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Zheng Shuang's 30th birthday was deserted. There was no hot search and no meeting. Fans sent low-key blessings

2021-08-26 02:38:46 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 22 Japan , It's from Zheng Shuang, once the top flow Huadan 30 birthday .

In one's life ,30 Age is a node , People used to call this node “ While standing ”.

30 Zheng Shuang before the age of is undoubtedly successful ,18 The first play starring at the age of 18 realized the fire , With pure and lovely “ Chu yuurt ” The image quickly jumped into the ranks of a line of flowers .

For more than 10 years , Zheng Shuang never lacks resources , There is no shortage of topics , She can always get on the hot search with some strange remarks , Later, people gave these remarks a special name , It's called “ Cool words, cool words ”.

To participate in 《 Talk show 》 when , Zheng Shuang himself once explained this term : I said it myself very well , You are speechless .

It's called “ Love brain ” Zheng Shuang , When dealing with feelings, we are always used to doing everything , She can change her face for the person she likes , You can also use the performance contract as a highly confidential document , Share it with your boyfriend unprepared .

finally , Because of a failed relationship experience , Zheng Shuang is in 30 Years old , Rollover .

In more fashionable terms , Zheng Shuang should be “ collapse ”, Although I hate to use this word .

This year, 1 month , Zheng Shuang's ex boyfriend Zhang Heng did not hesitate to expose the identity of the two children , Also stick it to Zheng Shuang “ Surrogacy 、 Abandonment ” The label of , It's like telling everyone , They came to this world in a different way from others .

They are Zheng Shuang's own , But it's not my own .

Whether it's surrogacy , Or the subsequent tax storm , The negative impact on Zheng Shuang is irreparable , Whether you want to believe it or not , Her fate with the entertainment industry has stopped .

In this context , Zheng Shuang low-key ushered in her 30 birthday .

This year's birthday , There is no hot search , There is no decent birthday party , In the past, all the friends in the circle remained silent .

Up to now , The only person who sends birthday wishes to Zheng Shuang is director Chen Jiashang .

Zheng Shuang was in the film directed by Chen Jiashang 《 Draw a wall 》 in , Played a fairy “ Peony ”.

thereafter , Chen Jiashang has always been “ Fairies ” To address her , While sending her blessings , He also admonished Zheng Shuang as an elder :“ Correct mistakes as soon as possible , Don't give up the positive because of a little bumpy .”

I thought director Chan Ka Shang would open the circle of friends “ Blessing tide ”, But there is no .

Time of day , The whole show business remained silent , Only the fans are low-key celebrating .

Some people say , Zheng Shuang's birthday this year is low-key and deserted , It's because I collided with Zhongyuan Festival , I don't think this is the most important thing .

At this juncture , It seems that no star will publicly send blessings to Zheng Shuang .

Fans may forget , Zheng Shuang, boycotted by many departments , Now it has become “ Vegetarian ”, Although fans are reluctant to accept , But that's the reality , It's also true .

There is no hot search , No fan meeting , In a way , This low profile of fans and friends in the circle , For Zheng Shuang, it is actually a kind of protection .

30 Years old is the beginning of a good time , Whatever you've been through before , What mistakes have you made , I hope you're all right for the rest of your life . Xiaoshuang , Happy birthday, .

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