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Gao Yixiang's best friend announced that his wife was pregnant with a second child! Married for two years, holding two children has made great progress, and one child is less than one year old

2021-08-25 20:39:31 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 21 Number , Media reports said , Mao Jiaen, Gao Yixiang's good brother, announced that his wife was pregnant with a second child , Add another person to the family of three !

Mao Jiaen was a close friend of Gao Yixiang , When he proposed , Gao Yixiang was a witness , Share the joy together ; After Gao Yixiang died , He sent many documents to mourn , Keep your best friend in your heart .

It is reported that , Maughan was a basketball player , After his retirement, Gao Yixiang took the lead to sign in to the entertainment company , I've been in a TV play .

last year 10 month , His wife Luo Wen gave birth to a lovely son Noah, I didn't expect that less than a year , The couple welcome the good news again .

Maughan posted a cartoon family photo on the Internet , Allocation “ Look for highlights ”. This picture imitates “ The Simpsons ” The style of painting , There are three people and a dog in the picture , A wife in a tight dress has a big belly , Pregnant belly is obvious .

Netizens who noticed this detail commented one after another “ Congratulations ”, Congratulations to them .

Then Luo Wen sun out B Hyperphoto , Express “ you 're right …… I'm pregnant again ”, Call the baby in your belly “mini mao”.

She sighed , My son used to sleep on her stomach three months ago , I didn't think much at that time. I just thought my son was cute , Now I understand , original Noah I heard the voice of my brother or sister .

After the news got out , The reporter contacted the agent , The other party said he didn't know until he saw the official publicity content on the Internet , I haven't asked whether Mao Jiaen's second child is male or female . At the same time, the agent revealed , Luo Wen didn't have morning sickness , In good health .

I hope Luo Wen's pregnancy will be smooth , Had a baby before , She was pregnant 6 Months later, he suddenly bled and was hospitalized urgently , Take an anti abortion needle to protect the fetus , The situation is frightening . Fortunately, there was no big problem ,Noah Still born well .

Have to say , The second child came suddenly , Everyone was very surprised .

Mao Jiaen recently returned to the United States with his wife and children to visit his family , Accompany my parents I haven't seen for a long time . The two old people met their little grandson for the first time , They all like Noah, Hold him and laugh so hard .

7 month 5 Number , Maughan also put out family photos of three generations , Congratulations on my brother's engagement to my girlfriend .

In the past two months, there have been many happy events in the Mao family , Maughan's parents see their children so happy , It should be very gratifying .

I believe Gao Yixiang will be happy for the Mao brothers in the sky .

Mao Jiaen and Luo Wen married for two years and had two children , This speed is amazing , It also shows that they must love each other very much .

Think that year , Mao Jiaen falls in love with actress Bai Xinhui 4 Annual opening and closing ,2011 Break up announced in . Because Maughan soon found the next , Also suspected to be “ Cheating scum man ”.

( Bai Xinhui )

He's with female model Sarah 3 year , After breaking up, the woman clarified to the media , I'm not involved in other people's feelings .

Later, the two predecessors married one after another , Maughan also found the right girl to marry , Have a happy ending .

I hope the maojiaen family can always be happy !

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