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Comprehensive fuel consumption 4.9l/100km Haval h6s power parameter announcement lemon hybrid DHT blessing

2021-08-26 04:17:46 Oriental Information automobile

After the official drawings of appearance and interior decoration were released one after another , Harvard officially announced its new model H6S Power information .

According to the official statement , The harvard H6S Equipped with lemon hybrid DHT System , The maximum comprehensive output power can reach 179kW, Peak torque 530N·m, With congestion, fast start response 、 Advantages of oil and electricity non inductive switching , And the mute effect is known to be comparable to EV models , 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption is only 4.9L.

Official name , The power assembly is driven by the motor in the medium and low speed range ,0-60km/h Acceleration time is 3.7 second .

The harvard H6S The positioning of is a sedan SUV, It can be regarded as the third generation of Harvard H6 Car running SUV edition , But the change in appearance is more obvious . The front face of the new car adopts a more personalized design language , The size of the air inlet grille is very small , The shapes of the two headlamp groups are sharp , The style is quite different . The lower surrounding part adopts an inverted trapezoidal large mouth air inlet , The interior is decorated with a honeycomb structure , The triangular vent areas on both sides are equipped with fog lamps , It creates an excellent sports atmosphere .

Side modeling , The new car adopts a sliding back style , The roof is equipped with shark fins , Creates a great sense of movement . Strong round eyebrows and side skirts also effectively increase the sense of muscle , It feels quite hardline . Tail shape , The roof is equipped with a hollow tail , The upper edge of the trunk is also equipped with a small spoiler , The tail lamp group has created a penetrating shape , Effectively stretch the lateral visual width of the tail . The lower surrounding part is equipped with two exhaust outlets on both sides , It effectively increases the sense of movement . In terms of size , The declaration information shows the length of the new car / wide / High respectively 4714/1940/1729mm, The wheelbase is 2738mm.

interiors , The whole new car uses the third generation Haval H6 Layout , Equipped with a three spoke multifunction steering wheel 、 Suspended full LCD instrument panel 、 Suspended central control screen and rotary electronic gear handle , The interior style is quite simple , The sense of science and technology is also quite in place . The new car is expected to debut at Chengdu auto show , Then we'll see the real face again .

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