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Small steel gun of high appearance law system, equipped with frameless door, with 1.8T, 292 horsepower, breaking 100 in 4.4 seconds

2021-08-27 10:51:13 Oriental Information automobile

Let's see A110 S The origin of art car ,A110 S The art car is Alpine And Argentine artists Felipe Pantone Products from cooperation , This car art car produces four , Only three cars can be bought , Each car was painted by the artist purely by hand . Since it is purely hand-made , Well, we all know that manual work can't be 100% consistent , So it can be called a unique model . The body is designed in black , A very abstract art painting is added to it , The overall artistic sense is very strong .

The shape of the front face is wide and flat , And added a very classic four front headlights , The front surrounding position also adds a tusk air inlet and a very exaggerated trapezoidal air inlet . Have to say , The front face is really aggressive . The rear part of the car is added with a huge rear row with a central single output , The sportiness of the whole body has been improved a lot , The blackened tail lights on both sides are added with similar X The shape of the LED Light band , The recognition is very outstanding .

A110 S The body length, width and height of the art car are 4178*1798*1252mm, The wheelbase is 2419mm. The body design is similar to that of Porsche 911 Targa It's the same thing , The roof adopts an arc-shaped design , The style of big slip back looks very fashionable , The rimless doors on both sides are full of performance .

In addition to the body painting is very artistic ,A110 S The art car is no different from the standard model .A110 S The interior of the art car is basically the same as that of the standard model , The central console adopts an encircling design , The overall atmosphere is very sporty , The flat bottomed multifunctional steering wheel is not only decorated with leather perforations and silver elements , But also added a lot of red elements . Barrel type LCD instrument panel and suspended central control screen also bring a certain scientific and technological atmosphere to the vehicle , The paddle keys are arranged very neatly , It also brings a strong sense of battle . There are two colors of barreled racing seats , Wrapping and support are also outstanding .

A110 S The power of the art car is not much different from the standard model , The power is 1.8T A turbocharged engine , The maximum horsepower is 292 horse , The maximum torque is 320 Cattle meters , The transmission matching is 7 Wet double clutch gearbox . It's only necessary to speed up 100 kilometers 4.4 Seconds to complete , This book data definitely deserves the title of small steel gun in the legal system .

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