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Anti Mafia storm: compared with He Yun's ruthlessness, Sun Xing is just a pediatrician

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Sun Xing finally fell under the law , Died in his own madness , And this has become the last straw that crushed He Yun .

With the explanation of He Yun ,14 The truth of years ago surfaced at noon .

And know the truth , Only then discovered , Than hateful , He Yun is better than Sun Xing .

Lin Hao was the fuse for Sun Xing's madness in his later period , The source of everything is He Yun's prejudice

For Sun Xing and Lin Hao , He Yun's attitude is quite different .

First , Because she was at that dinner more than ten years ago , Because drunk and Gao Mingyuan had a relationship , And had to give birth to Sun Xing for physical reasons .

Actually , If possible , It is impossible for her to give birth to Sun Xing .

And her hatred for Gao Mingyuan , Directly transferred to Sun Xing .

After Sun Xing got into trouble , He Yun found Gao Mingyuan , She told Gao Mingyuan categorically : I can hand him over .

The reason why Sun Xing treats Xu Xiaoshan and Xu yingzi like this , Leading to the final innocent deaths of two people , The biggest reason is Lin Hao .

Why? ?

Because Lin Hao is the son of He Yun , Sun Xing has never been loved by He Yun , So he was jealous of Lin Hao .

And every time he retaliates against Lin Hao, he asks his biological mother to solve it . As one can imagine , How crazy Sun Xing will be ?

He Yun confessed when he turned himself in , He and Sun Xing are the same kind of people , The only difference is , Sun Xing loves her .

And she , Just hate Sun Xing .

In his letter to Lin Hao , She said she also wanted her children to be like Lin Hao .

To put it bluntly , She just imagined Lin Hao as her own son .

Murdered Lin Han , But I can face Lin Hao as calmly as no one else , You can see the depth of her city

Lin Han's death was really unjust , He didn't expect to die in his own hands .

Linhan learned that maizili had seen Gaohe appear outside the prison , And after getting on Gao Mingyuan's car . He Yun was the first to be informed .

But he didn't expect , This is the person he told the first time , Killed himself , He also took off his apprentice Li Chengyang's police uniform .

Lin Han told he Yun , The system has been horribly corroded , And it is precisely because he Yun's disguise , Lin Han never thought of , How can people who can corrode the system to this extent be small people .

After he Yun killed Lin Han , Facing Lin Hao , It's scary to be calm .

No matter how many times he lectured Lin Hao , No one can see anything wrong , If it wasn't for the stills “ deliberately ” According to , Many people may not have guessed that he Yun would be an insider .

and , She kept saying that she regarded Lin Hao as her own child , But killed Lin Hao's biological father , This is the degree of psychological distortion to say such words ?

Determined to create an urban environment of living and working in peace and contentment , But it's not personnel

After the disclosure of the matter of forensic Song Tao , He Yun and He Yong said when talking on the rooftop : I want to give our city an environment to live and work in peace and contentment .

I think , She must think so in her heart .

If in 10 Without exposing what happened years ago , She's willing to do the same .

however , What you think and do are different after all .

Forensic medicine Song Tao is her classmate , So Song Tao must have been dragged down by He Yun .

Without the participation of He Yun , Then Lin Han will not die unjustly , Li Chengyang will not be expelled from the police force , Ma Shuai won't die , Things won't go this far .

She is determined to become the patron saint of lvteng city , But it has gradually become the umbrella of the black and evil forces .

Although I say , Sun Xing's evil made many people hate to the bone , But compared with Sun Xing , The harm caused by He Yun is frightening .

Than hateful , He Yun is better than .

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