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Unwilling to cooperate with Wang Yibo again, Zhao Liying's fans went on a collective strike and made a public apology in less than a day

2021-08-27 03:59:14 Tencent Entertainment

Undeniable? , Zhao Liying is a very excellent actress , She can become a top-notch actress without a major , Talent and effort are inseparable , Especially after divorce from Feng Shaofeng , And make a comeback , It is indeed a symbol of strength .

However, the biggest difficulty does not come from the outside , It's an internal problem , For example, there is a good saying , Not afraid of God like opponents , I'm afraid of pig like teammates .

8 month 23 Early morning 5 P.m. , Zhao Liying's global fan support association suddenly released an announcement through microblog , Apologize for suspending all work before , And blame yourself for being irrational , Ignoring the responsibility of maintaining Zhao Liying , A serious mistake belonging to the manager .

Later, the apology microblog was deleted , But the Internet has memories , Hot search is the best proof .

As for why Zhao Liying's fan support association did this , In fact, it's just a small thing , To put it bluntly, I'd rather be a chicken head , I don't want to be a Phoenix Tail .

And before posting an apology , That is to say 22 On the evening of the th , A joint statement came from Zhao Liying's fan support club , Resolutely resist all forms of cooperation , At that time, it has attracted a lot of attention .

Although the boycott statement did not clearly describe the problem , But according to Internet news , The new play starring Zhao Liying is likely to cooperate with popular traffic superstar Wang Yibo again , In other words, they may appear in public as male and female protagonists .

If it's true , Then Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo will cooperate for the second time , Two years ago, they had CO produced an ancient costume play 《 Jadeite 》, Word of mouth and ratings are pretty good .

For stars who have worked together many times , There is such a saying in the rice circle , That's it “ Er Da ”.

No kidding , Powerful actress with super popular male idol , Basically, it can be said to be the most popular standard configuration in the current film and television industry , There are not only viewers, but also viewers , You can kill two birds with one stone , A sure bet business , For both men and women , It must be a good thing , Why not do it .

But Zhao Liying's fans are so disgusted and resistant , The reason is the bad practice of Wang Yibo's fans , Let's say a 《 Jadeite 》 His super words have become the topic of Wang Yibo , Plus the news of cooperation again , The fans of both sides secretly compete , You have to distinguish between primary and secondary , Finally, Zhao Liying's fans can't bear it , With these seemingly childish practices .

The key point is , The show is cool about the news , Neither respond nor refute the rumor , Let Zhao Liying be passive in public opinion everywhere , Naturally, fans will not sit idly by , This is understandable .

To be fair , The behavior of fans can't rise to idols , But Zhao Liying's fans really humiliated Zhao Liying this time , In addition to the media rushing to cover it , Many big V All joking , Say that fans act like ignorant children , I don't want to play with anyone , You have to pull others together , Otherwise, don't play with him .

But the most incomprehensible thing is , After making things big , I changed my face repeatedly , He apologized and quickly deleted , It's like fun , So serious on the surface , But when you act, you slap yourself in the face .

Regarding this , Many people joked that :“ Self directed and self performed, the upper body of the play , The first magical backup meeting that hasn't been working for a day .”

To make a long story short , A new play that has not been officially announced , The news transmitted on the Internet should be carefully examined , Instead of over believing in Qi , This is obviously a sign of immaturity .

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