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DD-WRT -- let our wireless router use Linux

2021-08-27 07:31:23 magic_ one hundred and eighty

Many readers may have heard of Linux operating system , Know it's and Windows Against another big school of operating systems . But you may not know ,Linux Extremely flexible , Not only can it run on large servers 、 On the desktop , It can also run on various small terminal devices , This includes wireless routers .DD-WRT In fact, it is an embedded version for wireless routers Linux, It can realize the function of thousands of Yuan commercial wireless router in ordinary household wireless router , More Than This , For experts, it can even allow them to compile their own programs , Freely expand the function of wireless router . 
DD-WRT The origin of the book goes back to 2003 year , at that time Cisco/Linksys It's on sale WRT54G wireless router , It supported the highest 54Mbps The connection speed of . In the same year, lovers found WRT54G Of IOS The firmware is based on Linux Of (IOS Namely Cisco The name of your own network device operating system ), However, using Linux As a basic condition of the operating system, the original code must be disclosed , After the news spread , Originally Cisco  Refuse to disclose source code , But in the end, under public pressure ,2003 March 2013 ,Cisco It's public WRT54G Source code . This has opened a big treasure house , Many third-party firmware based on this source code have been introduced , among DD-WRT Is the most brilliant one . 

Use DD-WRT Many benefits , It has a friendly configuration interface , Support for multiple languages ( Including simplified Chinese ), Can let the wireless router support QoS Broadband settings 、QoS L7 Filter , Optimize bandwidth and limit maximum uplink bandwidth 、 Downlink speed and maximum number of connections , And can block or accelerate BT、 Electric donkey download . Support multiple client connection modes , Like a bridge 、 relay 、 Client and other modes . Several security mechanisms are supported , Support customers WPA Pattern 、VLAN、WPA2 And other security modes and mechanisms . It also supports the of peanut shells DDNS, Facilitate the establishment of personal websites . It even has a modified direct BT Download function . So powerful DD-WRT It's completely free . 
Of course, not all routers can be refreshed DD-WRT Of , After all, it runs Linux System , Relatively complete hardware support is required , You can now refresh to DD-WRT All routers are based on Broadcom Of CPU The system of , And the memory and storage of firmware Flash Flash memory capacity also has certain requirements .Flash Flash memory capacity at least 4MB, And all WRT54GS v4.0 Models before version have 8MB Of Flash Flash memory capacity , And some routers ( Include WRT54G and WRT54GS Of v5.0 model ) have only 2MB Of Flash. What we need to pay attention to is :DD-WRT The complete version of (Standard Vision) And mini version (Mini vision) All installations require 4MB Of Flash, and 2MB Flash Capacity routers can only use mini versions (Micro Vision). 
Here I recommend some suitable for refreshing DD-WRT Classic wireless router , They are either cheap , Or the best performance , Compatibility is also the best . These include Buffalo WHR G54s、Buffalo WHR G54s、Asus WL 500G Deluxe as well as Motorola WR850G These products , And of course WRT54G Have 8MB Flash Products . 
DD-WRT Brush machine  
We must first arrive at DD-WRT Official website Download firmware , Now it has five versions , Ordinary users can use the full version and mini version , The biggest difference between them is that the full version supports kaid function , Facilitate the wireless networking of game consoles . It should be noted that , It's best not to pursue the latest version , The older version has been debugged by many users , It will be more stable . It's recommended here v23 sp1 And v23 sp2. 
Let's take the lower price Buffalo WHR G54s Take our product as an example to introduce how to refresh DD-WRT The firmware . To ensure a smooth upgrade , You must first restore the router to factory settings , Press and hold the reset button of the router and keep it at least 30 second , Unplug the router . Then put the computer ip Set the address to 192.168.11.x Within the network segment , This is also WHR G54s Default segment for . Connect the computer to any one of the routers LAN Mouth to mouth , Both the cross network cable and the direct network cable can be used . 
And then Windows XP Pass through “ Start / function /cmd” Open the command line window , Suppose the firmware is c Under the root directory , Just go to c Packing list , And enter the “tftp -i PUT dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin” Here is to take advantage of tftp Upload the firmware to the router , Here  by WHR G54s  Of ip Address ,dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin Is the name of the downloaded firmware . Be careful , Don't press enter at this time . 
below , The equipment needs to be operated . Power up the router , At this point, all routers Led The indicator lights will be on , About a second later , At this time, all port indicators will be off except the indicator corresponding to the router port connected to the computer , We need to press enter right away , transmitted . There's no need to be nervous here , Even if you get one “Time Occurred” The timeout prompt doesn't matter , Repeat the above operation . If we input in time , File transfer started , And then WHR G54s Of LAN The indicator light will pass about 6 After a second of frequent flashing , You'll get something like :Transfer successful: 3502080 bytes in 5 seconds, 700000 bytes/s Prompt for successful input . Last in bridge/diagnostic After the light goes off, the router will restart DD-WRT. here WHR G54s Refresh succeeded , Its address is, The default login user name of the router is 'root', The password for 'admin'.

DD-WRT Featured applications  
First we need to log in DD-WRT equipment , Because of its initial IP It's usually, So we need to set the local address to the same network segment , such as You can enter it directly in the browser Get into DD-WRT Equipment control interface . The default user name is root, The default password is admin, After logging in, you can see DD-WRT The management interface of wireless devices ( Pictured 1). Because it's powerful , therefore DD-WRT There are many settings on the management interface , From left to right “ Set up 、 wireless 、 Security 、 Access restrictions 、 Applications & game 、 management 、 state ”, Each page is divided into several sub items , There are many options .

1. Timing switch wireless signal  
Many users have the need of timing switch wireless signal . For example, many home users don't need to turn on the wireless signal when they rest at night , It can also reduce the impact of wireless signals on people , In addition, it is often necessary to restrict users from using wireless networks during non working hours such as nights or holidays , This can be used DD-WRT Wireless function of timing switch , It is much more convenient and secure than using its access control alone .


First you need to get into “ Advanced wireless settings ” page . We can see Radio Time Restrictions The words... , Its initial default state is disabled , Here we change it to “ Enable ”. Then it will appear 24 The two square icons represent... Of the day 24 Hours ( Pictured 2), Where green represents turning on wireless , Red means turn off the wireless , We can freely set the time of day to turn on the wireless , Those times turn off the wireless signal .


3. Manually change the wireless signal strength  
The power of the wireless router we buy on the market is fixed , Individuals want to change it, which is basically an impossible task . However, in practical use, it is often necessary to increase the wireless power and improve some transmission distance or through the wall ability , Especially when it can be implemented successfully just one wall away , The problem of signal strength can really kill people . and DD-WRT The device has the function of adjusting the transmission power of wireless signal , You can customize the transmission power of the device within a certain range .

It's also in “ Advanced wireless settings ” page , One of them Xmit Power options , It is where the wireless power is regulated ( Pictured 3), The scope is 0~251 Between milliwatts , The default is 28 milliwatt . If we feel our wireless network is unstable , Or we can reach our ideal distance not far away. We can mediate here , After testing , The effect of this function is still obvious . However, I remind you not to blindly increase the power , After all, high-power equipment can be harmful to humans . In fact, we can do the opposite , For users with very good wireless signal , The transmission power of the wireless signal can be appropriately reduced , In order to minimize its impact on the body .


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