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Bite your teeth and go to Tiguan l? BYD song plus spend less money to get a higher experience!

2021-08-27 05:45:08 Oriental Information automobile

Recently, some netizens left a message in the background asking Maijun , Public view of cash L how , Because I know it is about to launch a medium-term modified model , therefore , The current models are 4.1 A huge discount of 10000 yuan , Ask me if it's worth buying .

The answer is yes , After all, the public way view L The reputation has been quite good all the time , It used to be a sales bully in this field , In addition, the preferential strength is so big , After discount 2.0T The entry-level version of naked car price 18 Less than ten thousand yuan , It's very fragrant .

But here's the problem , There is a big prerequisite —— The budget is just 18 Ten thousand yuan , Can buy , The problem is that it can't go down ... There is also a purchase tax in the middle 、 Insurance and miscellaneous expenses , It's obviously not realistic .

I think , It probably wants to have a certain level of power , At the same time, in terms of space , It can also make the rear passengers sit comfortably SUV. For this netizen's appeal , Personally think that , We might as well look further , Look at our own brand BYD song PLUS DM-i, Not only is it affordable , More importantly, the configuration is still very comprehensive , And you can get a different driving experience .

Maybe people will wonder , Why does Maijun recommend BYD song PLUS DM-i, They are not at the same level at all SUV, There's nothing comparable . exactly , Such topics are put in the past , I don't say a word , With a skillful right slide exit . But times have changed, adults , The routine of playing at the same level has become a thing of the past , Dimensionality reduction without talking about morality is the killer mace of independent brands !

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