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The shot is a "big brand". The 2.0T has 252 horsepower, sports car brake, and the top configuration is less than 150000

2021-08-26 02:57:53 Driving horizon G

With the continuous upgrading of consumers' ability and the promotion of joint venture new products , Independent brands have also ushered in the stage of comprehensively innovating product power , In the familiar 10 All level SUV changan CS75、 Geely, the more 、 roewe RX5 And other products , The major independent car enterprises have also successively launched a series of measures to cater to the consumption patterns 15 All level SUV, For example, Chang'an CS75 PLUS、 The more lucky star L And Rongwei RX5 PLUS Products such as , Compared with the previous market 10 All level SUV Whether it's beauty 、 Space 、 power 、 Configuration and other objective attributes are also the subjective experience obtained by users , comfort 、 Intelligence 、 Security has been greatly improved , Perhaps the previous autonomous compact SUV Only have the strength comparable to the joint venture at the same level , But now, with the technological breakthroughs of the independent automobile industry and the continuous change and upgrading of product power , It has the strength to surpass the joint venture at the same level .

Just like Chang'an mentioned above CS75 PLUS, Show high-grade interior and exterior decoration 、 Rough and powerful blue whale 2.0T、 The super intelligent security and spacious and abundant riding and storage space are all in Honda CRV、 Toyota RAV4、 On the new steed , Plus 2.0T models 15 About ten thousand yuan , The sense of high value created is self-evident . But it should be noted that Chang'an CS75 PLUS In the game of joint venture with the same level, it certainly has excellent performance , But if it is at the same level as domestic products SUV In comparison, it doesn't actually have the upper hand , Like in 6 This trumpchi, which was launched at the end of this month GS4 PLUS, The car is in appearance 、 Space 、 Power or intelligence are better than CS75 PUS, It's just “ Big ”, It's the strongest in its class PLUS Known as the , For example, the mechanical capability that users are most concerned about .

except 1.5T Outside the engine , The kei GS4 PLUS It also introduced 2.0T High power engine , Compared with Changan blue whale 2.0T Maximum engine power 233 horsepower , Peak torque 360 cattle · rice , Although it has the ability to CRV、RAV4 And the strength of three cylinder Qijun , But with trumpchi GS4 PLUS Of 2.0T There is still a certain distance , This set of engine is produced from JuLang power platform , After continuous technical optimization, it has come to the third generation , The machine 2.0T The maximum power of the engine is 252 horsepower , Peak torque reached 390 cattle · rice , It is currently made in China 2.0T The strongest power in , And the car is also equipped with Aisin 6AT transmission , For the ride comfort of the whole power system 、 Reliability and output capability are blessed .

The car's acceleration time is only 7.5s, Fuel consumption per 100 km 7.7L, Compared to accelerating 8s Away 、 Fuel consumption 8.1L Of CS75 PLUS, The advantages are obvious , At the same time, trumpchi GS4 PLUS The same is true of the braking performance ,100km/h-0km/h The stopping distance is 35.17m, With BMW M2、 porsche 718 And other sports cars are almost the same , And Chang'an at the same level CS75 PLUS The stopping distance should reach 39.45m, Sports car brake 、 The stronger output capacity and lower fuel economy all show that trumpchi GS4 PLUS Ahead of Chang'an CS75 PLUS Mechanical technology and strength .

Thanks to the body size 、 Space 、NVH Factors such as quietness and seat design , Make trumpchi GS4 PLUS Show transcendence again CS75 PLUS The strength of the , The size of the car is 4710/1885/1726mm, Wheelbase length 2710mm, Although with CS75 PLUS It has the same wheelbase length, but trumpchi GS4 PLUS The length of the car body 、 Width 、 The height parameters should be more observable , This means that it will be the same in terms of riding space and storage capacity , In particular, the carrying space of the trunk reaches 670L-1450L, Well known media teachers have measured , When the rear seat is down, it can accommodate 16 individual 20 Inch trolley box , Can be easier 、 Place large items calmly , Very practical .

meanwhile , The kei GS4 PLUS The longitudinal and transverse dimensions of the rear seat cushion shall exceed CS75 PLUS, And the facade of the side skirt is very high , It can play an excellent role in wrapping the buttocks of passengers , Plus “0” Pressure sensitive seat design and 360 In all directions NVH control 、12 Blessing of this detailed mute Technology , Built a comfortable ride 、 A quiet and advanced driving atmosphere , It's not just CS75 PLUS Inaccessible height , Even with BBA Compared with the entry-level luxury car, it is also better than .

More Than This , The kei GS4 PLUS When assembling intelligent configuration, there is no stingy cost , The super sensory interactive cockpit will effectively improve the user experience and quality , Set gesture switch map 、 Fatigue monitoring 、 Parent child care 、 Kei second camera and other advanced technologies are configured in one , This is a rare comprehensive intelligent cockpit in the same class , be based on AI、AR、 Big data and 5G Internet technology , It gives an immersive intelligent interactive experience of the whole scene inside the cabin , At the same time, the car is also equipped with L2 Class a automatic driving assistance , covers 15 All round ADAS Assisted driving system , Ensure the safety of users during driving , And more importantly, when the price is close to Chang'an CS75 PLUS After comparison , You will find trumpchi GS4 PLUS Ahead of an era .

In two 2.0T Take the kingpin model as an example , One is trumpchi GS4 PLUS Guide price 14.28 Ten thousand yuan automatic Nebula version , The second is to guide the price 13.99 Ten thousand yuan of Chang'an CS75 PLUS Autopilot , The price difference between the two is 2900 element ,CS75 PLUS The advantage is that the central control screen is larger , It also has a set of engine start and stop system , Trumpchi GS4 PLUS The advantages are obvious , For example, lane keeping assistance 、 Pedestrian identification protection 、 Integrated cruise assist 、 Lane departure warning 、 Car recorder 、 Four doors and one key window are all Chang'an CS75 PLUS Not equipped , More importantly, trumpchi GS4 PLUS The super sense interactive cockpit system covers the door OMS、DMS Sensing system and camera 、 Easy to find a car 、 Distraction reminder 、 When it rains, the window rises automatically 、 Cantonese recognition 、 Car tiktok 、 Emotional music 、 Active ventilation 、 Dynamic gesture switching 、 Face recognition, etc , In Changan CS75 PLUS None of the models are equipped with , You know, these configurations are more than 2900 element , So which is the better interpretation of intelligence , Everyone knows .

Beauty , The kei GS4 PLUS According to the user's personality and color, two types of air intake grilles are launched and represent two different styles , Which carries “ Wings of stars ” The model with parametric grille has certain fashion characteristics 、 Avant garde character , And carrying “ Zhentianyi ” Grille models are full of domineering 、 The smell of bravery . The design style of the cabin interior is relatively simple 、 Inside collect , be based on “ Star Diamond space ” From the design concept , Clean and tidy layout 、 Smooth line design , Plus full of “ Skin flavor ” Materials and exquisite workmanship , Give excellent visual texture , It is worth mentioning that trumpchi GS4 PLUS Of “ Semi suspended central control panel ” Compared with flooding “ Duplex screen ” The cockpit can show more uniqueness and personal charm .

The improvement of consumption power means that users will look at cars more and more , Have a unique design 、 Strong momentum 、 Rich technology configuration 、 Spacious seating space and a sense of value higher than that of models at the same level are the core standards for users to select vehicles at this stage , Trumpchi GS4 PLUS All the strengths of are very resistant , Contrast with Chang'an CS75 PLUS The space comfort of the equivalent model 、 Ride quietly 、 Mechanical capability or intelligent configuration of science and technology “ superior ” The shaping standard of , Plus 12.68 The starting price of 10000 yuan and the top allocation are insufficient 15 The price is ten thousand yuan , From the perspective of users , It's better than CS75 PLUS sweet . meanwhile , The high value attribute of this model also fully explains “ Made in China ” Bring users happiness , Trade low prices for high-value products , This is the most valuable thing , Have to admire , GAC motor's move is “ Big ”, I believe that with these advantages , The future will be the future GS8、GS4、M8、 Other than the shadow leopard “ ace ”SUV product , Jointly assist GAC motor to break a new pattern .

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