Feng 1978 Born in Shanghai in , A good family . He 1998 Film in 《 A string of stars 》, Officially enter the entertainment industry .

He was in 2008 I met Zhao Liying in , This year they all appeared in TV dramas 《 A couple 》《 Lock the autumn 》. But Feng Shaofeng is the protagonist , Zhao Liying is a minor supporting actor with few roles .

When Zhao Liying can have as many parts as Feng Shaofeng in a play, it is already 2017 year . This year they acted as film directors 《 Journey to the West 》 The hero and heroine .

here we are 2018 year 4 month , Someone broke the news that they were in love . And before that , Feng Shaofeng and Xu Qiwen 、 Ni Ni 、 Lin Yun is in love , Also with Yang Mi 、 Victoria song 、 Guo biting had an affair .

For the disclosure of love , Neither Feng Shaofeng nor Zhao Liying admitted , Even if they were photographed eating hot pot together , Wear lovers' clothes . They were also photographed holding hands and staying in the hotel together .

What everyone never thought of is ,2018 year 10 month 16 Japan , They suddenly announced their marriage .

Why choose Feng Shaofeng ? Zhao Liying said he was a very cute , A man who can give people a sense of security , She also said :“ He and I complement each other very much , Including character and all kinds of places , He is very responsible , And gentle , Also very interesting in life , Is a person who knows life .”

However 2021 year , They surprised everyone again .

It's like suddenly announcing marriage ,2021 year 4 month 23 Japan , They suddenly announced a divorce .

Their marriage lasted only 2 And a half years .

As for what happened between the two , Outsiders don't know .

But because from marriage to divorce , They have no intersection in property , They divorced very simply .

03. Xu Weining 、 Liu Younian , Less than 3 year

Xu Weining 1984 Born in Taiwan in , She's a hybrid , High beauty value .

With high appearance 、 Good figure ,2004 She began to enter the performing arts industry in , Played in 《 Practical joke kiss 》《 Next Station , Happiness 》《 Seven designs of love 》 Wait for the TV series .

stay 2007 year , She fell in love with actor Ruan Jingtian . At that time, because Ruan Jingtian loved to play , There's a lot of gossip , Many people are not optimistic about them .

What everyone didn't expect was that Xu Weining and Ruan Jingtian talked about 8 year .

It's just , Xu Weining was finally hurt by Ruan Jingtian .

Here 8 In the year , Rumor about Ruan Jingtian's affair continues , I don't want to take my heart and live a good life with Xu Weining .

Finally, Xu Weining, whose heart is completely cold, is in 2015 In, he broke up with Ruan Jingtian .

When Xu Weining fell in love again, it was already 2017 year , Her boyfriend is her high school classmate , Liu Younian, who is also a director .

Different from the high-profile love with Ruan Jingtian , This time, Xu Weining and Liu Younian fell in love with a low profile .

And they are 2018 I got married in seclusion .

Unfortunately, the marriage lasted less than 3 year .2021 year 4 month 21 Japan , Xu Weining was revealed to be divorced by her friends . It is revealed that the reason for divorce is that there are fewer people together and more people away from each other, which is inconsistent with the concept .

04. Fukuhara Ai 、 Jiang Hongjie ,5 year

AI Fukuhara is a Japanese national treasure table tennis player , Jiang Hongjie is a table tennis player in Taiwan .

They are 2000 I met for the first time in .

This year , They all took part in the East Asian Youth Games . At that time, Jiang Hongjie saw Fukuhara Ai comb his hair very high , It looks fierce , He felt that AI Fukuhara was not an easy person to get close to .

therefore , This meeting , They didn't establish contact .

When Jiang Hongjie and Fukuhara Ai were really connected, it was 2014 year .

This year , Jiang Hongjie has the contact information of Fukuhara Ai .

This year , AI Fukuhara needs surgery for a fatigue fracture of the left midfoot . Jiang Hongjie, who learned the news, took the initiative to contact AI Fukuhara , Before that, he had surgery for a broken hip lip and ankle .

He comforted with his own experience 、 Encourage Fukuhara Ai .

In the process of continuous communication , Their feelings warmed up , Love sprouted .

2016 year , They walked into the palace of marriage . After marriage , They have a son and a daughter .

And Fukuhara Ai is 2019 Years after retirement , I have lived a life of making friends and teaching children .

They also took part in variety shows together 《 Happy Trio 》, Sprinkle sugar everywhere , Sweet turn the audience .

But no one thought of it , Such a sweet couple , stay 2021 year 3 month 3 The Japanese media revealed the divorce agreement .

Japanese media said Fukuhara Ai cheated , He said Jiang Hongjie had long carried out verbal violence against Fukuhara Ai , He also said that Jiang Hongjie's family was very mean to Fuyuan love .

This news from the Japanese media , It soon aroused heated discussion among netizens . However, because the Japanese media broke the news, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false , Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie, who is right and who is wrong , I'm trapped in Rosenthal .

Just no matter who is right or wrong , Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie still came to the end of divorce .

2021 year 7 month 8 Japan , Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie issued a statement saying , They have ended their marriage .

they 5 Years of marriage , It's over .

Watching Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie's marriage come to this step , Netizens sighed .

05. Jiao Enjun 、 Lin Qianyu ,6 year

Jiao Enjun's ancestral home is Shandong ,1967 Born in Chiayi, Taiwan ,1994 Years with 《 Seven Heroes and Five Gallants 》 Medium “ Zhan Zhao ” In the corner of , Become a popular student in Taiwan .

In the year of fame , He married makeup artist girlfriend Huang Wanlin .

marry 5 After year , Jiao Enjun relies on 《 Xiao li fly knife 》 Medium “ Li Xunguan ” In the corner of , All over the river .

At that time , Jiao Enjun and Huang Wanlin also live a sweet life .

However 2005 year , Huang Wanlin filed for divorce , Jiao Enjun chose to clean himself out of the house , He didn't tell the media that Huang Wanlin was not good .

Divorce Huang Wanlin , It was a great blow to Jiao Enjun . In those sad days , Jiao Enjun is 1992 Shooting TV series in 《 Officers and ladies 》 Lin Qianyu, an actress she met at the time, has been comforting him .

A long time , The two became lovers .

2014 year , Jiao Enjun married Lin Qianyu .

After marriage , Jiao Enjun reduced filming , Spend more time with your family .

However, from 2018 Year begins , There's something wrong with their feelings , They interact with each other on social platforms , Started living apart .

2020 year , When Lin Qianyu took part in a program, she revealed that she had a cold war with Jiao Enjun 2 year . And revealed that Jiao Enjun didn't have a Junior 、 Principled issues such as cheating and having an affair .

2021 year , When she attended the program, she said that her marriage to Jiao Enjun was “ Karma ”.

Lin Qianyu used “ Karma ” Describe her marriage with Jiao Enjun , Make Jiao Enjun very unhappy .

2021 year 3 month 31 Japan , Jiao Enjun sent a dynamic message on the social platform , He wrote : Karma ? Not after a peaceful separation : Will be a lifelong friend ?

But at the end of this dynamic , He still wishes Lin Qianyu , He wrote : I wish you happiness 、 Safety 、 happy .

A day later , Lin Qianyu issued a divorce statement with Jiao Enjun through a brokerage firm , Their marriage lasted only 6 year .

After divorce with Lin Qianyu , Jiao Enjun is the same as the first divorce , Still didn't speak ill of the woman , For his ex-wife and for himself .

06. Chen Sicheng 、 Liyan tong ,7 year

Chen Sicheng 1978 He was born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province ,2006 Years with 《 Soldier assault 》 Medium “ Success ” A corner is well known by the public .

2011 year , He met Tong Liya . Before meeting Tong Liya , He and actress Shen Jiani 、 Cao Xiwen once fell in love .

It was an accident that Chen Sicheng met Tong Liya .

This year , Chen Sicheng plans to make a TV play 《 Beijing love story 》, At that time, Tong Liya asked the crew for an interview , Wrong room , In 《 Beijing love story 》 The room where the crew interviewed the actors .

Now that we have all come , Chen Sicheng talked with Tong Liya , Finally decided to let her play 《 Beijing love story 》 Inside “ Shen Bing ” In the corner of .

And Chen Sicheng moved his mind to Tong Liya , He pursued her .

At that time, although Tong Liya appreciated Chen Sicheng's talent , But I don't feel safe with him ,“ A little scared ”.

Finally, Yang Mi's words made her accept Chen Sicheng , Yang Mi said to her :“ Why don't you give each other a chance ?” She also said to her :“ If he wasn't reliable before , Maybe it will be reliable in the future .”

2014 year , They walked into the palace of marriage .

After marriage , They were sweet for some time , Tong Liya often shows her love on social platforms .

However, Chen Sicheng personally destroyed this happiness .

He was photographed meeting two women at a hotel , Also revealed intimate photos with other women 、 Chat record .

Chen Sicheng was accused of chaotic private life , Netizens love Tong Liya very much , Many netizens want them to divorce .

The dream of netizens is 2021 year 5 month 20 The day has become true .

This day , Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya announced the divorce , End them 7 Years of marriage .

The message came out , There is a lot of jubilation on the Internet , Netizens congratulated Tong Liya on getting out of trouble .

07. Odie 、 Zheng Yuncan , 7 year

Odie 1979 Born in Keelung, Taiwan .1996 Participated in Taiwan “ Four Heavenly Kings imitation contest ”, Won the first place in Zhang Xueyou's group , Since then, I have stepped into the entertainment industry .

2008 year , He joined Hunan Satellite TV 《 Day day up 》 show , Partner with Wang Han , Become a famous host .

When business is booming , Odie meets Zheng Yuncan , Zheng Yuncan is his fan , He is also the director of an advertising company , And a model .

2014 year , Odie and Zheng Yuncan walked into the palace of marriage , After marriage, they have 2 Woman .

Unfortunately 2016 Odie left 《 Day day up 》 Career decline after , And there is something wrong with his relationship with Zheng Yuncan .

2020 year , Odie and Zheng Yuncan participate in variety show together 《 Mother in law and mother 》, The problems between them were completely exposed to the audience .

OD make complaints about Zheng Yuncan's face in this program 、 Not gentle 、 reality . According to Zheng Yuncan , Odie likes the habitual cold war , And make complaints about the faces of his friends .

In the end, the marriage couldn't last .

2021 year 8 month 4 Japan , Odie officially announced the divorce of Zheng Yuncan on the social platform , He said :“ After 6 More than years of running in and communication , Unfortunately, they still can't find a better way to get along .”

they 7 The marriage ended in .

08. Zuo Xiaoqing 、 Gao Quanjian , Less than 11 year

Zuo Xiaoqing 1977 Born in Changsha City, Hunan Province ,1993 He starred in Jiang Wen's film 《 Sunny days 》, Interested in the Performing Arts .

2004 year , With her starring in TV dramas 《 Chinese style divorce 》 Conflagration .

As a famous actress , Zuo Xiaoqing and Chen Daoming 、 Sun hong2 lei2 、 Duan Yihong 、 Xia Yu has had an affair .

Outside of them , Zuo Xiaoqing and 《 Chinese style divorce 》 Producer Zhu Zhibing has been rumored .

They were photographed hugging each other in the street .

What we didn't think of was , Just when people think their relationship is making progress ,2010 year 10 month , Zuo Xiaoqing suddenly announced his marriage , The groom is not Zhu Zhibing , But one older than Zuo Xiaoqing 20 year , A rich businessman named Gao Quanjian .

A year later , Their daughter was born .

What puzzles the outside world is the daughter 8 When I was 18 months old , Zuo Xiaoqing returned to acting . Later, when she was interviewed by the media, she said frankly to her daughter :“ If mom doesn't go filming , There will be no milk powder money .”

Zuo Xiaoqing is suspected to have divorced , But Zuo Xiaoqing never responded .

until 2021 year 2 month 1 Japan , She announced her divorce from Gao Quanjian on the social platform , She wrote : Start with love , Finally friendship , My daughter's greatest wish is to grow up happily . marry 、 Divorce or not marriage are multiple-choice questions , Just choose the happy life you want . Don't be a brain builder , No melon , Don't tear .

As for which year they divorced , Zuo Xiaoqing did not disclose .

But it doesn't matter , I hope Zuo Xiaoqing will live a good life with her daughter in the future , Continue to do what you like to do .

09. Zhao Zhuan 、 Li Bingzhen ,12 year

Zhao Chuan's ancestral home is Tiandeng County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi , Born in Chiayi City, Taiwan Province , Once with songs 《 I'm ugly, but I'm gentle 》《 I am a little bird 》 Very popular .

After becoming famous , Introduced by a friend , Zhao Chuan met younger than himself 10 Year old Li Bingzhen .

1998 year , They got married in Shanghai , Having two daughters and a son after marriage .

During their marriage , He was found divorced , But Zhao Chuan denied .

until 2021 year 4 month 29 Japan , In an interview with the media , Zhao Chuan admitted that he had divorced , And indicate in 2010 He divorced Li Bingzhen in .

The main reason for their divorce is : The concept of life is different , Personality disagrees .

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