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Installing Vue devtool for chrome and Firefox

2021-08-27 11:20:22 DandS

1. from git Cloning code

git clone…

or download zip package

If git clone Too slow or error reporting , download zip faster , decompression zip.

2. yarn install

3. yarn run build

Use yarn Install and compile . Maybe everyone's installation process , There will be all kinds of problems . Have a problem , Direct Internet search .

  1. npm install
  2. npm run build

Use npm Words ,npm run build Report errors .

npm_run_build Report errors .png

4. chrome Expand vue-devtool

chart 1 chrom_ add-in .png

chart 2  Load the unzipped extender .png

Suppose the extracted file is in the vue-devtool, Click on “ Load the unzipped extender ”, choice vue-devtool> packages >shell-chrome.


Add success , debugging . image.png

5. firefox Expand vue-devtool

chart 1 firefox1.png

chart 2 firefox2.png

chart 3 firefox3.png

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