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Another joint venture medium and large SUV, less than 240000, with zero fuel consumption and a maximum endurance of 588 kilometers

2021-08-26 03:54:52 Vehicle news briefing

Let's say that the domestic pure electric vehicle market , After years of development and improvement , There are already many models to meet the needs of consumers , But big space 6/7 seat SUV It's still a minority , It can even be said that there is no good choice . For example, ideal ONE, Count as 30 The only medium and large-scale new energy that can be considered is about 10000 budget SUV, But it's not pure electric , And the current ideal ONE After modification, it has been cancelled 7 A layout , So today let's take a look at SAIC Volkswagen ID.6X, This is called another flagship of Volkswagen family SUV, What are the highlights , Why dare you sell less 24 All the , And the comprehensive endurance is the highest 588km, Don't the public think about cost and brand image ?

First of all, let's learn about the new car design , After all ID.6X yes ID. Series is currently the flagship product , after ID.4X With its more personalized and fashionable design, it has been highly praised by many young consumers . and ID.6X The overall style is also similar to ID.4X cut from the same cloth , It belongs to the standard family language , But compared with the previous fuel models, they are much more fashionable , Like a closed front grille with cool headlight groups on both sides , And the more fashionable and sporty details of the lower grille , All show the superb design techniques of Volkswagen Group .

And it's all standard IQ.Light Smart matrix LED headlight , I think it's one of the highlights of the front face , For example, far and near light has 17 Pixels LED As a light source , And it has rain and fog mode 、 Adaptive high and low beam and other functions , And through LED Daytime running lights and luminous logo, It can also be lit in turn when the vehicle is started , It's full of ritual .

Since it is located in medium and large-scale SUV, I Believe ID..6X The visual effect of the car body will not be poor , After all, size is the best way for it to create a aura , And thanks to MEB Identity created by the platform , The front suspension and rear suspension of the whole vehicle shall also be reduced as much as possible , In this way, the interior space is effectively created , And don't worry about the lack of flexibility due to too large size in urban areas . In order to further meet the aesthetic needs of young consumers , The new car will also be equipped with a two-color body , The highest match is 21 Inch multi spoke alloy rim creates a sense of refinement .

At the end , The overall sense of hierarchy is very rich , The effect is basically the same as that of the front face , Especially after a large number of transverse lines outline this extremely wide visual effect , It can also bring a certain style of tight warping movement . Of course, the biggest highlight is the double line through tail lamp group , This is also a detail echoing with the headlights , After lighting up, the effect is naturally no problem , Especially the dynamic welcome lamp , The future will pass OTA Online upgrade , Make the visual experience timeless .

Then sit in the car , First of all, the new style of the center console makes people shine , It is no longer the symmetrical design of the public before , image 12 Inch Touch central control screen , coordination 5.3 Inch LCD dashboard , It can bring more three-dimensional visual effect of the central control , The sense of technology has also been significantly improved . And the new style of multi-functional steering wheel is more exquisite , I think we should consider ID.6X Insufficient 24 After the price of 10000 yuan , This should be the most sincere interior design in Volkswagen's history .

The workmanship and materials are equally impeccable , For example, the plastic lining process is adopted above the center console , Below is injection printing , The metallic luster is very advanced , In line with the public's consistent high standard .

And to say what's really exciting in the car , It also has to be the excellent scientific and technological atmosphere brought by multiple screens in the car , such as 12 Inch central control screen with built-in Volkswagen smart car connection 4.0 System , Have networking support OTA upgrade , Like a real-time road map 、 The remote control function of mobile phone and intelligent voice control belong to the standard configuration of the whole system , And the interface layout is simple and clear , It is also very friendly to first-time consumers .

5.3 Inch LCD Meter may be of average size , But with AR-HUD Enhanced head up display system , You don't have to worry about visual perception , Except S Only available for vehicles other than class , Like the driving assistance system when driving , Can be well displayed .

As for other highlights , I think ID.6X It really matches all the current mainstream functions , For example, just mentioned AR-HUD Head up display and skip level configuration , Then there IQ.Light Light language system , It can bring excellent Internet experience to consumers in the car , For example, there will be a red light belt to remind the driver during collision warning , The navigation turn is blue again .

Then it's like L2+ Application level of driving assistance system , Basically achieved the standard configuration , Even the rear seat heating appears in the three models of medium and high configuration .

Let's talk about the ride , After all, this time we experience the real car to see how practical it is , First of all, there is no problem with the dimensional data ,4876*1848*1680mm Length, width, height and 2965mm The wheelbase , It corresponds to when we introduce its body side ratio , And this is close to 3 Meter wheelbase , There is no problem in providing a three row seat layout , The top version is exclusive 6 A layout .

and ID.6X The seat design also pays great attention to the comfort of drivers and passengers , The wide and thick shape is very advanced , It's really comfortable to ride , No worse than some fancy sofas , Coupled with many comfort configurations , Count as 30 Within ten thousand is the best .

Finally, dynamic performance , at present ID.6X Three endurance and three motor powers are available , Namely 436km、510km and 588km, The motor power is 180 horsepower 、313 Horsepower and 204 horsepower . If so, we recommend , Obviously, it's still endurance 588km The long endurance version of is more recommended , Because it can solve the problem of many consumers' life anxiety ,MEB The first feature of the platform is the real endurance , Then there 204 Horsepower motors also meet the demand for power . Of course, if you pursue stronger performance , The 4WD performance version is also good , Front and rear dual motors can bring four-wheel drive system , Can also bring V6 Dynamic acceleration experience .

The chassis is consistent throughout the system , Both front and rear independent suspensions , However, the top version only enjoys the variable suspension function , The driving sense has been improved to a certain extent .

summary : In today's increasingly rich pure electric vehicle market ,ID.6X However, it has attracted the attention of many consumers with its people-friendly price and excellent quality , Our actual experience this time is full of praise for it , After all, there is no problem with the technical level of the public , Reliability has always been well known , I believe the new car will be good for China in the future 30 The 10000 class new energy market has a significant impact .

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