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Nuggets album August series live broadcast issue 4 | system learning react, how to do it most efficiently?

2021-08-27 04:12:41 Nuggets live

Nuggets album series live broadcast is an online live event hosted by Nuggets , We will regularly invite the authors of the booklet to share the technical knowledge we are interested in .

System learning React, How to do it most efficiently ?

React Is a very popular tool for building user interfaces JavaScript library , It is also the most popular Web One of the interface development tools . without doubt , Learn from good examples React, Can enhance our professional competitiveness . Then you want to learn systematically React, What is the most efficient way to do it ?

This time, , Nuggets live invited 《React Advanced practice guide 》 Author of the booklet : I'm not an alien , Let's talk about this topic with you .

Live , He will share his feelings about React Combing, learning experience and experience of each core module of , Give the learning path verified by practice . besides , In the process of systematic learning , We also have to learn the source code , Therefore, the live broadcast will also give suggestions on how to efficiently learn the source code .

The main points of this live broadcast

  • React Sorting out core knowledge points

  • Developers' rapid growth solutions

  • React Efficient reading skills of source code

  • High frequency interview questions are summarized

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment area , We'll pick the meaningful ones in the live broadcast 、 Answer valuable questions ~

Live time & Registration method :

  • 2021 year 8 month 24 Japan On the evening of 8:00

  • 「 Broadcast address 」… . Click the link , You can make an appointment .

Students can also scan the code to add Nuggets sauce , reply “ Front end live broadcast ” Join the community , Get the latest live news .

 Large front-end live broadcast into the group .png

Participate in the live broadcast and win benefits

During the live broadcast , The host will conduct multiple rounds of lucky draw , The prizes in this issue are :

  • Nuggets brochure 50% discount code
  • Around Nuggets , Including Nuggets enamel cups 、 The single shoulder bag 、 Coffee cups and so on

 gift .png

About the organizers

Nuggets : A community to help developers grow .


Is there a replay after the live broadcast ?

With playback , After the playback is edited, it will be uploaded to the live link again , You can save the live link or join the live group to pay attention to the playback dynamics .

Live winning , How to cash the prize ?

After winning the prize , The system will prompt you to leave the receiving address . After the live broadcast , Nuggets will operate wechat / Text you , Give out prizes .

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