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The new GAC motor gs8 announced the interior Toyota hybrid technology blessing at Chengdu auto show

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Easy car - We have learned from relevant channels that , New GAC motor GS8 Will be in 8 month 29 The interior decoration was announced at the Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th . As the second generation of the family , Brand new trumpchi GS8 Comprehensive internal and external innovation , While having a more atmospheric and stable modeling design , Its hybrid version will also be equipped with Toyota's fourth generation THS II Hybrid system .

Appearance design , New GAC motor GS8 You can still see the first generation GS8 Shadow ,“ overcautious ” Although the design looks more traditional , But the momentum and sense of stability are still very strong .

New GAC motor GS8 Bring a whole new “ Star Diamond Diamond shadow ” Design language ,“ Star Diamond Diamond shadow ” The design language is from GAC motor GS8 R & D design team to “ Science and technology industry aesthetics ” For the aesthetic origin , In order to emphasize the massiness of industry 、 A new family design language constructed by highlighting the digital sense of Technology , This design language will also be used in more new models of GAC motor in the future .

The first trumpchi GS8

Compared with the previous model , New GAC motor GS8 The front face becomes more flat , The huge air intake grille is transversely connected with the headlights on both sides , Stronger sense of integrity , It also further improves the visual width of the front face .

The dot matrix front grille is similar to V Font design , Officially called “ Zhanwei wing ” A grille . Chrome plated trim strip with metal cutting texture Dot symmetric arrangement , Like a mathematical formula , Highlight the three-dimensional feeling of the front face .

besides , New GAC motor GS8 There will be another “ Dragon scale wing ” A grille , Inspiration comes from the dragon totem representing the king , Divergent rhombic grids are arranged in turn and symmetrically distributed , Plus transverse through plating trim , Strengthen the longitudinal extension of the front , Give people a more sharp visual effect .

New GAC motor GS8 Of “ Eye of Conquest ”LED The headlights are quite unique , Inherited the first generation GS8 Matrix layout design of four lamp beads , On this basis Open and close design , make “ Eye of Conquest ” Head lamp , Full of sense of technology .

How does the on-off headlight work ? When starting the headlights, similar methods will be used Flip type mechanical design , Light slowly , Very futuristic . Cool headlights are highly recognizable with any appearance , It can meet the personalized choices of different consumers .

In terms of body color , New GAC motor GS8 A brand new Ink seal green Color matching . This color is rare , yes GS8 Our designers draw inspiration from graphite and tourmaline crystal , After dozens of deployment and development , It has a certain advanced texture .

The first trumpchi GS8

The body side , New GAC motor GS8 It can be regarded as the first generation GS8 Plus version of , Retained the first generation GS8 Part of the design style , But with a more powerful waistline . In terms of size , New GAC motor GS8 Long / wide / High respectively 4980/1950/1780mm, Wheelbase reached 2920mm, Compared with the previous generation GS8 The length is lengthened 145mm, The width is widened 40mm, The wheelbase has also been lengthened 120mm; This size also has a slight advantage over the enlarged new Highlander .

The real model is equipped with Silver and black Multi spoke rim , It has a strong sense of refinement and movement , And what matches that is 255/50 R20 The tyre .

The first trumpchi GS8

New GAC motor GS8 The rear of the car continues the first generation GS8 Design style of ,“8” Zigzag tail lamp And the rear bumper adopt a new design , Bilateral double outlet exhaust port The design of has also been preserved .

The first trumpchi GS8 Tail lights

all-new “8” The zigzag tail light looks a bit like the jet of a spacecraft , Also joined Hexagonal prism design , After lighting, there can be different light and shadow changes , Better visual effect .

Besides , The new car can also be Music and light show , After starting this function, all lights on the car will flash with the rhythm of music , You can also use the car according to different scenarios Set up different light and shadow effects , More playability and experience .

Second generation GS8 Interior spy photos

The new GAC motor has not been announced this time GS8 Interior related information , But refer to the spy photos exposed before , It is expected that the interior style may be better than the first generation GS8 More technical . meanwhile , According to the spy photos, it is speculated that the new GAC motor GS8 The interior will adopt the current popular simple design style , The central control area uses large-size Large floating screen Design , It will also be equipped with full LCD instrument panel and electronic gear handle .

In terms of intelligent configuration , The new car will also carry GS4 PLUS The latest set of GAC on the car Super sensitive interactive intelligent cockpit , Except for L2 Level 2 driving AIDS 、 Car interconnection 、 Other than speech recognition , It is also equipped with gesture recognition and scene recognition functions , More convenient , Specifically Function or ratio GS4 PLUS Enrich .

Concept diagram of GAC motor super sensitive interactive intelligent cockpit

In space , It is reported that the new GAC motor GS8 Early launch of seven seat models , The seat layout adopts 2+3+2 The way , Larger body size can bring more riding space , Look forward to its actual performance .

motivation , New GAC motor GS8 In addition to the fuel version , The biggest highlight is Added Toyota THS Hybrid version , Meet the different needs of users for power system . Second generation trumpchi GS8 The fuel version , It is still equipped with the model independently developed by GAC, which is 4B20J1 The third generation of 2.0TGDI The engine , What matches it is brand new Love letters 8AT transmission . The engine Maximum power is 185kW, The maximum torque is increased to 400N·m.

Cash trumpchi GS8 Pick up the 4B20J1 model 2.0T The engine

New GAC motor GS8 The hybrid version is First equipped with Toyota's fourth generation THS Independent brand models of hybrid system , from 2.0T Engine and Toyota ECVT form .

among 2.0T The engine is the third generation Miller cycle engine independently developed by GAC group , code-named 4B20J2, And adopted GCCS Combustion control system , Integrated EGR recycling 、 New technologies such as dual channel turbocharger , Make it Maximum The net power reaches 140kW, Maximum The net torque reaches 320N·m, The thermal efficiency can reach 40.23%.

The new GAC motor equipped with this hybrid system GS8 4WD models can be used in 6.9 Second realization 0-100km/h Speed up ,NEDC Working condition The fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 5.5L, A tank of oil will run 1000 km , Achieve both power and fuel consumption .

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