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[review JS] to consolidate the foundation day23- front end, you should also know some databases

2021-08-27 05:43:39 xn213

This is my participation 8 The fourth of the yuegengwen challenge 23 God , Check out the activity details :8 Yuegengwen challenge

*** What I learned today : ( Understand database related issues ) ! Check for defects and make up for omissions ! ***

It can be used as a learning route for beginners , Please refer to , Learning progress is not particularly in a hurry ! Ongoing update

Combine your own understanding , Simple and comprehensive summary in vernacular JavaScript Basic knowledge points in the learning process , Facilitate deeper understanding !

Let's start today's study ! ' Only by laying a solid foundation can we build a tall building '! come on. ! take sth. seriously !!

1、 database

database : A warehouse for storing data   U disc   Hard disk  

Common database languages :

  • sqlServer
  • mysql
  • oracle
  • db2

The data stored in the database are structured data .

for example :

Hello everyone , My name is XXX I graduated from Tsinghua University   Computer science   I don't have a girlfriend right now   Welcome to be good friends with you .

full name   Gender   Current address   Graduation school   major
So and so   male     Beijing   tsinghua       Computer
So and so   male     Beijing   Peking University       Communication engineering

structured :

Data in the database It exists in the form of tables

Relational database : Each database consists of multiple tables , A table consists of multiple rows and columns

The title of each column is called the field title , The corresponding content is table data

Storing data :

First step : Create database

Code implementation : create database Database name

The second step : Create table

create table  Table name 
         Field name     type ,
         Field name     type ,
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The third step : The data in the table is analyzed increase   Delete   Change   check  

  • increase :insert into Table name ( Field 1, Field 2,...)values( value 1, value 2,...)

Be careful : The field data added by the primary key is ignored and left blank   If the type of value is character , The value must be quoted

  • Delete : delete from Table name where Conditions

    • Condition statement :

      • Is equal to   use  =
      • Show and   use and
      • Express or   use  or
      • If the condition field value is a character   Must be quoted
  • Change :

    update Table name set Field = The new value , Field = The new value where   Conditions

  • check :

    • select * from   Table name     Query all field data in the table
    • select Field name , Field name 2 from   Table name   Query the specified field

data type :

int   Represents integer data       char(100)   Indicates the character type     varchar(100)

Primary key : primary key   characteristic : Data cannot be repeated ( Have uniqueness )

Usually in a table Number The field is the primary key Generally, the primary key is self incrementing  

How to set the primary key :

create table  Table name 
   sid int primary key  auto_increment  sid  Field is     Primary key     And it's self increasing 
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php How to operate the database

Client submits data to server :

  • Form transfer value name
  • Hyperlink pass value <a href="xxx.php?id=213">
  • ajax Passing data to the server jsonp Request interface

php Operating database steps :


  1. Select data source  localhost
  2. Set up the database
  3. Determine character encoding Prevent confusion code mysql_query('set names utf8')
  4. To write sql sentence
  5. perform sql sentence mysql_query
  6. Return execution result

Notice : come on. , Dream catcher

Learning is an ongoing process , Hold the line , There must be gains !

Accumulate over a long period , Consolidate the foundation , Enter the factory early !

It's not easy to insist , It's not easy to stick to it , you are so good !

Calm Down & Carry On!

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More expectations on the road ... A long way to go ==-..-==

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