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Prado off-road is not as good as it. Wireless charging + 4WD with two locks

2021-08-26 08:37:20 Oriental Information automobile

In China SUV in , The best selling non Harvard H6 Perhaps judge of particulars, , Of course, boyue and trumpchi GS4 Sales are also good , This is something we should be proud of . But when it comes to off-road models , Domestic luxury SUV It can't compare with joint ventures and pure imported cars , And the best-selling Harvard H9 In medium and large scale SUV It's just on the table , After all, haver H9 Facing Prado 、 The containment of tuang and other hot models , As for Zhongtai T700 And haver H8 No sales , Faced with such a situation , Luxury domestic SUV There is still a long way to go .

In fact, in SUVs , Consumers pay more attention to whether the off-road performance is strong or not , Whether the quality can be guaranteed , Whether the quality is qualified , Whether the power is strong or not , Of course, we can't ignore the brand influence , Stay happy 、 Land patrol 、 Domineering and other classic off-road vehicles are recognized , Because their strength is obvious to all , As for the big G This kind of low configuration is 150 More than 10000 hardline off-road vehicles can't be played by anyone . By comparison , Prado is still affordable , Strong off-road performance , Naturally, it can be recognized by consumers , Of course, Harvard H9 In terms of off-road performance, it is not inferior to Prado , After all, haver H9 It is also a powerful and good car that can be robbed when raising prices in the North American market , Similarly, we are going to talk about Rongwei today RX8 Our off-road strength is in Harvard H9 above , At the same time, Prado is not as good as it .

roewe RX8 As a domestic SUV Luxury car , It's in the same camp as Prado 、 range 、 Tu ang 、 Touareg et al , The biggest difference between it and these cars is in the price , You can buy a Prado 2-3 Roewe RX8 了 , From this comparison, we can see that Rongwei RX8 What a conscience . And Roewe RX8 Although it is a domestic SUV, But we can't underestimate its off-road performance , It has four models, all of which adopt full-time 4WD with two locks , They are the central differential lock and the rear axle limited slip differential lock, respectively, and only 19 ten thousand , So it's more cross-country than Prado , We need to understand that big G Only with three locks , But the price difference between them is so huge , Naturally, whose cost performance is better is clear at a glance .

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