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In the signal of heartbeat, only "equation" was blessed for the three pairs of guests, and the other two pairs were scolded miserably

2021-08-26 01:19:11 Tencent Entertainment

A simple love variety broadcast by Tencent 《 A heartbeat signal 4》 It's coming to an end , stay 8 month 20 The program has been opened on the day and night. Pay to watch the finale directly , This season, we have successfully held hands with three pairs of guests , The hand holding rate is still relatively high .

It's not hard to find out , The last date really determines the final choice of male and female guests , Ma Zijia left this precious opportunity to Kong Ruchun , Sure enough, he finally chose pinhole .

Deng Kaiwei also won Luo Yuejia's heart with unremitting efforts , He even said on his last date that even if the woman didn't agree , At the end of the program, he will continue to pursue .

Because Chen Siming didn't understand the dating rules, he missed the opportunity to be alone with Fang Binhan , But the two of them have already gone two-way , The date with big bear is just to obey the rules and be polite .

Although the three pairs of guests holding hands are always sweet , And it has been officially announced after the broadcast of the program , But the audience's attitude towards them is very different , Only “ Equation ”CP Got the blessing of the whole network , The other two pairs were scolding .

Among them, Ma Zijia and Kong Ruchun are the pair who are scolded most miserably , Everyone who has watched the program knows that Ma Zijia first loved his daughter Hong Chengcheng , Look at her every day , They also gradually established a lot of tacit understanding , Every heartbeat text message is sent to each other , Just when many fans have locked this pair , Kong Ruchun appeared .

Her arrival changed Ma Zijia's mind , As a small hole after zero , She has sunshine 、 brave 、 Express your love boldly , Ma Zijia couldn't resist , He found his complementary partner .

In fact, there is no right or wrong in love , There is no first come, first served... Before a relationship is established , Hong Chengcheng is looking for someone who is willing to go to the end and see the scenery , Ma Zijia is a person who wants to see the beautiful scenery he likes and get off , They don't fit in , The mistake is that Ma Zijia hesitated too long, gave oranges too many illusions and was hurt .

He himself was condemned by public opinion , So that he held hands with keyhole and didn't get much blessing .

Deng Kaiwei and Luo Yuejia seem to be a very suitable and inspirational couple , But also deeply affected by that love , As a result, Luo Yuejia also suffered some net violence .

She was accused of ganging up in the cabin , The mind is heavy , Many times, he helped pinhole to destroy the relationship between Ma Jiazi and orange , Others say she's targeting oranges 、 Envy oranges , It has something to do with Deng Kaiwei's pursuit of oranges before .

Even Deng Kaiwei's magnanimous feelings and persistence in love are moving , But he held hands with Luo Yuejia and still didn't get much blessing .

The only sweet from beginning to end “ Equation ”CP Is the most enviable love of the whole program , Chen Siming fell in love with Binhan at first sight , Since the first meeting, there was no one in his heart except her .

Fang Binhan noticed that Chen Siming paid attention to himself and gradually found the other party's good , Their love goes in both directions , It's getting worse , Is completely unaffected by external Temptation .

Chen Siming said he hoped Fang Binhan would be the one singing 、 A little girl who believes in all the beauty in the world , And he's willing to be her toolbox , Help her realize her dream .

Fang Binhan also enjoys this preference , She said she was meant to meet , But it's late 25 year .

What a sweet and sincere love , No wonder I got the blessing of the whole network .

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