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Play games and learn CSS. Hey, I just play!

2021-08-27 08:21:57 Tong ouba

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I found several good models in the community before Study CSS The game of , After the experience, I found that it was good , Share with you .

For beginners ,CSS Various grammars may be a little boring , And it's important W3C in CSS There are not only many related documents , And the reading experience is terrible .

I've heard some back-end students vomit before CSS It's hard to learn , Even if I learned , If you don't use it for a long time, you will forget .

Actually , We might as well play games to deepen the learning and understanding of boring concepts , Practice the basic operations you will use in daily development , Develop muscle memory .

Learning while playing , Doesn't it smell good ?

1.Flexbox Froggy

Flexbox frog , altogether 24 A level , Every level has grammar tips , mouse hover To the syntax attribute , All its attribute values will be displayed .

adopt Flex Syntax programming , Move the frog to the target lotus leaf , Help you deepen your memory .

Quack ~

2.Flexbox Defense

Flexbox Tower Defense , altogether 12 Tower defense game of three levels , adopt Flex Put the defense tower , Block enemy soldiers from passing .

( The enemy also has 30 Seconds to the battlefield , Crush them ! )

3.CSS Diner

CSS dinner , altogether 32 A level , From simple to difficult , adopt CSS The selector syntax selects the beating plate for customs clearance , Help you get familiar with the grammar related to memory selectors .

Canteen waiter : I'm good at picking up dishes !

4.Grid Garden

Grid The garden , common 28 Turn off , adopt Grid Syntax programming , planting , Water your own carrot garden , Help you know and remember Grid grammar .

5.Flexbox Zombies

Flexbox Corpse , common 12 chapter , There are challenge rounds with increasing difficulty in each chapter .

Own plot , Cool animation and sound , use Flex Grammar hits zombies , Highly recommended experience !!!

6.Grid Critters

Grid animals , Hundreds of levels , Need to pay .

Your journey from the mysterious Grideros The planet begins , Your mission is to use your ship's powerful grid tools to save alien creatures from extinction .

The author is an expert with more than ten years of front-end experience UI Architects , In order to help people master CSS Grid Layout , He chose full-time and invested a lot of energy in developing the game .

Learning itself is anti human , But if you play while learning , Are you willing to for your love , A little more persistence ?

If you also know some fun learning CSS The game of , Then share it with you in the comment area ~

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