current position:Home>Less than three years after its establishment, Google dissolved the health department Google Health, the person in charge left, and the project and team were split

Less than three years after its establishment, Google dissolved the health department Google Health, the person in charge left, and the project and team were split

2021-08-25 23:06:24 Heart of machine

In recent days, , Google Health Google Health Encounter major changes .

David, head of the Department · Feinberg (David Feinberg) Announced on 9 month 1 Daily turnover , And in 10 month 1 As one of the largest electronic health record service providers in the United States Cerner Of CEO And President . after , Google also decided to dissolve Google Health.

David · Feinberg said on his twitter that :「 It's a great honor to be here Google Health Work , Learned a lot from the team , Expect them to continue their transformative work .」

His 「 Next door 」Cerner And to David · Feinberg served as CEO And the president expressed his heartfelt welcome .Cerner announce , David · Feinberg will also serve on the company's board of Directors .

Google Health And to David · Feinberg thanked for his leadership over the past few years , And promise to continue to work towards the realization of 「 Help people live a healthy life 」 This goal .

Google Health After disbanded , Where will the project and team go ?

According to David · Feinberg's Supervisor 、 Google AI Head of research institution Jeff Dean A memo sent to the employee ,Google Health Various projects and teams will be diverted to different departments of Google , As follows :
  • Google's chief medical officer Karen DeSalvo( Leader 「 Regulatory and Clinical Affairs team 」) Directly to Google's chief legal officer Kent Walker Reporting work ;

  • Google Health A team of clinicians ( Build more convenient tools for doctors to search health records ) Direct to Jeff Dean Reporting work ;

  • Focus on medical imaging and other projects AI The team directly to search and AI Vice President, Yossi Matias Reporting work .

however ,Google Health The closure of does not mean the end of Google's exploration in the field of health care . Google parent Alphabet It also has two other departments that focus on health care ——Calico and Verily Life science subsidiary , They will be in Google Health Continue operation after shutdown .

From touch and climb to final dissolution ,Google Health What happened ?

Google Health Founded on 2018 year 11 month , Amalgamated DeepMind Its health department DeepMind Health And responsible for promoting 「Streams」( Help doctors identify and diagnose the patient's condition more quickly APP) The team . At the time , Medical guy 、 Geisinger Medical Center CEO David · Dr. Feinberg became Google Health Responsible person .

Picture source :Business Insider.

however , Unfortunately , Since its establishment ,Google Health No significant progress has been made .

such as ,2020 year 4 month ,Google Health Announced a partnership with apple to develop COVID-19 Contact tracking technology , Intended to create a state-of-the-art contact tracking APP. But the result is , Although this one APP Free and open to American mobile phone users , But it didn't have much impact on contact tracking .

Picture source : (Reuters) - .

Besides ,Google Health He has also been accused of putting the personal health information of millions of users at risk , And was fiercely criticized .

By the end of this year 3 month ,Google Health Have a total of about 700 Employees , Engage in research 、 imaging 、 Work on clinical tools and health sensors .

This year, 6 month ,Google Health Ushered in a major restructuring , There are about 130 Employees were transferred to other departments . at that time , According to Google employees and an internal memo ,Google Health The number of employees has been reduced to about 570 people , Reduced the appointment 20%. among , Some employees were transferred to search and search Fitbit department .

Now , With the resignation of the person in charge and the adjustment of various projects and teams ,Google Health also 「 At the end 」.

It's not just Google , Other technology giants have also failed in the field of health

Google's dismantling of the Health Technology Department , What does it mean for large technology companies in the medical industry ? Large technology companies may have the technical power and ability to manufacture healthcare products , But they are also reshaping the health technology brand .

Over the years , Microsoft 、IBM、Facebook It seems that the medical and health projects of many technology giants are not developing smoothly .

Microsoft has tried personal health record business , But in the end it failed . stay 2007、2008 About years ago , With the smart Bracelet 、 Watches and other equipment enter the market , quite a lot IT Manufacturers have great hopes for personal health services , They hope to provide a more personalized health service through personal health information records and detection equipment data . At this moment , Microsoft was founded 2007 Launched in 2013 HealthVault Personal health information management service application , However, due to the low adoption rate , The project ended in 2019 Put on hold in .

It was also reported that IBM As early as this year 2 Considering selling Watson's health business in January . according to the understanding of IBM Watson The annual income of the health business is about 10 Billion dollars , But not yet profitable . Before that , The company is in 2018 year 7 The internal testing phase in June provided the wrong treatment for hypothetical cancer patients , And because of weak demand 2018 It is difficult to retain major hospital customers in , So it has been attacked for years .

Facebook Digital health attempts have not made much progress .Facebook A preventive health (preventative health) Tools , Even cooperate with some of the top hospitals in the United States , To help with Artificial intelligence Driven medical research , But because of the Cambridge analysis scandal and the strong opposition to privacy in the media , It also affects its development .

It's as if technology giants are betting on health , This is largely due to the problem of trust : These technology giants have evaluated the privacy and security that data sharing brings to consumers . future , Because healthcare will be consumer experience centric , So for large technology companies , Privacy security may be an insurmountable obstacle :56% Consumer representation of , They won't believe that technology companies will keep their health information confidential .

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