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Made 200 applications and 10000 function points, saying it's useless?

2021-08-25 23:47:43 david_ lv

As we all know, there is a saying in playing go called : Golden Horn, silver edge, grass belly .

This shows the strategic and value of the strategic layout .

(1) Backbone applications

A large enterprise goes through 20 Years of IT Building , Often online N Hundreds of systems from multiple suppliers .

I divide the world into two parts :

Half of them are applications for enterprise internal management

Half of them are applications for external business transactions

I'll talk about their respective backbone systems for both halves .

The so-called backbone system , It's the spine and skeleton . They have to go online first . They're online , Other systems dock with them , It's like filling the skeleton with meat .

(2) The backbone system of internal management

Application of enterprise internal management , I think the spine is the financial system , I think the skeleton is a whole chain with things as the lead : Procurement of raw materials from materials , To the production of things , Warehousing and logistics of incoming goods , To the sale and distribution of goods , This is a complete skeleton .

So you see the king of internal management software :SAP.

I often say , The internal management informatization of an enterprise , There are usually three barriers :

The first hurdle is : From a single point of application to a single enterprise overall application

The second hurdle is : From the overall application of a single enterprise to the unified control of the group

The third hurdle is : From group unified control to global business unified management

These three barriers , Are generally faced with the re selection of enterprises 、 Re launch the enterprise internal management information system .

After these three hurdles , The infrastructure of the backbone system has been completed , Enterprise internal management informatization is continuous optimization and refinement . After these three turning points , It's hard to use , It's hard to change .

Unless we encounter the current Sino US trade war , Some companies are on the list of entities by the United States , Have to change . Some enterprises have political risks , So I have to change . If the enterprise has neither political pressure , There is no physical list pressure , Would like to change , It's almost hard .

from 2001 China joined in WTO in the future , Internal management informatization of Chinese enterprises , There are mainly two stages : One stage is 2001-2011 year , Single enterprise overall application oriented . Second stage 2011-2021 year , That is, the group focuses on unified control . from 2021-2031 year , My personal point of view : Focus on unified management of global business .

Who confirmed my view , Who will ruthlessly implement the whole chain of global business unified management from culture to talents, products to platforms, technologies to brands, sales to delivery to operation and maintenance , Whoever wins .

Of course , Everyone knows that , It's very hard. .

(3) The backbone system of external business transactions

The application of external business transactions , I think the spine is the client system , I think the skeleton of is the whole chain led by transaction : Attract... From customers , To customer transaction and payment , Continue to repurchase to customers / Cross purchase / Upgrade to buy .

So you see external business transactions SaaS King :Salesforce.

I often say ,Salesforce In essence, it is a tmall platform without traffic , You see :

Salesforce New marketing cloud , Isn't it Ali's mother platform ?

Salesforce E-commerce cloud , Isn't it tmall platform ?

Salesforce Customer reception cloud , Isn't it tmall's Wangwang and customer service platform ?

Salesforce Sales management cloud , It's tmall's business background management and customer background management ?

Of course , No one believes in Salesforce It's tmall without traffic .

(4) The platform is also the backbone system

In the enterprise software world , Everyone who wants to be king , Must build a platform .

You see SAP:

  • Development platform :ABAP. Self made ABAP Business application development language and development platform

  • Integrated platform :NetWeaver.

  • Data platform :HANA. Acquired the once relational database giant Sybase, Acquired a former visualization giant BO

You see Salesforce No exception :

Salesforce In addition to their own business application development language APEX outside , Others are mergers and acquisitions :

Such as integration platform :MuleSoft、RPA Integrate ServiceTrace

Such as data platform :Tableau

(5) In China,

You see, now China's giant enterprises , Their application is already on N Hundreds of systems from suppliers , Even if they all set up independent technology companies , It's hard to have the courage and energy to overthrow again . So they are in the new technology trend , They all take the route of encircling the city from the countryside :

First step , Start with a new infrastructure : Cloud native platform

The second step , Build another big data platform

The third step , Set up an entrance portal platform

Step four , Develop a set of development platform and integration platform I mentioned above

Step five , Based on the above platform , Engage in backbone applications . If the enterprise's main demand is internal , Then, start with the financial big data platform, the backbone application of enterprise internal management . If the main demand of the enterprise is external , Let's start with the customer big data platform (CDP) Start with the backbone application of enterprise external transactions .

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