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Range 1012km! SUVs that can refuel and charge can be sold for less than 150000!

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Compared with Wei Lai 、 Xiao peng 、 Ideal three “ A new car making enterprise ” for , The sense of existence of skycar, which is also a new force in car making, is not strong . Tianji automobile's first mass production vehicle is a pure electric medium-sized vehicle SUV ME7, This car is rare in the market . This year, 7 month , The second mass production model of Tianji automobile ME5 list , The new car is a compact SUV, The guiding price range is 14.99-15.99 Ten thousand yuan . comparison ME7, Horizon ME5 There is a major change , It uses an incremental hybrid system .

Skycar - Horizon ME5

Horizon ME5 use “ Pioneer reconstruction aesthetics ” Design concept , The appearance has a good sense of fashion . The front face is simple , Across the left and right LED The light band is the family design language of the skyline brand , Add visual tension . The front enclosure is divided into three areas: left, middle and right , Each area is outlined with bright black decoration , Strong fashion flavor .

Horizon ME5 The headlamp unit adopts split design , The light source is all LED, The upper through lamp belt has water lamp effect , The headlamp supports automatic opening and closing .

Body side proportion coordination , The waistline is designed in sections , The visual effect is more relaxed . Two color body 、 The appearance of black exterior rearview mirror and black side skirt is obviously to create a fashionable and sporty atmosphere . Horizon ME5 The length, width and height are respectively 4580/1915/1635mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm.

The actual model is equipped with 21 Inch multi spoke black rim , Excellent sense of movement . The matching specification is 245/40 R21 Michelin of PILOT SPORT 4 SUV Series tires , Main movement control .

The tail shape is very full , The through tail lights incorporate black elements , In the center of the lamp group is the English logo of the skyline brand . The sky below the tail lights ME5 The words are also blackened , After adding bright black elements to the back surround, the sense of motion is further strengthened , And the bright black decoration also echoes with the front surround .

Horizon ME5 Provide 6 Body colors , In addition to the eye-catching red coating in real shooting , And Stardust purple 、 Bit blue 、 Twilight grey 、 To simple white and blue cloud black .

Horizon ME5 There is no use for ME7 Multi screen design on , The combination of full LCD instrument and large vertical central control screen makes the interior of the new car more concise . The lines across the left and right of the center console extend the visual width , And different color collocations are also divided into levels . Overall speaking , Horizon ME5 The interior design of has a high degree of maturity , It should fit in with the aesthetics of many people .

The steering wheel is flat bottomed , The vehicle start button is set in the center under the steering wheel , This setting has the feeling of some sports models .

The size of the large central control screen is 14.8 Inch , Resolution achieved 2K, It is internally integrated with intelligent AI Voice assistant 、 Car networking 、 bluetooth 、 Online navigation 、 Online multimedia entertainment system 、 Car recorder 、 Panoramic images 、 Vehicle setting and other functions . Horizon ME5 be based on iMA Intelligent digital architecture , Not only support the whole vehicle OTA Upgraded and equipped with FACE ID Face recognition system .

In terms of driving assistance configuration , Horizon ME5 Equipped with stop and go adaptive cruise control 、 Integrated high-speed intelligent cruise control 、 Traffic congestion assistance 、 Collision warning ahead 、 Automatic emergency braking ( With pedestrian recognition )、 Traffic sign recognition 、 Automatic switching between high and low beams 、 Lane keep 、 Lane departure warning 、 Doubling the auxiliary 、 Blindspot Monitoring 、 Door opening warning 、 Reverse side assist and other functions .

Horizon ME5 The front row adopts one-piece seats with sports design . Functional aspects , The front seats support electric adjustment and have seat heating function , The driver's seat also supports position memory .

motivation , Horizon ME5 Will be carried by 1.5L An incremental hybrid system composed of a naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor .1.5L Maximum engine horsepower 98Ps, Add 92 Number of gasoline . Maximum power of motor 150kW、 Peak torque 310N·m, Top speed 160km/h.

The battery pack type is ternary lithium ion battery , The battery pack is equipped with four seasons constant temperature system , Capacity of 30.6kWh, When DC fast charging 34min(30%-80%), AC slow charging requires 6h Full (0-100%). Horizon ME5 Pure electric endurance mileage of the Ministry of industry and information technology 155km, Comprehensive condition endurance 1012km. The front McPherson independent suspension is adopted + after H Combination of multi link independent suspension .


Compared with pure electric medium-sized SUV Horizon ME7 for , Horizon ME5 There are two advantages . One is that the positioning is lower, the price is cheaper and easier to be accepted by consumers ,ME5 The guide price is 14.99-15.99 Ten thousand yuan ; The second is the horizon ME5 An incremental hybrid system is adopted , So it is a product without mileage anxiety .

In the above two advantages and fashionable and concise appearance and interior design 、 Good configuration performance, etc , Horizon ME5 It has a good comprehensive strength . But even so , It's not easy to achieve good sales results , The lower brand awareness is the horizon ME5 A big stumbling block .

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