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Recent situation in August - eat less and think more (summary)

2021-08-26 16:37:38 One coding

The highest achievement of man is : Achieve others


hello , Have a nice weekend !

I haven't written a summary for a long time , There are many things that have happened recently . Just talk

Lone heroes

As you know, I've been blogging for nearly half a year , I've been fighting alone , My friends are not doing this , I'm also a person who doesn't like making friends .

Until recently, an elder who talked well found me , Said to build a group of bloggers to help each other , I agreed immediately , Because I have long had the idea of building this group , But because I know few people , It's also troublesome , Has been shelved , This is the next hit !

Familiar people know that the official account is often recommended to each other , whereas C standing , People are more fighting on their own .

After communicating with the big guys in the group , We have ideas for unexpected and unsolvable problems before . Have a deeper understanding of we media .

In fact, we media is also a group media , But this group is relatively small , Everyone communicates with each other in their own vertical field . There is not much competition between them .

therefore , You can't be a lone hero , There is no future .

The first income

Half a year , In line with the principle of all free , Even if the column already has 400+ subscribe , One is still free , But when you see that others have income every day , I still envy , Sometimes I want to give up . But just this week , One received the first advertisement in life .

When you are happy , And I'm not blinded by money , Didn't bother the fans in the group , Just hang the partner's poster on the home page .

There are still no advertisements in the group , No charge , And answer fans' questions for free . Add WeChat yitiaoit04 You can join the communication group .

All graduated from , Looking for a job , Can help one is a !

Happy birthday,

Ha ha ha , It's not my birthday , It's a child's . Coincidentally, it is also on the same day as Tanabata !

I went to eat the sea bottom fishing that I was thinking about , Also used the student discount for the first time .


After thinking about this subtitle for a long time , Sum up in one word —— tired .

This is what a friend in the group said when chatting , It's almost the same as me .

  • Children have been working very hard recently , Be more company .
  • Technology should precipitate , After all, he is still young , There are countless things to learn .
  • The article should be written , The hot list can't fall , Fans can have .
  • Mom always wanted me to take the postgraduate entrance examination , I also want to make up for this regret in the future .
  • The house will expire soon , The rent in Beijing is prohibitive .

I sleep late every day , And get up early —— tired .


After adding the group, everyone filled in the goal at the end of the month , I'm no longer Buddhist , Only good planning can make progress faster . Now I think of these

  • leetcode Stick to one question every day , distance 100 God, and 73 God .
  • The interview questions collection should be written down once a week .
  • python At present, I want to put , Concentrate on java.
  • The precipitation of technology cannot be relaxed , An article will be published next week docker Ten thousand word notes .
  • The official account is the real place to make money , So find a way to drain ,C Stand behind closed doors , I'm going to know how to develop .
  • Adults tend to gain weight , Nothing else is easy , So it's time to lose weight

future , For at least a year ,C The station is still the main battlefield , There are still many things that have not been realized :

  • The article was selected into a weekly list , Because there is 200 block .
  • Individuals are selected in the monthly list , Because there is 1000 block .
  • Get the first place in the weekly list .
  • Before entering the general list at the end of the year 100.


The resistance and long , Yes, it will be . It's never too late to start trying !

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