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After the careless spoilers, he received an "ominous" text message

2021-08-25 22:22:18 Tencent Entertainment

Marvel in its early years was honest in promoting films , Cheat without notice , There are no fake scripts , Be honest .

But with the expansion of Marvel's film universe in the world , And won the attention of countless fans around the world .

In order to ensure that the audience can get the best surprise in the cinema , Probably from 《 The avengers : Infinite War 》 Not long ago , Marvel began to pay attention to particularly important film details , Did a thorough confidentiality work .

But no matter how well other confidential work is done , There's always someone who accidentally spoiled .

in the course of time , Marvel's to the actors “ monitor ” Work , Also done very carefully .

Not long ago , Amelia ・ Clark in an interview , Talking about joining Marvel's new play 《 A secret invasion 》 The situation of .

She said that when she just won the role , Her first conversation was with Marvel's security team .

It also made her a little panic , For fear of saying something wrong .

Amelia, a marvel newcomer, has a great sense of confidentiality , But the other big brother is not very lucky , Without even realizing it , Accidentally spoiled .

The series that started this year 《 Loki 》 in , Owen ・ Wilson played a new role ―― Time management agent Mobius .

The character's development of Rocky's story , Played a crucial role .

stay 《Esquire》9 In the cover story of the monthly magazine , Owen ・ Wilson made public his experience of careless spoilers .

In an interview, he revealed that he was going to 《 Loki 》 After playing Mobius with a beard , He received an ominous text message .

According to him , He doubted ( But there's no evidence ) This message comes from Kevin, President of Marvel pictures ・ Fitch .

“ I said I would grow a beard and play agent Mobius ,( then ) I got an ominous text message , Write ' The first warning '. I don't know who sent it ...... I think it could be Kevin ・ Fitch used a disposable cell phone , But this has never been proved .”

In being Esquire When asked when Mobius will appear next , His answer can be said to be very careful, ha ha .

“ If they restart 《 The adventures of bill and Ted 》 or 《 Back To The Future: The Game 》, We may see him . You might see agent Mobius there . For example, they might rent him out , Maybe .”

at present ,《 Loki 》 It has been determined that the second episode will be developed , Mobius has no reason not to return, ha .

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