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After three years of marriage, she has been bad mouthed countless times. Are you sure to leave this time?

2021-08-25 18:19:29 Tencent Entertainment

Be sure to leave ,

Li Shengfa's circle of friends said that he and black tail sauce ( Canon ) divorce

In fact, if Li Dan's circle of friends is not exposed ,

Orange doesn't think he's still with black tail sauce ( dog's head )

After all, orange once dug into the details of their marriage , It's all down there

―――― I'm the dividing line of old words ――――――

With such a pair of partners ――

One person disappeared ,

( The microblog is directly emptied )

One person is depressed ,

( Feeling that alcohol is the longest and farthest with you , It's no use running away )

Two people share “ treasure ” Also died ,

( The joint venture has been cancelled , Taobao store has also been closed )

Can this show that there is something wrong with the relationship between the two ?

Yes , Li's birthday and black tail sauce had a divorce rumor in the third year after their marriage .

About what happened to their relationship ,

Netizens seem to have reached a subtle consensus ――

“ Divide up , Not surprisingly ”

Let's split the sentences and have a look ……

Divide up … Do you ?

They really don't have to end .

They were recently met by passers-by , It was early last year .

Since the middle of last year ,

Li Sheng kept making sentimental remarks ,

In addition to advertising, it hurts spring and Autumn ,

The woman will not update her microblog after April ,

The net red that used to make money by traffic disappeared directly ,

It seems to be right ?

but , Very embarrassed ……

Black tail sauce just moved to ins, I haven't cut off contact with Li Dan .

20 year 1 month , There are photos of two people playing outside

20 year 10 month , Share the life of two people guarding the sun with their friends

20 year 11 month , and “ Happy sun ” The dialogue , Familiar “ Christmas poetry ”

20 year 12 month , Sun out the new book Li Dan gave himself to sign

( The popular science time : The original name of black tail sauce is Chen Dian )

In this book , Li Dan said his heart was “ Dian ” Jump again

Sounds romantic ……

Just three months later ,

How can everyone think it's no surprise that they broke up ?

in the first place , It's everyone's favorite “ Li Dan hugged other women ”

18 year 11 month , Li's birthday made public the news of his girlfriend's marriage through the program .

Just ten days later , It was revealed that Li birthday kissed other girls in the bar .

And video evidence , They tilted their heads and whispered , Hug on your shoulder .

Of course , Later, people clarified , It's talking .

Speak so close ?

Because the bar is noisy , It's too far to hear clearly .

Then why did you hold ?

Because friends are sad , An encouraging hug .

The girl in the video also sent wechat to black tail sauce for the first time ,

The other party expressed understanding , He also said that Li Dan had explained .

There was nothing here , But the net red circle collective end ,

That's how they usually play ,

If you can't accept it, you're a serious person who hasn't seen the world …

Friends of the opposite sex comfort each other , No problem ,

The biggest problem , Or the difference of scale ,

If this circle has low requirements for the moral bottom line ,

Then play a little more , Is there no problem with physical infidelity ?

This is probably the direct impression of many netizens .

both , Li Dan's concept of marriage is indeed a little negative

On the program of Li's birthday public wedding news ,

He drank freely in the bar with guests who had been divorced six times ,

Late at night , He “ sincere ” To express :

I don't know if I can spend my life with my new wife ,

What you say is to love her is also a lie , I don't know what will happen in the future .

And in this newly married stage ,

Regaining consciousness, Li's birthday returned to the state that everything can be fooled ――

Why can you find such a beautiful woman as black tail sauce ?

“ Good luck ”

The guest just wants to ask you this question , Don't avoid !

“ It's hard to say ”

Then you don't say it to save face for yourself , Or save face for her ?

“ For her ”

Wait until the host asks if it's the other person you actively pursue ?

He just smiled , No answer .

So many people speculate that he did not enter the marriage voluntarily ……

The problem is coming. :

It looks like a combination of beauty and beast ,

How did they start ?

Love is the active pursuit of black tail sauce ,

When Li's birthday was nothing ,

The girl just “ Lust for beauty ” Did it .

Marriage is also advised by black tail sauce ,

Li Dan broke his tablet after drinking , Proposed directly to his girlfriend ,

When I woke up, I heard it , Trying to make a fool of it ,

It all depends on each other “ encourage ” Just choose to try it yourself .

I don't know what it is after marriage ,

But his good friend Wang Jianguo was on a talk show cue To divorce ,

Laugh at each other if you lose yourself , There's only money left ,

Can't it be a joke ?

Certainly. , But it can also come from life ,

For example, the marriage story between talk girl Wang Siwen and her husband Cheng Lu ,

They spoke of their feelings of mutual respect , Finally, I really divorced ,

And Siwen also laughed and said that Li Dan often asked himself for divorce advice …

To this extent ,

Some people's emotion is estimated to have been on their lips ――

One who doesn't love enough , One is too involved ,

Ugly scum man with silly beauty , It hurts to cast pearls in secret .

To be honest , Orange doesn't think so ――

Don't say two

Compared with “ Breaking up is not surprising ” The scolding scum man ,

Even if they are separated, they don't need to feel sorry for the girl .

After all , Love is not “ Give yourself to your boyfriend ”,

Girls are not objects , The most important thing is to make yourself happy .

Is black tail sauce happy ?

Of course .

She said , I have entered the fourth stage of MI Mei ,

As long as you see that the other person is a human, you want to thank the world .

Once a girl : Lonely and weak, want to cry .

Later girls : Happiness is over .

Little things , Like a baby, it is carefully recorded one by one .

You can cry for a little sesame garlic peel ,

You can also laugh for a little thing ,

You shoot me “ Boyfriend perspective ” Photos of the ,

I'm not stingy to take ugly photos ,

When we're together , The feelings are fresh and sincere ――

Li Tan's Theory :“ I can't give you anything but happiness .”

Black tail sauce says :“ I want nothing but happiness .”

Of course , This kind of feeling can't be self brainwashing of wishful thinking .

Li Dan put the ugly words ahead ,

But he's really working for “ The shell of marriage ” make hard effort .

They can stay at home for six days without going out .

She likes taking pictures , He took pictures with her , Take pictures of her .

She runs a Taobao store , He will be a model to help her bring goods .

What she likes , He supported her to be herself .

She was angry , He will endure being scolded .

He also learned from “ Good man ” Yuan Hong learned to get along with others in an encouraging way .

Both of them can get what they need from this relationship ――

One feels saved by the other .

The other has understanding and support without much words .

This hot 、 It seems to find a perfect fit of semicircle feelings …

In fact, there is no need to talk about love ?

Today, our generation is afraid of marriage and childbirth ,

In fact, the fear is to take “ Love ” When bait makes people cheat ,

“ love , One of the countless possibilities of human nature ”,

Pure and ultimate love certainly exists ,

But it is because of scarcity that it will be praised forever .

Life itself is full of uncertain unknowns ,

Someone who can bear the results , To have the freedom to choose ,

Moths to the fire , It's okay to lose both ,

No results , It's good to have a happy day ,

Only experience , Pain for love is also an experience of embracing life ,

Deeply loved , Be happy , A broken heart ,

After taking control of your life ,

There is no need to cry and shout that you have been betrayed ?

The last sentence

Longing to love and be loved , No shame ,

But love is not limited to “ Love provided by men ”,

friendship 、 Family affection is also love

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