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Zheng Shuang's 30th birthday is deserted. Chen Jia has been sending blessings for ten years. Is it really just forgetting to make friends?

2021-08-27 06:43:13 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 22 Japan , It's Zheng Shuang's 30 birthday , The usual day , The social platform will be covered with the blessings of fans , There are also many star friends who will record VCR Celebrate her birthday .

At this time in the last two years , Zheng Shuang's father also sent a message to wish his daughter a happy birthday , Words are full of pride and vision for the future .

from 18 At the age of , rely on 《 Watch the meteor shower together 》 After a shot , Zheng Shuang has been living in thousands of favors . But this time is different , Zheng Shuang's birthdays are so special , Not only netizens don't care , In the past, relatives and friends who sent blessings were silent .

After all, the entertainment industry is the most realistic , No one wants to have anything to do with this woman who doesn't play cards according to common sense , This cold atmosphere , It's really sad . In the past, too many people celebrated Zheng Shuang's birthday , Many people's blessings will drown , But at this time , Just one voice , It will be particularly obvious .

8 month 21 It's near zero on the day , Well known director Chen Jiashang posted a text on the social platform to wish Zheng Shuang a happy birthday :“ It's the fairy's birthday again . Correct mistakes as soon as possible ,�e Give up the positive because of a little bumpy . Happy birthday, , Try to move forward .”

The essay is simple , But the feelings are still very sincere . It is said that the icing on the cake is easy , It's hard to send coals in the snow , At this special time , Not afraid of rumors , Sincerely wish , It can be seen that Chen Jiashang has deep feelings for Zheng Shuang , A very special .

Zheng Shuang's fans are also moved , Thank Chen Jiashang in the comments area , It means that the director has a heart , But Zheng Shuang himself didn't reply , Social platforms still remain 8 month 9 On the update of the day .

Actually , Turn over the social platform on Chen Jiashang and you will know , Not just this time , Almost every year on Zheng Shuang's birthday , He will send blessings at the first time , There is also a special name for Zheng Shuang “ Fairies ”, Between the lines, I can see that I appreciate and love Zheng Shuang very much .

2011 year , Zheng Shuang starred in love fantasy films directed by Chan Ka Shang 《 Draw a wall 》, Thus, a period of more than ten years “ friendship between old and young people ”. Zheng Shuang plays “ Peony ” Pure and lovely , It's breathtaking .

Although not the protagonist , But very brilliant , Left a deep impression on many audiences , Ning Caishen also commented on Zheng Shuang's role , It's roaring beauty .

With this role, Zheng Shuang , Won the gold award of new actor of the year and the... Of the Hong Kong Film Directors Association 31 Nominated for the best newcomer award of the Hong Kong Film Awards , Since then , Zheng Shuang has “ Fairies ” The nickname . Everyone thought the young actor had a bright future , Nobody thought of that , In just a few years , Zheng Shuang broke a good hand .

Even if you cooperate happily at work , Chen Jiashang is almost “ Infatuation ” Your attitude is also strange , Between them is really the director's appreciation of the actors , Is it pure forgetting friends ? For this question , Some people have long held doubts , There was also a rumor that Chen Jiashang pursued Zheng Shuang .

Even in 2018 in , Chen Jiashang once sent a document in response to the rumor that he had sexually assaulted Zheng Shuang , He took a hard line and said , I am very willing to confront the disseminator of rumors , If the other party dare not speak up, please stop such irresponsible remarks , Otherwise, it will be investigated publicly .

Chen Jiashang not only personally responded to these rumors , Every time in Zheng Shuang “ It's hard ” when , He will stand in line to support , At the beginning of the new year, Zheng Shuangyin “ Surrogacy ” When the matter is on the cusp of the storm , He also does not shy away from multiple developments , I also thank the fans for Zheng Shuang's persistence , Close attitude like a family .

If Chen Jiashang's support for Zheng Shuang is for a period of time , It can also be understood that they are “ High mountains and flowing water meet bosom friends ”, But after all these years ,“ Rich or poor ” Guard silently , And for what ? It can only be understood temporarily as “ Peony ” One is the role of director Chen in his career “ White moonlight ” 了 .

Fortunately, Chen Jiashang is not “ No brain ” Support for , He also admitted that Zheng Shuang was really wrong , I hope she can correct her mistakes , I also hope Zheng Shuang can receive this blessing , Let's live a sunny and positive life as Chen Jiashang said .

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