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The top is less than 80000 yuan. The range is 403km with assisted driving. Is the zero running T03 worth buying?

2021-08-26 03:39:53 Vehicle skill collection

When it comes to micro electric vehicles , Believe Hongguang MINIEV It should be the first car you think of , Because the car sells well , So that you can often meet . There is one saying. , Agatsuma MINIEV Although our price is cheap , But the range is only more than 100 kilometers , The configuration is not very high . by comparison , It's a long way to go 403km Zero run with automatic driving T03, Ability is obviously much stronger , But then again , Zero run T03 Is it worth buying ?

Put aside the online car Hailing models launched for the online car Hailing market , Zero run T03 The price of is 5.98-7.58 Ten thousand yuan , In terms of price alone , Zero run T03 It's not cheap , Because at this price, you can choose some fuel vehicles , Like byd F3、 Hyundai Reina et al . That Zero run T03 What can it bring us ? Today's top model , Let's see Zero run T03 How are you doing in all aspects .

Like most micro electric vehicles on the market , Zero run T03 It's also easy to walk “ Sell cute route ”, There is a pair of big... On the small body “ eyes ”, It looks cute from the front face . This luxury model actually photographed , China open adopts a fully enclosed design , The charging port is placed in the center , In addition, Zero run T03 There is also a grid design with honeycomb holes , Users can choose freely according to their preferences . On the light , The halogen headlamp with lens has a good style , It is also equipped with automatic headlamp and headlamp delay off function .

From the side , Zero run T03 It looks like “ short ” Sense of being alike , Bottom up angled waistline , Added a lot of power . In terms of wheels , Zero run T03 Using a set of Nexans tires , The specification is 165/65 R14, The rim style is also pretty good , It is made of aluminum alloy .

Zero run T03 The tail is round 、 Honest , The tail lights on the left and right sides are connected with a black trim panel with English logo , Further enhance the visual effect of the tail . The position of reflective signs is high , Makes the visual center of gravity very high . In terms of design , Zero run T03 The appearance is pretty good , Recognition is also very high .

Zero run T03 The interior layout style is quite simple , But the steering wheel 、 Air conditioner outlet 、 Front passenger door handle, etc , All use warm color matching treatment , Give the car a touch of warmth , The overall visual effect is pretty good . however , Zero run T03 The interior materials are very ordinary , Many places are covered with hard plastic , Even the top model is the same , The sense of grade is slightly poor ; The size of the central control screen is 10.1 Inch , The interior also provides rich audio-visual entertainment functions , But the fluency is average .

The design of the steering wheel is pretty good ,“D The font ” The shape has a certain sense of movement , Although the delicate feeling of cortex is not as good as that of dermis , But it's better than a plastic steering wheel . in addition , The key edges of the steering wheel are also filled with bright black material , Have a certain texture ;“ Huai block ” Gear shifting mechanism , Maybe it's a little awkward to use it for the first time , But it's easy to operate after you're familiar with it .

configuration , This luxury version of the real shot is used as the top model , The overall configuration is pretty good , Equipped with lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Road traffic sign recognition 、 Intelligent driving assistance configuration including active braking , Can be realized L2 Level of autopilot . in addition , Like panoramic skylight 、 Park in 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 One key lifting and other configurations of the whole vehicle are added , It can also provide a good car experience for daily travel .

Integrated leather seat with rhombic pattern , The filling is hard , The functionality is also relatively single , The main driver has only six-way manual adjustment , But considering the price , It's not good to ask too much . In space , By height 178cm Take the experience of , Adjust the driving position to the lowest position , There is still... Head space 4 finger , Without moving the front seats , The same experimenter sits in the back , Head space is only 4 finger , Legroom has 1 Punch margin , The overall performance is standard .

If you don't put down the rear seats , Zero run T03 The boot space is not big , Barely able to put down one 28 Inch suitcase , No problem with daily use , But the trunk opening is too small , So that even after the seat is down , The overall practicability is not very high .

motivation , Zero run T03 It uses a permanent magnet / Synchronous motor drive , The total power of the motor is 55kW, The total power of the motor is 155N·m, The maximum speed can reach 100km/h. Transmission in , Zero run T03 It uses a fixed gear ratio gearbox , Provide comfort 、 standard 、 Three driving modes such as sports , The overall power performance in comfort mode is relatively average , Recommended standard mode for daily use .

Chassis suspension part , Zero run T03 The front McPherson independent suspension is used , Rear torsion beam type independent suspension , On a conventional pavement , The comfort of the chassis is pretty good , Can handle most bumps , But when passing a large pit , The overall performance needs to be improved ; Battery , Zero run T03 Two types are offered 、 Power batteries of two capacities , Namely 41kWh Lithium iron phosphate battery and 38kWh Three yuan lithium battery , The nominal endurance is 403km. Charging ways , Zero run T03 DC fast charging (0.6h)、 AC slow charging has two forms of energy supplement .

in general , Zero run T03 The overall performance of is pretty good , Endurance is a big advantage , After all, the endurance of most micro electric vehicles on the market is only 300 km . however , Zero run T03 The degree of configuration is not high ( Except for the open top configuration ), The overall performance is the regular performance at this price . So in my opinion , If you want to buy Zero run T03 It is recommended that the top configuration , Other models basically don't need to be considered .

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