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Fiat 500 releases 165 pieces of performance version and draws lessons from formula F4 racing technology

2021-08-26 04:27:37 Ox cart net

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Fiat Abath It's like a Mercedes Benz AMG、 BMW M、 audi RS equally , It provides Fiat with more powerful performance . And recently Fiat Abath F595 Let this car have new vitality again .

if MINI It's the British understanding of loveliness , What about Fiat 500 It's the perfect Italian interpretation of loveliness . But in Abath in sb.'s eyes , It's too cute to be armed , Make it more Man One o'clock . The appearance is through matte paint and front and rear bars 、 The reflector is dotted with blue , Arrange a pair of 17 Inch lightweight hub , Little cute also has a rebellious expression .

in addition Abath And Fiat 500 Power modification has been carried out , It also draws lessons from a lot of F4 Formula Racing Technology , stay 1.4L Replaced on the basis of turbocharged engine Garrett Variable geometry angle turbocharger , Power reach 165 horsepower 、230 Nm torque output ,7.3 Seconds to complete 0-100Km/h Speed up . Of course , The new car also offers a set of four out Record Monza Sovrapposto High performance valve exhaust system , You can open the valve when you need passion to listen to the roar of the engine , You can also close the valve when you get home , grace 、 Don't disturb others in and out of the community .

Edit comment on : The hardtop hatchback version of the car costs 28100 dollar ( Renminbi conversion 18 Ten thousand yuan or so )、 The convertible version is 33700 dollar ( Renminbi conversion 21 Ten thousand yuan or so ). In fact, Fiat can be well summarized in one sentence 500 The current situation in China , It's just that you can't afford what you like , And those who can afford it may not like . Fiat 500 In China, the quantity of is very small , Able to own Abath The version is even more lucky , Do you have the money to buy it ?

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