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"Meng detective case" ended perfectly, attracting countless viewers to urge the second season

2021-08-25 17:42:28 Tencent Entertainment

In the twinkling of an eye, I have been with us for months 《 Cute detective 》 The curtain has finally come to an end , This small variety show brought many people joy , Everyone inside is a pistachio .

Not only is there an emotional performance by big brother sun Honglei , And the joining of Huang Zitao and song Yaxuan , There is also the existence of Yang Zi, an ancient spirit and monster .

At the same time, there are people like Na Ying , At the beginning , Many people doubt whether these people can support a program .

But after the show , Everyone found these people who seemed completely out of the way , But it can also bring new vitality to this variety show , Of course , Whether a variety show is good or not , People are the key , So is the plot .

Remember when the extreme challenge was broadcast , Netizens say , It's just the limit challenge. The five brothers talk together for a period of time , Someone will see , This also fully shows the charm of the characters .

And there are these characters in detective Meng's case , Huang Zitao, a teenager with secondary two diseases , And Yang Zi's combination , It makes people laugh .

But I think the final success of the Meng detective case , Or because of its unique plot , In these plots , What you can see is the intention of the creative team , Detective Meng's case is to join ip To show each ip The charm of .

In order to play every ip, Some specific scenes will be selected in each program , Specific plot , There are also some specific characters to attend , One of the most impressive should be the second issue of 《 Celebrate more than 》.

In order to successfully restore 《 Celebrate more than 》 This work , The director team even invited the original team , Reinterpret the plot , This has never been seen in any variety show before , This also shows the intention of the main creative team , You can even find a group show more than ten years ago , Evoke a wave of memories to kill .

In the first two episodes , We can see that the family used to have children , See what everyone looks like when they grow up and get old , And let the audience feel infinite emotion , It turns out that we are really old .

Time is passing , These classic ip Will eventually be passed down , In the future, when we watch these TV dramas , It's usually our past , There were so many excellent works .

Detective Meng has a total of 12 A unit , Respectively narrated 12 A different story and plot . And in the last issue, I was surprised to add more .

The most touching part of this variety show , He didn't play it ip How classic is it , But look at these plots with a modern thinking , Use the popular way of thinking , Reinterpret these ip, And add your own understanding of human nature , Thinking about life and society .

I think so ip It will continue , No matter how long it takes , We will still miss these , It has brought us countless wonderful memories , Because they are part of our youth .

The mengtan case ended in such a nostalgic atmosphere .

When it's over , There are a lot of little friends starting to rush the second season . After all, such a good plot , Who wouldn't expect a second season , We can also see more classics ip The addition of , Maybe there will be something you like , We can also revisit the classics , Find what you used to feel , I hope we can meet Season 2 soon .

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