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"The story of huiyeji" -- people are always greedy, and fairies should be spotless!

2021-08-27 10:49:08 Life journey

《 The story of a beautiful night 》 The film was before 《 Ghibli documentary 》 Dreams and fantasies mentioned , Let's walk into this Takahata movie today 8 The story created in .

Hui Yeji

The fairy living in the Moon Palace , Come to the world in a bamboo shoot , The chopped bamboo Weng picked it up and raised it , It grows very fast , A worldly face , After moving into town , Freedom is limited , unhappy .


A handsome boy in the village , Take the hostess to catch the pheasant , Go wild , Climb the tree , Go down the river , It's really my childhood sweetheart , For women, it is also a symbol of freedom , When you grow up, you get married and have children , But the little scum man who still wants to elope with the woman .

Chop bamboo Weng

Ben is a bamboo chopper in the mountains , Fate will pick up villains , Then cut down the small bamboo forest in the mountains , Ten million taels of gold , The whole family moved to the city , As soon as you become a landlord .

All I ask is for my daughter to be a princess , Marry a rich family .

old lady

Chop bamboo Weng's wife , Always listen to the arrangement of the bamboo chopper , No resistance , Always obey .

The story is that the bamboo chopper picked up a child from outer space in the bamboo forest , And when the child showed up, he was dressed as a princess , In the later period, the bamboo chopper always wanted to make girls into Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting , The ceremonious princess is also because of this .

The girl grows on bamboo shoots , Living in the mountains , With birds, insects and beasts , With grass and flowers , The sky is high and the birds are flying , The sea is wide with fish , Catch pheasants with friends , You Shan Quan , Formed an unrestrained character , I was forced to move into the city , Accept everything called “ The princess must ” Curriculum , Later, it was known all over the world because of its beauty , Princes and nobles come to propose marriage , The helpless Hui night made a request , Someone died , Cause Huiye to feel guilty, so he doubts himself , It also unlocked the memory of the Moon Palace , Finally, people from the Moon Palace came to pick her up , And wearing last month's feather will forget everything about the earth , She finally went back .

On the Internet, many people discuss Hui Yeji's crime and punishment , I don't know what the original sin is , This is regarded as a punishment in the world , Punishment experiences growth on earth , free , Imprisonment , Study , but , annoyance , Have no alternative , Don't follow your heart ?


The role of chopping bamboo Weng as a father , It is consistent with the world view of the general public , A good life is living in a big house , Eat delicious , My daughter is going to marry someone with high power . Because of their greed , Treat those who propose marriage first 5 People are careful , There is no better marriage than this , Then the emperor came , He said the emperor was very good , Want to make Huiye a princess .

How many? “ for your good ” Just ignore the needs of children , Suppress nature .


Chopping zhuweng's wife is a role that doesn't have much play , But this role reminds me of “ At home from my father , Married from husband , My husband died from my son ” The image of an ancient woman , I don't have any ideas of my own , Even if you live in a big house , I only love the flowers and plants in the broken courtyard wall , When people have to integrate into a strange environment , Nostalgia for the old days will only be more .


The function of Shewan , I think it symbolizes the old life , And class solidification . She wan who lives in the village , Follow the path of life , When I was a child, I walked around the fields , Grow up, marry a wife and have children , Even if there is a love for Huiye in my heart , But there is a gap between the unreachable distance and real life , He has no choice . Even at the end of the movie , Huiye wants to elope with him , He showed an indifferent attitude , But after all, he already has a wife and children , Such behavior now seems to be a scum man , So he can only be a symbol .


Finally, let's talk about huiyeji .

As the protagonist of the play , She has a longing for freedom , Resistance to parents , Although it's a fairy , Once upon a time , Let her experience birds, insects and beasts , The joy of grass and flowers . If the childhood environment is compared to heaven , That over time , The bonus of beauty , Entering the city becomes hell . Fairies live in hell “ Inhuman ” Life of , She put away her nature , Try to be what the bamboo chopper wants , Her struggle in learning etiquette is not serious , The memory of occasionally returning home in the mountains , Unwilling and difficult to deal with marriage . It's like the script in modern idol drama that marriage is always needed to save the family industry , This also stimulated the desire of Huiye to return to the moon . You ask her if she wants to go back , Although the film advertises that she wants to stay , Because the creatures on earth are human . But I prefer her to go back , Maybe the Moon Palace has no seven emotions and six desires , No birds, animals, insects, fish , But there is no earthly “ Please do not , Love leave ” My troubles . As a mortal i , More longing for the life of fairies .

Birds, insects and beasts , The words grass and flowers run through the film , In the background music , The characters sing slowly , From the beginning, carefree melody , To the last melancholy and compassionate singing , That's the main theme of the film . Of course, it is also worth saying that the painting style , Ink painting is not , It can be regarded as a plagiarized version of ink painting , It looks very comfortable on the whole . If the bamboo chopper took the money , Stay in the mountains , The hostess married Shewan , Tearful farewell to the two old people , In the end, the children are happy , Dim old . If so , It's estimated that it won't take time 8 Years. .

Okay , When I grow up , Endless troubles , What I miss is that I can't go back when I was a child .

When I was a child


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