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Rong Rong modeling 1.5 meter make complaints about Tucao? The production team sent out full screen blessings, but ignored the details

2021-08-25 15:17:15 Tencent Entertainment

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# Doulo land #

The production excellence of Guoman Douluo mainland has always been the standard praised by fans , With ultra-high traffic, many Guoman are overshadowed by it , And even the most perfect work will always have defects , It happened on the 139 In the plot of the episode, Netizens found a very interesting phenomenon : Rong Rong is 1.5 meters tall !

Preface : Oscar returned to Shrek College , I immediately had a meeting with Lord Ning and others , But the most worrying thing is whether Oscar can be appreciated by Lord Ning , After all, I left because of the various constraints of the Qibao Liuli sect , Now the test of return has become a crucial link .

There's nothing wrong with your height ?

In order to correct everyone's wrong understanding of this group of pictures , The author specially found the side view , From this point of view, Xiao San's height is indeed a little high , However, compared with Lord Ning, it should not be so different ?

Maybe it's because Rong Rong loves Oscar too much and runs , But according to common sense, it will not pull down the height so far , So it's called BUG Not too much ?

Full screen blessing How do you say ?

Except for this one BUG outside , Of course, there are still many bright spots , Like the reunion of Rong Rong and Oscar 、 Tang San's intimacy with Xiaowu , Although Tang San, the protagonist at this time, is a little desolate , But it's not a kind of protection that Xiaowu can accompany Xiaosan in another form ?

Although the scar on Oscar's face in the original book is very scary , But in the animation version, in order to cater to the public's Aesthetics , It's not too difficult for Xiao Ao , But after seeing the crew making such a scene so carefully , We can't help but receive full screen blessings from the crew , This must be an invisible comfort to the audience .

In addition to the above two points , Lord Ning's recognition of Xiao Ao also moved many people's minds , Lord Ning didn't let sword Douluo test Oscar , And let Dean Flander come as a foil to celebrate the combination of Rongrong and Oscar , It is estimated that we have a satisfactory ending .

But for Rong Rong's character modeling , I don't know how everyone feels , But at least now it seems that there are some small deviations , Maybe it's just that the characters have been inadvertently shortened by a few points , But at least it highlights the importance of the plot , Bless Xiao AO and Rong Rong .

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