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Suxian District: the source overload control is fully covered, and the overload rate is less than 0.05%

2021-08-27 09:59:57 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Li Chuan Lohan ) In recent days , Suxian District traffic problems stubborn malaria treatment Office 、 The staff of the overload control office came to the south new material Guanghui branch under their jurisdiction 、 Donghua Concrete Co., Ltd 、 Zhongqi Engineering Materials Co., Ltd 15 A key source enterprise , Check the registration of overload control at the source 、“ Seven have ” Implementation of requirements and setting of warning signs for overload control , Guide enterprises to further improve the loading account of freight vehicles .

Ling Jiaxiang, deputy director of Suxian District overload control office, introduced , since this year on , Suxian District has accelerated the construction of standardization of overload control , except 15 A key source enterprise , We have also comprehensively investigated and cleaned up registered factories and mines 、 Freight yard 、 Gravel yard 、 Concrete mixing plant 、 Construction site 、 Vehicle maintenance enterprise ( spot ) And other source enterprises ( project ), To determine the 117 A source enterprise , Through the rule of law 、 Science and technology to control the super 、 Responsibility check 、 Strong measures such as both reward and punishment , Carry out night checks 、 Crack down on illegally refitted vehicles 、 Joint law enforcement across county and urban boundaries , Ensure that the overload rate at the overload control station is kept at 0.5% following , Illegal loading at the source of freight and illegal overloading of freight vehicles have been basically eliminated . Up to now , Jointly carry out law enforcement 10598 Person time , Investigate and deal with illegal acts 675 rise , Issue rectification notice 12 Share , Testing vehicles 35 Ten thousand times , Punish overloaded vehicles according to law 667 Number of sets , uninstall 3919.37 Tons of .

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