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1x3 vuerouter - base - named route & named view

2021-08-26 20:10:01 Mottle

VueRouter Basic tutorial series

Named route

Use name Attribute to Routing configuration items Set alias .

const routes = [
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“ Named route ” Its advantages mainly include the following :

  1. Shorter route navigation address 、 Minimize the chance of spelling mistakes .
  2. Path parameter Auto Code / decode .
  3. Bypass path sorting ( For example, only one ).

Personal understanding of bypassing path sorting , It should mean that named routes can be mapped based on aliases , Thus more efficient path matching .

Now? , We use imperative Add Named route To navigate to /user/123 On .

// Automatic coding of path parameters / decode 
this.$router.push({name:'user', params:{id:'123'}});
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Named view

Named views can be at the same level ( The same component ) Show more routing views in , Instead of nested display . Named views can have multiple route rendering exits in a component , This is useful for some specific layout components . The concept of named views is very similar to “ A named slot ”, And the default name of the view is default.

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<div id="app">
    <router-view name="sideBar"></router-view>
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Multiple route rendering exits also represent multiple components , Therefore, the routing configuration item uses the new components Options .

Navigation enhancement

Now? VueRouter The navigation function can not only be through “ route ” Navigation , You can also use “ Named route ” To navigate the path .

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