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Lincoln officially ushered in the transformation! The new car will focus on "future elements" and aim at BBA

2021-08-26 09:20:26 Wei Xiaohua

Relative to the North American market , Lincoln's life abroad was not satisfactory , Although it is called... Together with Cadillac “ American twins ”, But the domestic market is BBA Under the strong pressure of , These two brands are beaten and have no strength to fight back . If you want to change , You have to let go of your old body , Cadillac did , This time it's Lincoln's turn ! At this year's Shanghai Auto Show , Lincoln unveiled a new concept car , This car is called “ZEPHYR”, Although it is a concept car , But from the whole shape and Design , Basically, it can be concluded that this car is the prototype of Lincoln in the future , Because both in appearance and interior , This car is in sharp contrast to the concept model . So this car does not rule out direct mass production .

The new car shows a sharp contrast with Lincoln's previous design , I wonder if this is Lincoln's determination ! On the front , Lincoln's LOGO It made us recognize him , The whole China open adopts a very irregular shape , Especially the internal composition , Exaggerated and full of a sense of future . Double decker LED The structure of headlamp group is also more concise , This is also a clear contrast with German and Japanese cars . The decorative strip extending from the headlights on both sides runs right through the middle net , And with his LOGO All adopt lighting structure .

The side , The penetrating waistline perfectly shows the line beauty of the new car , And the front and rear door handles also adopt a hidden design , This design has already been mass produced in domestic cars ! In addition, we note that , The front and rear wings of the new car protrude slightly from the body , With dense spokes and large rims , It also shows the powerful aura of this car , Especially with the blessing of plum blossom wheel hub , This effect is even more obvious ! At the end , We finally saw the traditional Lincoln element , The tail lamp consists of multiple layers LED The light band is made up of , And the whole back enclosure is designed as a multi-layer structure , It's very three-dimensional .

In fact, in appearance , It has shown the full freshness of this car , However, this is far from over . Because the interior is the biggest highlight of this car ! Actually, before opening the door , In the past, Lincoln's interior still lingered in Xiaobian's mind , But the moment you get into the car , Except for the steering wheel LOGO It will have a familiar feeling , Anywhere else has nothing to do with the impression of Lincoln . This strong contrast is bound to make people a little unprepared . For the first time in the new car, the center console adopts a through screen design , From the main driver's seat to the front passenger's seat are all LCD screens , And can support gesture control 、 Voice interaction and touch control , The embodiment of all these functions is based on the latest human-computer interaction system “Constellation”! Of course, as for whether this design will be retained after mass production , I'm not sure about this !

In addition to a sense of technology , In the sense of luxury , Lincoln continued the tradition of the past . The interior of this car is composed of two-color structure , And see from the seat , To be more ergonomic , So in terms of comfort, this car will also show a good performance ! According to a source , The mass production version of this car will debut at this year's Chengdu auto show , We also look forward to its performance .

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