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There are many potential safety hazards in Chinese restaurant. The top of the program recording shed collapses, and the artist will fall down if he is careless

2021-08-26 03:02:53 Tencent Entertainment

《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Recording is too dangerous , The roof will suddenly collapse , Artists will fall to the ground

In the near future , notice 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 After the recording gags , Netizens make complaints about it , There are so many security risks , Dare to continue recording , You're not afraid of an accident ? I don't know whether the program team has not been trained on potential safety hazards , Cause them to fall accidentally 、 The problems of roof collapse are trivial . The stars who recorded this show , I guess I'll be worried , Will you die accidentally .

What the hell is going on ? It still needs to start with the latest episode of GAGs . In the program , Gong Jun because when he entered the kitchen , Step on the water and slip , Suddenly he fell on his four feet . Fortunately, he has a high sense of safety , Cover your face in time , In the end, I just hurt my hand . To see this , Netizens make complaints about it , How painful it is !

What is incomprehensible is , The program team not only doesn't comfort , See if anyone is hurt . Instead, they make fun of each other , He was not the first to fall . Watt ? Not the first , The program group hasn't attracted much attention yet , Still making fun of Gong Jun here , This is a dislike that the program group is too popular , Do you have to make some problems to get hot ?

Netizens feel very angry , Can it be said that stars are not human . The program team saw such a situation , Even a non slip pad is reluctant to be arranged . And make fun of the stars , This is not a blatant bullying ? Last time , Zhang Liang also fell down the stairs 、 Su Youpeng fell to the ground many times , Terrible is , None of this has attracted the attention of the program group .

The accident was sudden , Stars are also unprepared . For the sake of the program , These stars also have suffering words , You can only bear the pain yourself . The most irritating thing is , When a program is recorded , There have also been roof collapses , Almost hurt the stars and staff .

Some people make complaints about it , These program groups just don't know how good or bad , There are few accidents in the entertainment industry that lead to the destruction of stars ? The original Wu Zhenyu recorded 《 Where's dad going? 》 It will cause the child's corner of the eye to be injured , Finally, he was forced to leave the crew . For the program group , This is a small thing , But for stars , It's a lifetime event .

summary : The program team found such a thing , It is not timely to change and adjust , Continue to record the program . This kind of behavior is really reckless , I hope the industry can attract attention , Don't have one accident after another , To apologize .

The program is recorded for money , However, personal safety should be put in the first place whenever and wherever , Don't be careless , I hope the program team can think more about stars in the future . It's not like this. Every time something happens, you treat it with a careless eye , It scares the stars , And had to bite the bullet to record . What do you think ?

author : Ah ah ah

Coordinating editor : Sea cucumber

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