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"Northeast ruthless" Sun Honglei!

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The role of Li Chengyang , Give Way 51 The - year-old sun Honglei once again returns to the public view with the appearance of his eldest brother .

From eyes to expression , All show a real ruthlessness and ruffian spirit , Between good and evil , It's the self-cultivation of an old actor .

It's actually becoming “ eldest brother ” front , Sun Honglei had a sad past , It's about poverty and dignity .

It was a hard time , Become the background of his first half of life , Including the hometown of Harbin , Parents and break dancing , There is also a street called central street .

If in 1995 year 5 month 22 Japan , Sun Honglei didn't give up his local tyrant life , I didn't take the green train to Beijing to test for the Central Academy of drama , So what will his future fate be .

It's just , Nothing if .

When sun Honglei was young , Love break dancing .

He didn't inherit his father's intellectual blood , I have been infatuated with reading Qiongyao's novels since I was a child 、 Listen to Teng Lijun's song . Middle school age , He often skips classes at night and goes to Harbin Youth Palace to dance .

As soon as I hear break dance music , He will unconsciously want to twist his body , Otherwise you will feel uncomfortable all over .

1988 year , At the second national break dance competition held in Chongqing , Sun Honglei, who came to the competition with his luggage on his back, won the runner up in one fell swoop , The prize is a refrigerator , He sold 700 Yuan , Then send it to your family .

At the age of , He 18 year .

Sun Honglei, who dances break dancing

In the 1980s , Harbin boy sun Honglei is called “ Northeast dance king ”, No longer trapped in financial constraints .

He spent it on purpose 4 Ten thousand dollars to buy a mobile phone , Sitting in a Santana car with a special driver , Declare your success to everyone in Harbin , It also regained the dignity lost by poverty .

He shuttles through the brightly lit central street every day , See too many warm and cold , Maybe those days , Let Sun Honglei's later performances have a strong Jianghu atmosphere .

The era of break dancing has gone far , Sun Honglei still chose to be firm , Without hesitation, he defended his secular sense of non vulgarity .

The latest hit 《 Black storm 》, Let Sun Honglei return to the public view with a familiar face again .

He can do a line without , A simple look from light to dark , You can make the characters very three-dimensional .

He plays Li Chengyang , He was a just policeman , After being framed , Carrying the burden of exploring the truth of master's murder , Endure humiliation and grief to wander within the criminal group .

Between black and white , There is an unyielding force , Temperament is both positive and evil , The performance is exquisite , That's him .

2021 TV series of 《 Black storm 》 Li Chengyang ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) fragment

It's actually becoming “ eldest brother ” front , Sun Honglei had a sad past , It's about poverty and dignity .

Harbin is an exotic northern city in Northeast China , In the center of the city , There is a long street called central street , Is where the western style lies , It is also the epitome of Harbin .

1970 year , Sun Honglei was born here , Under the old Russian style house on central street , But not a romantic life .

It's a big family , There are two brothers on it , There are also grandparents who need support and those who have not yet gone to college 、 Uncle who needs help .

A family of three generations , What it brings is not perfection , But curled up .

A whole seven people crowded into a small room of only 20 square meters , Sun Honglei and his two brothers can only sleep on the hanging shop hanging in the air .

If a guest comes to stay at home , Sun Honglei can only find his own place , at that time , His neighbor's aunt once took him in .

Sun Honglei's childhood neighbor aunt

Sun Honglei's mother is an ordinary worker in the factory , Although my father is a university teacher , But in the last century 70 years , The income of intellectuals is not enough to support such a family of seven .

To keep the day going , Mother and grandpa had to often go to the vegetable market to pick up rotten vegetables and leaves to cook , Putting oil in vegetables has become a luxury .

When sun Honglei was a child, he often didn't have enough to eat , So I went to my classmate's house to eat to satisfy my craving .

Living in a cramped place , The food was tasteless , stay 8 Before age , Sun Honglei didn't even wear a new dress of his own .

Sun Honglei when he was a child

In order to maintain the most basic livelihood , Mother Sun left her face , Hiding the children from borrowing money outside , Borrow... Every month 10 Dollars to ensure that the family will not starve to death .

On the eve of sun Honglei's marriage , What happened at home made him grow up overnight .

One afternoon after school , Sun Honglei witnessed his mother's refusal to borrow money .

He clearly heard the aunt next door shouting at his mother :“ Lao Zhu , Why are you here again , Our family has no money this month !”

The noise of his neighbor's aunt became a thorn in his heart , When people are extremely poor , There is often no dignity .

This heartless scene was only 13 Year old sun Honglei saw it in his eyes , After he cried a lot , Realize that you can still eat now , It's all because my mother puts down her face and borrows money every month .

It was a poverty without dignity , The root cause is not the overcrowding and cold brought about by the dilapidated old house , But because of the indifference and ruthlessness suffered by poverty .

That moment , Sun Honglei made up his mind , Never let mom be wronged again , Young and weak children at that time , The only thing I can do is go to my mother , Pick up leftovers and leaves with her .

Sun Honglei when he was a child

Many years later , He described his family's situation like this :“ The family is poor .”

In sun Honglei's limited childhood memory , My parents have been struggling with money , They are the only way to survive , People without life .

He wants to smooth the wrinkles on his parents' faces , Erase the pain at the bottom of their hearts , Also bear a heavy psychological burden , Mentally mature than many of their peers .

The embarrassment of childhood , Let Sun Honglei have to rely on his own ability to change his family situation .

Sun Honglei in his youth

My father is a philosophy teacher , But Sun Honglei didn't inherit the intellectual blood of his father , Instead, it's a little unorthodox .

He seems to have been an alien since childhood , Always like to stay alone , Listen to Teng Lijun's song , When you feel deep, you can't help crying .

1987 year , A Hollywood musical 《 Break dance 》 Introduce China , The young people in the film follow the rhythm of the music , Dance your body heartily , Look free and relaxed .

This fascinates sun Honglei, who just went to high school , He began to watch the film over and over again , And try to imitate the decomposition action inside , It can be said that he dances like a model .

A year later , Someone opened a break dance class in Harbin Youth Palace , Sun Honglei is eager to study professionally , But he dared not ask his parents for tuition .

In a traditional intellectual family , His elders will certainly make him focus on his studies , Will not support him in learning break dancing .

For what I love , He kept it from his parents , I've scraped up enough tuition to sign up for break dancing .

Those days , Sun Honglei's life is very tangled .

Practice dancing with your partners in the rehearsal hall , Enjoy the freshness brought by imported art , Completely release yourself in the dance steps ; Back home , He has to bear the guilt of hiding his parents .

But paper can never wrap fire , Sun Honglei's Secret dancing was noticed by his father .

He begged his father to let him continue dancing , Seeing my son so determined , Father sun made him a condition ,“ If you can get a place in the dance competition , I'll support you in this dance ; If you can't get a noun , Just come back and study hard , Concentrate on preparing for the college entrance examination ”.

Father's ultimatum , Sun Honglei feels a glimmer of hope , He took part in Harbin 「 Winter fire 」 Break dance competition and won the title .

Then he won the second place in the national break dance competition held in Chongqing , Cash the prize refrigerator into 700 Yuan bonus .

This made sun Honglei, who had little money , For the first time, I feel the satisfaction and superiority brought by making money by myself .

He will come 700 All the yuan was given to my mother , Mom is very happy , For the sun family at that time , It's equivalent to the cost of living for months .

Sun Honglei can't forget when his mother got the money she earned , The expression of joy on his face . The situation at home has been greatly improved , The parents stopped talking about letting their son learn .

With his own efforts , Become rich , Let the family finally live a proud life , This makes the neighbors envy .

Sun Honglei, who has not graduated from high school , Leave school completely , Entered the Chinese break dance star Art Troupe and began to perform all over the country , People give stage names “ Three wolves ”.

In those days , His income of thousands of yuan a month is incredibly high .

Central street in Harbin , In his eyes , Become bright .

Sometimes when walking on the road, sun Honglei will be recognized by passers-by , That sense of accomplishment made him want to dance forever .

It's just that life will never be what you want , The charm of break dancing gradually fades , As a result, the income of sun Honglei's Art Troupe is getting worse day by day , In the end, we can't escape the fate of dissolution .

He couldn't bear to break dance , So he found two companions dancing together , At that time, Taiwan's little tigers were popular all over the country , Sun Honglei named his dance team “ Wolves ”, Started working at night .

He walked around with his break dance group , Life has always been good , It's just that the art form of break dancing is getting cold , To decline , The wolves work hard again , Can't change the cheers .

Facing re unemployment , Sun Honglei, born for the stage, didn't stop , But after going to the south to learn scriptures , Boldly transform the song and dance hall into the first nightclub in Harbin .

Some locals say :“ Extremely poor culture in the Mainland 90 years , It was Sun Honglei who improved the routine of local entertainment performances in Harbin .”

He made it , Sun Honglei took over the host 、 perform 、 Sing a song , Became the pillar of the nightclub , His fame is growing , It is honored by Harbin people as “ The elder brother ”.

The boss pays him every month 9000 An appearance fee of yuan , He was also equipped with a Santana car and a special driver , It's very windy .

Sun Honglei enjoys his life after becoming a rich man , Finally bought a spacious and bright house for my family , I don't hide my vanity , Wear gold wire glasses and black sunglasses to shuttle through major night performances , All around are bowing and bowing people .

The West sunset , The European gold glazed tiles under the central street are shrouded in neon lights , The unreal light , It's very much like sun Honglei's life in this period .

Sun Honglei almost started the whole nightclub business , I also met many peers in the entertainment industry , Start worrying about your future :

“ Can I just be the pillar of the nightclub all the time ? It's true that I love dancing and singing , But after all, you can't dance on the stage all your life . As Dad stressed before , Literature and art is youth food , Not for a long time .”

1995 year , Sun Honglei performed song and dance at the Spring Festival Gala hosted by Heilongjiang TV station , This green one minute serial burning song program , Completely changed his destiny .

at that time , Niu Zhenhua, the actor in the same performance, noticed the young man on the stage , At dinner , He said to sun Honglei :“ You like acting so much , You should go to Beijing to take an examination of the Central Academy of drama .”

Sun Honglei smiled shyly , They say their appearance conditions are not good , Not big eyes, double eyelids , Niu Zhenhua said to him :“ Do you know actors Jiang Wen and Wang Zhiwen , Think about how you look compared with them ?”

Sun Honglei thought for several minutes , I still think I look better than the two actors .

Without any preparation , He gave up his local tyrant life , Carrying a simple bag, he took the green train to Beijing for an examination .

He clearly remembered that it was 1995 year 5 month 22 Japan , As soon as we arrive in Beijing , He shut the door , Sun Honglei was informed that all majors of the Central Academy of drama have finished their enrollment , Only the musical class has enrollment .

The musical class has very high physical requirements for candidates , The teacher in the play said to the present 180 The fat man said :“ You go home. , You're not suitable for acting .”

Sun Honglei was not satisfied , With a rich body, he began to lose weight .

He became a madman in everyone's mouth , Start running before dawn every morning , He who grits his teeth and perseveres will always succeed .

A month passed , Sun Honglei lost his weight by virtue of this relentless effort 36 Jin , The teachers present thought that this young man must not be easy .

There was 700 Many people take part in the supplementary recruitment of musical classes , In the end, he was the only one who was admitted .

“ I think God is kind to me , I was lucky .”

The millennium is on schedule , This year 30 Sun Honglei, aged, appeared in a TV play directed by Zhao Baogang 《 OT Surun Pyyhit Silmistani 》, Played the infatuated man Alai .

2000 TV series of 《 OT Surun Pyyhit Silmistani 》 Alai ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) Still

This is a classic film and television work , There are also handsome men and beautiful women , Xun Zhou 、 Chen Kun 、 Lu Yi ...... Lu Yi at that time was noble , By virtue of 《 Never close your eyes 》 Little fire , The supporting actor sun Honglei is still a completely strange face .

Alai is a tragic figure , As soon as he appeared, he was doomed to a miserable fate .

30 Sun Honglei, 25, interprets this role affectionately , Finally die for love , Harvest the tears of countless girls .

2000 TV series of 《 OT Surun Pyyhit Silmistani 》 Alai ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) Still

The fact proved that , He is really gifted in acting .

2002 year , Sun Honglei and Gong Li starred in the film 《 Zhou Yu's train 》, His spirit and years of precipitation finally broke out , Suddenly became famous .

2002 In the movie 《 Zhou Yu's train 》 Zhang Qiang ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) And Zhou Yu ( Gong Li Decoration ) Still

“ The police who can catch me , Not yet born .”

2003 year , Sun Honglei encountered in his acting experience , One of the most classic characters .

That is 《 conquer 》 Liu Huaqiang in , Cold eyes , Thick shoulders , From eyes to actions , All show a real ruthlessness and ruffian spirit , He gave the villain a unique charm .

2003 TV series of 《 conquer 》 Liu Huaqiang ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) Still

Liu Huaqiang created by sun Honglei is affectionate and righteous , True to life , It's not just a ferocious bad man , This gives the character a complex sense of mystery .

This TV series with documentary texture , It is regarded by many as the classic of gangster films , Some netizens once said ,“ Sun Honglei saved a play ”.

“ Do you keep this melon ripe ?”

Yes , His interpretation of Liu Huaqiang still has strong vitality , So that many people , I thought sun Honglei was the real character .

2003 TV series of 《 conquer 》 Liu Huaqiang ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) Still

Later, sun Honglei was 《 latent 》 The middle surface is gentle , In fact, Yu Zecheng, who is full of justice .

2008 In the movie 《 latent 》 Yu Zecheng ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) And Wang Cuiping ( yao Decoration ) Still

《 The new world 》 Jin Hai, the first governor of Peiping prison, who dares to tell the truth , One look is frightening , People don't talk too much , Every word you spit out is like a steel knife ......

2019 TV series of 《 The new world 》 Sea, ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) fragment

Huang Bo once said he was lucky to be an actor , Otherwise, it won't do any good to society , This is enough to show his superb acting .

In order to weaken their domineering , Sun Honglei changed his old cuntou , With a lens less frame , He called it “ decorate ”.

In a variety show , He's on his way , I was held by an old man on the street , Excitedly say :

“ I've seen all your plays , Your hooligans act too much like .”

In those years , Sun Honglei, a man in the northeast, has created many tough men with strong bones , Full of masculinity .

Looks like a tough guy 、 The unsmiling sun Honglei , In fact, there is a gentle side in my heart , It's about my parents saying goodbye to me twice .

2007 In the Spring Festival , Sun Honglei's mother died of coronary heart disease 、 Exacerbation of hypertension causes cerebral infarction , Life begins to count down . He took his parents back to his hometown in Harbin , Spend the last Spring Festival .

2 month 23 Japan , On the seventh day of the new year , Mother fell asleep forever in sun Honglei's arms .

Sun Honglei talks about his mother , make a pitiful plea

Before leaving , Because he is seriously ill , It is difficult for an old man to speak clearly .

I don't know my mother at the last moment of her life , What is your trust , This has always been sun Honglei's heart knot .

The winter in Harbin is extremely cold , Snowflakes next to snowflakes , Happy with pain .

Mother's death , Let him have deeper feelings for his father , As a philosophy teacher's father , He has always been sun Honglei's idol .

Sun Honglei and his father

“ Suddenly sensible , All of a sudden, I knew I was in awe , Know to cherish the days with relatives .”

In the days that followed , Whenever I talk about my mother , Sun Honglei can't hide his sadness , Even in front of people can't restrain tears .

Growth is farewell again and again .

Six years later , Sun Honglei's father also died of illness .

After the parents left , He often reposes his sorrow in words ,2013 At the end of the year , Sun Honglei wrote “ Dad and Mom , Happy New Year! ”, The picture is fireworks and the sea .

Sun Honglei microblog , Miss your parents

Festival Fireworks , At this moment, no matter how , They all look a little sad .

Now , When sun Honglei stands at the peak of his acting career , The most regrettable thing , Nothing is better than being unable to share this joy with your parents .

Some pain can't be talked to , Some regrets are powerless .

So many plays , Sun Honglei's favorite role is the film directed by Chen Kaige 《 Mei Lanfang 》 Qiu Rubai in , He changed his old image of a tough man , Put on your glasses , Played an intellectual .

One of his favorite lines :“ Really good play , Yes, you have to take someone , Break the rules of life .”

2008 In the movie 《 Mei Lanfang 》 Qiu Rubai ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) Still

This may be sun Honglei , The best footnote of half a life .

Those characters who have played , Which character wasn't himself . That is the persistence of a Tao seeker , It's also a return as an ordinary person .

1999 year , Zhang Yimou made the film in a plain and warm way 《 My father and mother 》, It tells the story of her mother Zhao Di's acquaintance with her father Luo Changyu 、 be in love with each other 、 separation , The love story of the final life together .

This is a Chinese implicit love work , Many viewers were struck by the simple feelings of their parents , Also remember Zhang Ziyi with braided hair , at that time 20 At the age of, she became popular in the north and south of the river with this local character .

1999 In the movie 《 My father and mother 》 For her ( Zhang ziyi Decoration ) Still

However, too many people don't know , The hero of the film is sun Honglei .

Before shooting , Zhang Yimou said to him :“ If the film is shown , There will be an audience looking for your signature , I recognize you , And you failed .”

Luo Yusheng, played by sun Honglei, is simple and quiet , Integrate with the surrounding prototype group performance , He is the son submerged in the crowd , Use clear 、 Simple 、 The voice across time and space teaches the children in the village to study .

1999 In the movie 《 My father and mother 》 Luo Yusheng ( Sun hong2 lei2 Decoration ) Still

After the movie came out , The audience really only remembered Zhang Ziyi , Sun Honglei was forgotten by everyone .

As a man, he , Didn't feel depressed , Sun Honglei thinks he has done it , People forget that he is an actor , As Zhang Yimou said :“ Sun Honglei's performance , There is no trace of performance .”

At the age of , He 29 year .

Time flies by , Now sun Honglei is 51 year , Those who can't go back are written on their faces , Fade with youth .

The past of his youth in Northeast China , It happened in Harbin Central Street 3 Number , Sun Honglei, who holds a mobile phone, is called “ Northeast break dance king ”, The Jianghu has always been .

When the bustling crowd shunts everywhere , When the light goes dark , Sun Honglei finally took off his black sunglasses .

Last , Let's in Mr. Sun Honglei's break dance collection , End today's article .

It's in this magical dance step , Sun Honglei step by step away from the central street in Harbin , Come to a new stage of life .

After reading his story , We have reason to guess : Probably because life is hard , That's why he loves dancing so much ……

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