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Flash (28): slide of h-ui front-end frame

2021-08-27 08:58:41 caimouse

Slides are common on business websites , Because a company is currently selling products , Often just a few , In general , Namely 4 To 5 Sample products , Therefore, these products will have a big picture to promote , So that all visitors to the website can quickly understand the company's products , So as to attract customers to further understand the situation , And this kind of photo updates very quickly , Faster companies update once a day , It's also slower every week .

So this function is an important content , Here's the code to demonstrate . Let's take a look at the content and method of this example :

You can see that there are four points in the middle , These four dots indicate how many pictures there are , You can also click to quickly switch pictures .

The implementation code is also relatively simple :

    <div id="slider-3">

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