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Summary of JavaScript methods to determine whether it is an array

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We are in daily development , There is often a need to judge a value type , Today, we will summarize several common methods to determine whether it is an array JavaScript Method .


Array.isArray() yes ES5 New method , Used to determine whether the passed value is an array , If it's an array , Then return to true, Otherwise return to false.

let arr = [];
console.log(Array.isArray(arr)); // true

The following function calls all return true:

Array.isArray(new Array());
Array.isArray(new Array("a", "b", "c", "d"));

One thing to note is that : Actually Array.prototype It's also an array .

Array.isArray(Array.prototype); // true

The following function calls all return false:

Array.isArray(new Uint8Array(32))
Array.isArray({ __proto__: Array.prototype });

The compatibility is shown in the figure below :


You can see , New mainstream browsers support this method , Safe to use .


Object Every instance of has a constructor constructor, Used to save the function used to create the current object

let arr = [];
console.log(arr.constructor === Array); // true

It should be noted that ,constructor There is a risk of being modified , The judgment is not necessarily accurate , such as :

let arr = [1, 2, 3];
arr.constructor = function () { }
console.log(arr.constructor === Array); // false

Generally not recommended constructor To determine whether it is an array , We just need to know that there is such a way .


instanceof Operator is used to detect the prototype Whether the attribute appears in the prototype chain of an instance object . for instance :

//  Define the constructor 
function C() {}
function D() {}

var o = new C();

o instanceof C; // true, because  Object.getPrototypeOf(o) === C.prototype

o instanceof D; // false, because  D.prototype  be not in  o  On the prototype chain 

o instanceof Object; // true, because  Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf(o)  return  true
C.prototype instanceof Object; // true, ditto 

use instanceof To determine whether it is an array, the usage is as follows :

let arr = [];
console.log(arr instanceof Array); // true

Use instanceof Two things to note :

  • Constructor's prototype and The prototype chain of instances may change , So the result of judgment is not necessarily invariable .
  • There is iframe Used in page scripts instanceof, You may get the wrong result , because iframe Have an independent global environment , Different global environments have different global objects , So you have different built-in type constructors .


isPrototypeOf() It can be used to test whether one object exists in the prototype chain of another object . Usage is as follows :

function Foo() {}
function Bar() {}
function Baz() {}

Bar.prototype = Object.create(Foo.prototype);
Baz.prototype = Object.create(Bar.prototype);

var baz = new Baz();

console.log(Baz.prototype.isPrototypeOf(baz)); // true
console.log(Bar.prototype.isPrototypeOf(baz)); // true
console.log(Foo.prototype.isPrototypeOf(baz)); // true
console.log(Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf(baz)); // true

If you want to use isPrototypeOf To determine whether the incoming parameter is an array , It can be used in this way :

let arr = [];
console.log(Array.prototype.isPrototypeOf(arr)); // true


Each object has one toString() Method , When the object is represented as a text value , Or an object is automatically called when it is referenced in the expected string way .

By default ,toString() The method is each Object Object inheritance . If this method is not overridden in the custom object ,toString() return "[object type]" character string , among type It's the type of object .

Can pass toString() To get the type of each object . For every object to pass through Object.prototype.toString() To detect , Need to be perhaps Function.prototype.apply() To call , Pass the object to be checked as the first parameter , be called thisArg. Usage is as follows :

var toString = Object.prototype.toString; Date); // [object Date] String); // [object String]; // [object Math]

//Since JavaScript 1.8.5; // [object Undefined]; // [object Null]

If you want to judge whether an object is an array , It can be used in this way :

let arr = [];
console.log( === "[object Array]"); // true

Compatibility is as follows :



When it comes to judging types , Maybe a lot of people will think of typeof Method , Let's review here typeof Related content .

typeof The operator returns a string , Represents the type of uncomputed operand .

console.log(typeof 42); // "number"
console.log(typeof 'blubber'); // "string"
console.log(typeof true); // "boolean"
console.log(typeof undeclaredVariable); // "undefined"

typeof The possible return values are as follows :

As you can see from the picture above , The array object belongs to “ Anything else ”, So the of array objects typeof The return value is “object”:

let arr = [];
console.log(typeof arr); // "object"

therefore , We should try to avoid using typeof.


The above are several methods to judge whether a value is an array , Of course, there are good and bad , But anyway , We know it's always good to have such a thing . To sum up :

  • The best way to use is Array.isArray, It just doesn't support IE8 And the following .
  • If you want to consider compatibility , You can use Object.prototype.toString.


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