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Anti Mafia storm: He Yun's helpless son, Sun Xing, is destined to be caught by his dry son

2021-08-26 07:44:43 Tencent Entertainment

《 Black storm 》 He Yun ( Wu Yue plays ) Your identity has become clearer and clearer , At first, the audience just doubted her identity , But judging from the latest plot , He Yun is Gao Mingyuan's “ Umbrella ” One of , And she has a lot of relationship with Gao Mingyuan .

In the latest notice , Sun Xing calls He Yun to “ Mom ”, Combined with Sun Xing, it was originally named Gaohe .“ Gogh ” The pronunciation of , In fact, it is the combination of the two surnames of Gao Mingyuan and he Yun . therefore , From the beginning of the story, it implied , Sun Xing's true identity .

Why can Lin Hao become the of He Yun “ Fuck the son ”, There is no detail in the plot , But think about it , You can figure it out . Lin Hao's father is Lin Han , Lin Han is also Li Chengyang's master . that , Lin Han was framed , He Yun is just good and belongs to the black and evil forces “ Umbrella ” One of , Then Lin Han's death must have something to do with He Yun . therefore , He Yun takes Lin Hao as his son , One of the reasons is to make up for her debt to Lin Hao .

The role of He Yun , It's not ferocious , The outrageous things she did , Many are to protect their sons . His own son Sun Xing , With the help of He Yun , More than ten years . however , He Yun never thought , The man who finally caught his own son , Is what you love “ Fuck the son ” Lin Hao .

Sun Xing and Lin Hao , From the beginning, it was doomed to be unable to live in peace , One who doesn't want to keep a low profile , One who is unwilling to compromise . Lin Hao first brought Sun Xing's “ Beautiful loan ”, In order to help Xu yingzi get justice , I've been investigating Sun Xing's crime . This also completely angered Sun Xing , Sun Xing was not a good stubble , And I'm used to Gao Mingyuan and he Yun helping him “ wipe ”, Have no sense of propriety in many things .

Sun Xing will expose his identity , It was his own arrogance . Many times, I met Lin Hao directly “ I'm so stupid ” Right up , If someone else in lvteng City , Maybe I'll hide from Sun Xing , Or later, they were dragged down by Gao Mingyuan and he Yun . however , But Lin Hao is a person who is not afraid of things , A righteous young policeman . Although Lin Hao is not as mature and steady as He Yong , But thanks to his momentum . Final , Sun xingcai was led to “ I'm in a mess ”.

actually , Lin Hao is nothing “ Star aura ”, Instead, it's because of He Yun's relationship ,“ Black and white ” People who , Have to give Lin Hao face . We refer to Director Hu's response , The look on his face when he saw Lin Hao being caught , It's like you've caught something “ Big shot ”. So , In the end, it's a trick for my son to catch my own son , It was meant to be . Because he Yun won't shoot Lin Hao , So Lin Hao can be safe in lvteng city .

Sun Xing's nemesis is Lin Hao , And Sun Xing especially eats Lin Hao's “ vinegar ”. Because Lin Hao can be the dry son of He Yun , But , Sun Xing can only secretly shout he Yun as “ Mom ”. and , In theory, Sun Xing is permanently forbidden to meet He Yun , This makes Sun Xing see Lin Hao , More fire . It's not just Lin Hao who destroys Sun Xing every time , It's because of my own mother , Became Lin Hao's godmother . What makes Sun Xing collapse even more is , He tried his best to frame Lin Hao , He Yun directly came forward and let Lin Hao go .

As can be seen from many details , He Yun really treats Lin Hao , And he Yun has high hopes for Lin Hao , He Yun really wants to take Lin Hao , Train to be an excellent policeman . Lin Hao “ Fuck the son ”, Maybe he Yun's most wanted son . The appearance of Lin Hao , Just made up for He Yun's regret , Sun Xingshi “ Ah Dou, who can't hold up ”, Lin Hao is the talent he Yun deserves to cultivate .

It's just , When Lin Hao began to track down Sun Xing , He Yun began to panic , Because she doesn't want anyone to be hurt , So every time she thinks of a way , Is to prevent Lin Hao from participating in this matter as much as possible . Can only cherish , Lin Hao was taught by He Yun , Became a good policeman , So the result is , Self trained “ Good son ”, To catch your own “ Bad son ”.

All in all , The role of He Yun , Different from Gao Mingyuan , Gao Mingyuan belongs to the insane “ Devil ”, He Yun also saved some conscience , Because if he Yun wants to die , Neither Lin Hao nor Huang Xi can be safe . After all , Just let Lin Hao and Huang Xi disappear , Many things can't be checked .

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