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Han EV also joined the price war. With "blade battery", it has a endurance of 506km, but the class C experience is less than 210000

2021-08-26 03:44:39 Vehicle skill collection

Model Y Of “ Price reduction in disguise ” Not to embarrass individual car companies , Add a standard extended rear drive model , Directly pulled the threshold to 28 All the , Another large number of “ leek ” Don't say , Also revealed the of a luxury brand “ A veil ”. And more recently , BYD's flagship car Han , A new standard range luxury model has also been added , Price after subsidy 20.98 ten thousand , Obviously started playing “ The price war ” 了 . It is reported that , New car will be on the 9 Delivery starts in January , The newly added standard Deluxe Version , Is it worth starting with ? Let's see how it performs in all aspects first ?

First , In terms of appearance , The new car still adopts the four door sedan style , The front face is still familiar to us “Dragon Face” Dragon face , delicate LED Matrix headlights are “ rush ” Against the background of , Look extra energetic , And a little aggressive . however , There is one saying. , Personally, I prefer the large front grille design of the hybrid model , The closed type is a little “ Implicitly ”.

han EV A lot of chrome plated decorative parts are used on the side of the to enhance the sense of grade , The concealed door handle is equipped with , It not only reduces the wind resistance coefficient , Add a little more future 、 Sense of Technology . In terms of wheels , han EV This set of multi spoke wheels , The style is quite Chic , The visual effect is also very classy . The tire is made of 245/45 R19 The horse card MC6, Good sports performance ; In terms of size , han EV The length, width and height are respectively 4980/1910/1495mm, The wheelbase is 2920mm, In the medium and large car market, it can be regarded as a medium level .

I personally prefer Han EV Side rear view of , Because this can reflect the visual beauty of its sliding back design . Yes, of course , han EV The right rear vision is not bad , Equipped with a chrome plated through tail lamp , It looks very exquisite , And the ripple decoration surrounding the reflective sign also has a fighting atmosphere .

interiors , han EV The design idea is different from most electric vehicles on the market , I chose “ Luxury clothes ”, Large area wood grain veneer 、 leather 、 Brushed aluminum 、 Piano baking paint and other materials , It brings a good texture to the car , The luxurious atmosphere is very good . meanwhile , This piece of 15.6 Inch full touch suspended large screen , There are many practical 、 Entertainment functions , Such as Baidu map 、 Cool music 、 Vehicle images can be found above .

han EV The steering wheel is made of fine leather , Comfortable to handle 、 Full grip , And the piano baking paint material at the lower end , Make the sense of grade higher . The style of electronic gear handle is quite Chic , Equipped with P、R、N、D Four gears , The grip and visual effect are very good , But if you don't pay attention to cleanliness , It's easy “ Dust suction ”.

New standard luxury models , Not because of lower prices “ With reduction ”, The overall configuration is still quite kind , If the Lord is / Dynamic safety configuration , Not only with 10 airbag , It also has lane keeping assistance 、 Lane departure warning 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Intelligent configuration such as road traffic sign recognition . Besides , image 360 Degree panoramic image 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Remote control driving is still not absent .

In space , Thanks to excellent dimensional data , Make Han EV The riding space in the car is quite spacious , By height 178cm Take the experience of , Sit in the front row and lower the seat position , Head space is left 4 finger , It is valuable that the driver's seat is also equipped with seat ventilation 、 Heating function , Overall comfort is pretty good . And keep the front seat still and sit in the back , Due to the sliding back design, there is only... Head space 3 finger , but 2 The leg space with big fist is more abundant , Plus the length of the cushion is enough , It can let the experimenter lower his body properly to get a more comfortable space experience .

han EV The interior of the trunk is quite neat , A net pocket is also set on the right , Quite practical , Although the official did not release specific volume data , But there is no problem meeting the needs of daily household . however , Like many models of the same class , han EV The rear seats of the do not support putting down , Only one access to the rear row is reserved in the center .

motivation , The newly added standard luxury model is still a front single motor drive system , A total power of 163kW, The total torque is 330N·m Permanent magnet synchronous motor , Matched with a fixed gear ratio gearbox , Fast dynamic response , Although it weighs two tons , But it's a light start , The steering feel is also very light , No bulkiness at all . Chassis suspension part , han EV The front McPherson rear multi link four-wheel independent suspension is used , The adjustment is excellent , It has a delicate and comfortable driving texture , Turning 、 The suspension support of the parallel line is also very good , Is in accordance with C The standard for the performance of class a chassis .

Battery , This standard deluxe version of Han EV, It uses lithium iron phosphate developed by ourselves “ Blade battery ”, However, the total capacity of the battery pack this time is only 64.8kWh, The maximum endurance is only 506km, It's shorter than the long-term luxury model 99km, But even so , han EV The battery life is also better than the entry-level version Model 3 Longer . Charging ways , It is still provided with DC fast charging 、 There are two forms of AC slow charging , Quick charge 0.42h It can be charged to... Of the total capacity 80%.

in general , From the above aspects , This newly added standard luxury model , Except that the endurance is a little smaller than the long-term luxury model , The overall comprehensive strength is still very strong , Whether it's design , Or the interior atmosphere , Or configuration 、 Space, etc , It's all C Class car experience . What is valuable is that , The price drops directly 2 ten thousand , So that more consumers can reach . therefore , in my opinion , This standard deluxe version of Han EV, It's really a worthwhile electric car . that , Do you like this car ?

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