Time range

The page display


Select the start time and end time table changes in the page


html Code


<form class="layui-form" action="">
<div class="layui-form-item">
<div class="layui-inline">
<label class="layui-form-label"> Date range </label>
<div class="layui-inline" id="test6">
<div class="layui-input-inline">
<input type="text" autocomplete="off" id="start_date" class="layui-input" placeholder=" Start date ">
<div class="layui-form-mid">-</div>
<div class="layui-input-inline">
<input type="text" autocomplete="off" id="end_date" class="layui-input" placeholder=" End date ">
</form> </div> <table id="detail" lay-filter="detail"></table>

JS Code

<script type="text/javascript">

layui.use(['table', 'layer', 'form'], function (){
var table = layui.table
,layer = layui.layer
,form = layui.form
,laydate = layui.laydate; // Custom initialization table method
window.initTable = function(start_date, end_date){
elem: '#detail'
,url: "{% url 'index:detail_data' %}" // Back end requested URL
,where: {
"data_center": $("#data_center").val() // The value of the drop-down box
,"start_date": start_date // Starting time
,"end_date": end_date // End time
// ,method: 'post'
,page: true
,cols: [[
{field: 'data_center', title: ' Data Center ', width: 150}
,{field: 'change', title: ' change '}
,{field: 'num', title: ' Number '}
,{field: 'reason', title: ' reason '}
,{field: 'diff_date', title: ' Time '}
,{field: '', title: ' operation ', align:'center', toolbar: '#barDemo'}
,response: {
statusName: 'code' // Field name that specifies the data status , Default :code
,statusCode: 10000 // Specify the successful status code , Default :0
,msgName: 'message' // Specify the field name of the status information , Default :msg
,countName: 'total' // Field name that specifies the total number of data , Default :count
,dataName: 'data' // Specifies the field name of the data list , Default :data
} // Get close to N God - Custom function
window.getRecentDay = function (day) {
var today = new Date();
var targetday_milliseconds = today.getTime() + 1000*60*60*24*day;
var tYear = today.getFullYear();
var tMonth = today.getMonth();
var tDate = today.getDate();
tMonth = doHandleMonth(tMonth + 1);
tDate = doHandleMonth(tDate);
return tYear+"-"+tMonth+"-"+tDate;
} // Processing month - Custom function
window.doHandleMonth = function (month) {
var m = month;
if(month.toString().length == 1){
m = "0" + month;
return m;
} // Date range
var start = laydate.render({
elem: '#start_date',
max: -1, // The maximum value is yesterday
value: getRecentDay(-30),
done: function (value, date){
if(value && (value>$('#end_date').val())){
end.config.min = {
year: date.year,
month: date.month-1,
initTable(value, $('#end_date').val()) // Call the custom initialization table method
var end = laydate.render({
elem: '#end_date',
max: -1, //
value: getRecentDay(-1), // The default time is yesterday
done: function (value, date){
start.config.max = {
year: date.year,
month: date.month-1,
initTable($('#start_date').val(), value) // Call the custom initialization table method
}); // Call the custom initialization table method ( Page initialization )
initTable(getRecentDay(-30), getRecentDay(-1));
}); </script>


stay layui.use Of {} Internally defined functions

window.func_name = function (params) {

stay layui.use Of {} In the call


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