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Spring in the Jade House: Lin Shaochun has countless fans in the circle. Xu Fengqiao keeps catching horses, and Tao Yao has set off a heated discussion on the whole network!

2021-08-26 03:22:14 Tencent Entertainment

High quality hit drama 《 Yulouchun 》 It's been on the air for a long time , Indeed contracted the joy of countless drama fans , It's no accident to stand out in a number of idol dramas , At first, most of the audience were not very optimistic about the play , I always think the play is written by Zheng , More or less pulled down

It's not , In addition to the most obvious clothing chemical resistance , The details are just right , In a way , Most of the audience were taken off track by the marketing number , Compared with some previous film and television works , the 《 Yulouchun 》 It can be said to be the most brilliant one , You can see from the cast , Didn't choose any traffic star , It's all the same acting school

When the broadcast started, the male host Wang Yizhe was even ridiculed by the whole network , It is said that he is an iron Han , No acting skills can , The fact proved that , It is this sharp contrast that makes the play look full , Female leader white deer, not to mention , Both acting and line skills are very resistant

Many passers-by were successfully surrounded by her , As 《 Yulouchun 》 The core character in , The main plot revolves around Lin Shaochun in turn , With their own intelligence , All the way through , Experienced a lot of ups and downs , It's not hard to find out , Lin Shaochun's setting is especially like 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》 Wei Yingluo in , However, I personally feel that Lin Shaochun's personal design is far better than Wei Yingluo

The change of characters at each stage can arouse the empathy of the audience , Especially after marrying into sun's house , In the face of the difficulties of young grannies , Lin Shaochun doesn't mess in the face of danger , It's always easy to solve any problem , At this point, I have to mention the villain played by Jin Chen ‘ Xu Fengqiao ’ 了 , This character was very unpleasant from the beginning

Although born noble , But good at calculation , In sharp contrast to her status as a golden lady , On the surface, the shopkeeper is responsible for all the affairs of the sun family , But people don't buy what she did , Lin Shaochun also played a very bad role in the communication between Lin Shaochun and sun Yulou , It's no exaggeration to say , Wherever she appears , Something bad will happen

In addition to focusing on things , The high-energy famous scene of daily husband training is also a major attraction of the play , A typical woman is stronger than a man , It's because she's too strong , So the husband ran out and drank , But Xu Fengqiao can be gentle , It's not as if the relationship with her husband is so unbearable , Beauty value , Have a mind , It's just not feminine , All I think about is how to calculate others

In the present words , She is a scheming girl , After the defeat of the sun family , Husband incompetence , I don't even have the ability to support my family , How beautiful the first half of my life was , How miserable the rest of your life is

Compared with Xu Fengqiao's tragic setting , Wu Yuehong, played by spicy Yoko, is even more sad , It is reasonable to say that she is the person in charge of the sun family , But because it's too kind , It's not Xu Fengqiao's opponent at all , In her eyes , Only husband and food are most important , Extremely pleasant character , It also has a lot to do with her origin , I have lived in the house of generals since I was a child , That's why she has a careless character

If my mother's family were not all generals , I was bullied to death by Xu Fengqiao in sun's house , In order to capture her husband's heart , Wu Yuehong gave up a lot of things , Even if you know your husband doesn't like you , I didn't give up easily , In order to become the beauty in her husband's heart , And made a lot of jokes

It's either playing with words or learning from others to sing , But in the eyes of her husband , Her actions are just ‘ blindly copying others and making oneself look foolish ’ only , End up alone , Once you enter a rich family, it is as deep as the sea , Not only did you not get the love you yearned for , And left out for a lifetime

Look at the female characters in the whole play , Yao dizhu is undoubtedly one of the most highly praised women , The biggest characteristic is ‘ Dare to love and hate ’ After learning that sun Yulou had only Lin Shaochun in mind , Even if you like it again, you are willing to let go , Not like Xu Fengqiao , In addition, he is not afraid of power , Face to face anger against the imperial concubine , Some remarks are reasonable , She is really a typical independent woman

At first, I didn't want to marry the second young master of the sun family , But self defeating , When I came to see him retire , Completely capture the second young master's general style , In order to love , Risk your life to the front , If you give, you will be rewarded , Finally got the favor of the second young master , Live a happy life , Such an excellent woman, let alone in ancient times , It's the same in modern times ! in general , Yao dizhu's ending was completely expected by the audience

Finally, let's talk about the most mysterious Taoyao , Just listen to the name , This man is not simple , Evaluation of her , The audience is mixed in praise and criticism , Some people think she can give everything for love , Some people think she is a ‘ Green tea ’ However, tao yao is not a junior in the traditional sense

First, Shuangshang online , The mind is not inferior to Xu Fengqiao and Lin Shaochun , It can only be said that she was smart, but she was mistaken by smart , If you can be honest with others , Later, Jia Fengyuan will not suffer , Her background has always been a mystery , He was sent to the troupe when he was a child , If master Lin Shaochun hadn't accepted her as an apprentice , And there won't be her today

in fact , It's no problem to live a good life with her beauty and professional ability , But tao yao took an unusual path , The operation continues , With their own talent and appearance, they cheat everywhere , Ironically, most of the cheated CHILDES don't blame him , Instead, I feel that I can make her live a happy life

There are many doubts about her , Cheated many rich young masters, but still very poor , It feels like her life experience is not as simple as it seems , As the plot continues to advance , Tao yao successfully left the circle , People set off a heated discussion all over the network , Don't you know what people think of this role ? Welcome to your attention , give the thumbs-up , forward , One key, three links !

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