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Understanding instanceof from principle

2021-08-27 08:34:18 Always_ positive

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With typeof Why do we still need instanceof?

We all know typeof It can help us judge the data type , But in judgment object When it comes to type typeof Can only tell us that object But it can't tell us what kind of object, Look at the code below .instanceof The emergence of can solve this problem .


instanceof Implementation principle of

Introducing instanceof Before the concrete usage of , Let's take a look first instanceof Implementation principle of , Starting from the principle can better help us understand its usage . In order to make readers better understand the code , We need until the following preparatory knowledge .

  • Object.prototype.__proto__ === null
  • Object.prototype Is an empty object

Realization instanceof The three-step strategy of , Please distinguish what is a prototype and what is a prototype object ,proto Refers to the prototype ,prototype It refers to the prototype object .

First step : Get the prototype of the expression on the left

let leftProto = leftVaule.__proto__;
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The second step : Get the prototype object of the expression on the right

let rightProtoType = rightVaule.prototype;
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The third step : Loop to determine whether there is an expression on the right on the prototype chain of the expression on the left

while (true) {
    if (leftProto === null) {
        return false;
    if (leftProto === rightProtoType) {
        return true;
    //  Continue looking up the prototype chain of the expression on the left 
    leftProto = leftProto.__proto__
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Realization instanceof


A few help understand instanceof Example

function test() {}
console.log(test.__proto__ === Function.prototype); //true
Object instanceof Object // true
Function instanceof Function // true
Function instanceof Object // true
test instanceof test // false
test instanceof Object // true
test instanceof Function // true
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To accurately understand the above example , We have to talk to what we said above instanceof Principle , The trick is to get the prototype of the left expression and the prototype object of the right expression , Judge whether the prototype object of the right expression is on the prototype chain of the left expression .

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