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Lesson 1 of "Ge Xue": the old artist overturned in this program?

2021-08-26 07:15:15 Tencent Entertainment

Borrow 《 My sister 》 It's a project 《 My brother 》 be long in coming .

Last week, the first 1 It's officially launched , Removed 《 Sister Lang 》 The scoring link in , And learn from the failed experience of the same type of variety show last year ,《 Phigo 》 The initial stage is more like a large nostalgic concert , The last chorus 《 Stupid kid 》 It has become a program name scene .

But I didn't expect the second 2 Phase I , The plot of Touhua reappears , The smell we are familiar with is back .

“ The God of songs ” Lin Zhixuan relies on his own strength , Annoy several waves of fans , Become the center of the storm .

Even Hu Haiquan, the gossip crowd, went online in the middle of the night “ Hand slide ” give the thumbs-up , What's going on ?

One 、 Limited singing time

《 Phigo 》 The first 1 period , Lin Zhixuan, Zhang Zhilin and Liang Hanwen have cooperated for the first stage . All three are 1991 Enter the industry in , It's just a debut this year 30 year .

Lin Zhixuan shared with Zhang Zhilin and them , He usually only eats hemp, not spicy , Don't drink , Get enough sleep every day 12 Hours , Protect your voice to the greatest extent .

When he knew that the first stage was officially recorded at noon 12 Point to the afternoon 3 a.m. , Find it hard to accept .

Lin Zhixuan said , The time his real voice can use is at night 7 Point to 12 spot , The best time is at night 8 Point to 10 spot .

The director said that the program team also needs time for post adjustment and production , But Lin Zhixuan still insisted that the program group make adjustments in time , Even the last one in his stage row doesn't matter .

Zhang Zhilin and Liang Hanwen who need to perform with him :

In the broadcast film , Their group is indeed the last to appear .

Because the recording time cannot be changed , Lin Zhixuan said that he wanted to be in the morning 5 A.m. , Let the sound have enough wake-up time .

Zhang Zhilin, also known as a singer, has learned .

Come here , The audience still recognized Lin Zhixuan's persistence , I think it is the artist's ultimate pursuit of performance effect , But the next two things , Everyone doesn't quite understand Lin Zhixuan's practice .

Two 、 Song splitting storm

At the beginning of the program , Lin Zhixuan said he wanted to find people in every field on this stage “ The tyrant of one side ”. After the first stage performance , Lin Zhixuan finds that Li Xiang and Liu Jia are the people he wants to find , When forming a team, they hit it off with Li Yundi .

Four people in this group , On the stage, he is the strongest in all fields .

When competing with other teams for Li Xiang , Lin Zhixuan said :“ Don't want to compete , What we have to do is lead .”

The pattern is big , This is the strength of artists , One sentence filled the audience's expectations .

But when rehearsing , The most discordant , The group that quarreled the most .

Lin Zhixuan puts forward that he is responsible for singing , Li Yundi accompaniment , Liu Jia and Li Xiang design and choreograph . Three people only do what they are best at , To create the perfect stage in his heart .

But others don't agree with this arrangement , All three want to break through themselves , Work hard in areas where you are not good at .

Li Yundi said , Then we're like in an opera Orchestra.

Liu Jia also said , Although this song is difficult for dancers , But they also want to be more involved .

Compared with the above two , Pushed a lot of invitations , Come on 《 Phigo 》 It's just for singing Li Xiang to express more directly ―― Even if it's out of tune , He also wants to sing .

I've seen the song of collective chorus at the beginning of the stage 《 Stupid kid 》, You can feel li Xiang and Liu Jia's desire and love for singing on the stage .

But Lin Zhixuan thinks , If everyone sings , They will reveal their shortcomings . Then if there is still a chance , When the time is ripe, it's best for everyone to sing together .

The air pressure in the rehearsal room was so low that the music teacher who was going to discuss it together was forced away .

Li Xiang is still trying to convince Lin Zhixuan with his past experience , Because once there are singers on the stage , The audience will focus on the singer , The dance will become a accompaniment .

Lin Zhixuan also stressed that he was worried that Liu Jia and Li Xiang would be found by the audience to be bad at singing .

But , Liu Jia and Li xiangmingming said they didn't mind .

Li Xiang said frankly , Lin Zhixuan deprived him of his right to sing in the name of his good , He can't accept .

Lin Zhixuan pursues perfection , Expect to show your best on the stage , But Li Xiang is more concerned about making new attempts on the stage , I don't just want to stay in the comfort circle of dance .

After ineffective communication , Li Xiang simply sat on the sofa and began to practice singing by himself .

Lin Zhixuan came to guide , Directly point out that Li Xiang's understanding of the song is wrong .

Where's Li Yundi , What's he doing? ?

He was busy preparing for the quarrel BGM, The first person in the atmosphere group .

Late Teacher : I thank you .

At the end of this period , There was no consensus .

For this matter , Lin Zhixuan replied to netizens on his microblog , He said it's not that he doesn't let others sing , There is a participle , At that time, I was just discussing how to divide participles .

Could it be that the old artist was cut by unscrupulous demons ?

Kea Kenn During the discussion, the teacher asked him if he wanted Liu Jia and Li Xiangchun to dance , Lin Zhixuan answered firmly .

3、 ... and 、 Who won't get out of the air conditioner

One wave rises after another , Originally, because the work and rest time was close to , Zhao Wenzhuo and Lin Zhixuan live in the same room . Can be found in Plus In the second issue , Zhao Wenzhuo wants to change rooms .

When chatting , Zhao Wenzhuo mentioned that because Lin Zhixuan said to turn on the air conditioner, his voice is dry , Their room doesn't have air conditioning .

《 Phigo 》 It was recorded in Haikou , Hainan, which is more than 30 degrees Celsius, doesn't turn on the air conditioner .

When I heard from Hu Haiquan that there were still empty beds in Ha people's rooms , Zhao Wenzhuo packed up his luggage and ran over .

It seems that Liu Cong was suddenly checked by the teaching Director :“ Are you going to sleep here ?”

Zhao Wenzhuo :“ I have no problem , The point is, do you think there's a problem ?”

implore : We dare not have a problem

stay Gai They put forward that the work and rest time is different and so on , Zhao Wenzhuo had to give up . But he asked slightly humbly if he could stay in this room for a while .

I can't see how much director Zhao in the street has been forced to turn on the air conditioner .

Zhao Wenzhuo just started a martial arts Lecture , From Liu Cong's two pulse of Ren du to Neijia Boxing .

Net friend : You just want to rub the air conditioner for a while .

After Zhao Wenzhuo left , Ha people practice Kung Fu collectively , Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

About this , Lin Zhixuan sent another microblog to explain , It's not that you don't get out of the air conditioner , It's Zhao Wenzhuo who wants to keep in good health .

Re edited in an hour 5 Times microblog , I can feel how much Lin Zhixuan wants to get rid of this matter .

Soon , Zhao Wenzhuo also responded to this matter :

It's a good habit for old artists to respond in person , It is suggested to keep , But can Zhao Wenzhuo tell us the real reason why he wants to change rooms ?

Lin Zhixuan has been on the road for 30 years , Many classic performances are inseparable from his strict requirements for himself .

But in 《 Phigo 》 In this variety show , He's a little out of place .

He is only willing to show his strengths on the stage , Refuse to make a new attempt . In the interview, when the program asked him if he would dance on the stage of the festival , His answer was ―― Can't .

In that case , Why did you choose 《 My brother 》 This stage that emphasizes self breakthrough ?

Zhang Jin, the team leader next door, also disagreed with the team members at the beginning , But finally choose to cooperate , Get on well with young teammates , Maybe Lin Zhixuan is more suitable for 《 singer 》 This kind of solo show .

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