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The flagship strength under the world-class CMA framework is less than 200000, and there is almost no rival to test drive Geely Xingyue L

2021-08-26 01:16:14 Oriental Information automobile

When Columbus told mankind that the earth was round , Everyone doesn't believe it , But when Magellan proved the earth circle theory with circular navigation , Be determined “ geocentrism ” People's inherent understanding of the world has collapsed . When Geely Automobile tells consumers with its own products again and again , Our Chinese brands have begun to surpass foreign brands , Many people also don't believe . When Xingrui began to subvert the compact car market , And use the monthly sales of more than 10000 units to gradually prove their value , We may still be skeptical .

So when The more stars L Start to subvert the compact SUV market , And also use the monthly sales of more than 10000 units to send a subversive signal to China and even the world's auto consumers , We can still stick to the old, such as “ The joint venture brand is good , The independent brand is poor ” Cognition ? It's time for Chinese consumers to subvert their inherent cognition ! In the last few years , Many new changes have taken place in China's automobile industry .“ electric 、 Intelligent networking ” Gradually from all channels , image “ Viruses ” The same goes everywhere , Into our spiritual world . In the past few years , We no longer propose “ Overtaking in curve ”, Start to mention “ Lane change overtaking ”. this “ Avenue ” Refers to “ electric ”.

Geely cars are different . If we recall the development route of Geely Automobile, we can find , Geely may also be one of the vehicles waving flags and shouting on the overtaking route , But they think more about how to be like Su Bingtian on the original track , Run forward faster . Although every acceleration , It means paying several times more effort than others . In this difficult process , Geely even received cold eyes and ridicule .2021 year 7 month 20 Japan , Geely cars in Xingyue L It was first put forward at the listing press conference CMA Based on three models under the framework , establish “ Chinese star ” Model matrix . Xingrui 、 The more stars S、 The more stars L These three paragraphs CMA Architecture models began to huddle , Merge into “ Percussion drill ” The form of , Plunge into the most comfortable joint venture brand 10-20 10000 yuan price range , Start from the joint venture brand has enjoyed 20 In the multi-year dividend market , Break the iron wall , Put the flag in the most prominent position , Accept everyone's eyes , Although there are many losers , It doesn't matter .

Perhaps many people think that Geely's approach is undoubtedly “ I'm so stupid ” Behavior , Clearly know the advantages of the joint venture brand can not be shaken , But we still have to go our own way to meet the difficulties , Even put yourself directly into a situation where there is no retreat . But have we ever thought about , It is precisely because of such an unattainable goal and a strong opponent , Geely cars can be surrounded by strong enemies , In the extremely competitive market, the more we fight, the more we are brave ? therefore , When the stars grow L With the sales volume of more than 10000 units in one month after listing, we began to sell to the market , Continue to convey to Chinese auto consumers “ subversion ” Signal time , We may really have Chinese car brands in our hearts , Even the root of the rise of China's automobile industry . Who in the end said that Chinese brands are not good ? Who is convinced that the foreign moon is rounder than China ? Geely Automobile Co., Ltd , China's automobile industry is not satisfied ! How about a competition ? Surpassing competitors in terms of driving control feeling has always been the weakest link of Chinese brands , And the more stars L To break the inherent perception of poor driving control , You have to overtake from this track . Then try .

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