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It's really driverless / don't make money by building cars. Baidu can trust half of it this time

2021-08-26 02:24:22 Luca car

One thing for sure is , Baidu, an enterprise known to almost most Chinese people , Not like Wang Feng " As soon as I want to make a new song / A concert , Almost 100% Robbed of headlines " The ability of .

8 month 18 Japan , It can even be said to be the whole 8 late , It will be a period of time when network traffic gathers and disperses . On one side, , The shopping festival is flying , Small to daily necessities, furniture and household appliances , As big as auto websites, they also participate in the auto Shopping Festival . On the other side is , Technology companies , to 8 A lot of projects were arranged in January ,8 month 18 Day is Baidu World Conference ,8 month 19 Japan ( North American time ) Then Tesla's AI DAY.

Tesla's AI DAY, You can almost book the public opinion explosion point in advance , But the baidu world conference that had been finished the day before ( In essence, baidu technology day ), I brushed the handsome circle of friends , Probably found 2 This article is about , I searched my circle of friends , Probably found 5 Article content . Then I was surprised to find , Although Baidu sent its own real driverless related vehicles " Car robot "、 Self driving travel platform " Radish, run ".

however , Almost car circles 、 People in the science and technology circle , But there is not much forwarding 、 Interactive actions such as like , So much so that , The volume is quite low . Take a closer look at the microblog and other places with traffic , You could almost say that , Baidu didn't make any noise this time . however , Nothing doesn't mean nothing , We can put Baidu's game 818, Take it apart and look for the details .

2 A point : Full automatic driving / Automatic driving travel service platform

To be honest , And virtual . Really , It's a car , But this car is not traditional , There is no steering wheel in the car 、 Brake accelerator pedal , There are plenty in the car , Curved panel 、 Smart console 、 Dimming glass 、 Zero gravity seat , These things that highlight intelligence .

however , In fact, these do not arouse people's thirst for knowledge , After all 1956 This concept car was made in , After all , Baidu a few years ago 、 Toyota 、FF wait , Various relevant PPT Put it all over , Real cars like Baidu and Toyota have been built and operated for several years .

Yes, of course , The car robot , It is still different from the autonomous minibus that has been launched before , More hardcover and upgraded . Robin Li's description of the car is " We think the future car will become a car robot , Able to act autonomously , I can understand you , Can also learn , Understand you more and more ."

In other words, it is convenient for everyone to understand , Namely : The car will run automatically 、 The car can perform many functions through voice interaction ( entertainment / office / Meetings, etc )、 The car will learn more .

therefore , In the experience of Jin Chen and Wang Jianing , The car robot has completed the whole process of automatic driving ( Speed up 、 Slow down 、 Avoid pedestrians 、 Turn and so on ), Completed the interaction with passengers and instruction execution ( Adjust the seat position 、 About a horse waiting for service ), Also has a certain learning ability .

Analysis , Put it below . After saying the entity of car robot , Besides, it's relatively virtual , Automatic driving travel service platform - Radish, run . The name and term , It's also well understood in essence , It was Baidu before Apollo GO An upgraded version of the already open unmanned manned service ,Apollo Already in Beijing 、 Changsha 、 Cangzhou 、 Guangzhou and other places have been opened , The initial stage also triggered a wave of experience climax . But as information becomes more transparent , Its price 、 Convenience 、 Driving range 、 Ride experience, etc , It also gradually discouraged many people's interest .

But anyway , Baidu is already in " Autopilot " Quite a lot of achievements have been made in the field , Number of automatic driving patents 2900 Above piece , get 336 Automatic driving test license plate , Cumulative automatic driving test mileage 1400 More than ten thousand kilometers ,Apollo GO Cumulative passenger reception 40 More than 10000 people . Its own shared unmanned vehicle has also been overlapped to the fifth generation of internal definition Robtaxi, Single vehicle cost 48 Ten thousand yuan , It is far lower than the mainstream cost data in the industry .

in other words , With this Baidu World Conference 2021, It shows its original autonomous vehicle 、 Upgraded version of business model , There has been a way to break away from the traditional way of development : Not relying on building cars or selling software / Selling services / Sell data to make a profit , But gradually reduce the related costs ( Such as existing costs 、 For example, Jidu automobile with Geely Automobile, etc ), Make travel service a business model .

also , With its first layout , As it has gradually carried out the commercial trial operation of radish run in many places in China , Its valid data 、 Pricing power 、 Industry model, etc , It's going to be more and more valuable . although , Neither the auto industry nor the science and technology industry responded much to the World Conference , But the reaction of the capital circle is still there , In a word , The conclusions are basically the same , Probably " Baidu has effectively found a breakthrough in its next development ".

Two Flag, Which do you believe ?

Everything above , Pick the point , The problems and conclusions can be more accurately summarized in several points , To uncover , Credibility issues .

1. L5 Autopilot , Gimmick or The facts ?SAE What is given is the reference standard at the academic level , If according to common sense L5 Understanding level automatic driving , What Baidu said , That is, the whole road is completely driverless . however , In the demonstration of this World Congress , What can't be judged is , In the demonstration section , Is there any corresponding arrangement or preparation , How much coincidence does the driving road condition have with the actual complex traffic .

In addition to the above problems , It also faces the problem of how to reconcile imagination and reality , such as : When relevant global standards are really implemented , Differences from self perception , Are there any differences , What to adjust ;

Will regulations allow L5 Class I autonomous vehicle on the road , How long will it take , Will there be any problems L3 Level driving function , And pass the buck to the laws and regulations , Such negative public opinion ;

2. Technical ability , Baidu and L5 Between level 1 autopilot , How much real distance is there .

Baidu Apollo Open platform architecture , Software platform , Not hardware + Overall solution of software , The computing platform hardware comes from a third party IPC, Baidu's own hardware is data collection 、 Expansion unit , The way is well understood , collect → transmission → Calculation → The cloud service .

Baidu Apollo Nowadays, the technical characteristics that are obviously different from the industry are ,V2X There is progress in end-to-end development 、 With vehicle certification / Corresponding concepts of hardware authentication , Let car companies better adapt and accept ; Oneself ( Baidu series ) Have certain cloud service capability , Huawei / Tencent has not been connected ; The experience and perfection of the core algorithm module are higher ; More experience in software development ; This scheme is optimized , Not innovative solutions , Therefore, there is no need to analyze the relevant models produced by car enterprises ECU/MCU Make changes and adjustments , signify Apollo The difficulty of getting on the bus is not high , However, there is no clear expectation for the function realization .

If you look carefully, ,Apollo The technical advantages and highlights shown at present , The core of the whole is low cost 、 Relatively more mature 2 Characteristics . But in terms of technology , Neither show V2X Connection capability of , Nor did it show computational power / Model / Innovation of mainstream development trends such as learning , And L5 Technical realization of level automatic driving , There is a clear distance .

3. Travel platform , This will be a good outlet for Baidu , Because in terms of landing ability , The focus of this science and technology day , More is the cost advantage / Mass production capacity , Rather than innovative solution capabilities .

Radish was born in the sky , The promotion and landing speed of travel service platform will be further accelerated , However, the corresponding licenses in China 、 The regulation is not clear , So radish run can really become " You can use " Travel services for , It will take some time . For all that , Baidu still has a good hand , Because next , Baidu and Geely's Jidu automobile will be put into production , This means that Baidu will take the lead in obtaining pricing power and scale advantages in the field of driverless travel services .

Yes, of course , This will not be a dominant field , Because of its high operating cost 、 Return ability needs to be cultivated for a long time , There will be no significant progress in market scale and capacity in a short time , Baidu's development and investment in this area , Need to consider too much .

At the end :

In essence , The equity of a company has not changed 、 On the premise that the core of leadership has not changed , It won't happen all of a sudden " greatly discerning and apprehending " Changing . Baidu in 2021 year 818 Science and technology answer sheet handed over , It didn't resonate too much , In fact, because its kernel does not have particularly large innovation and solutions .

Of course , Technology is not important , It is important to , Will Baidu be recognized by the capital market . After all ,L5 The first-class autonomous car robot is still too empty , Travel Service Platform , This can push the point , Need too much money 、 Resources to cultivate .

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