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How does "heart 4" come to an end? Pinhole was boycotted by the brand, Ma Dong deleted the bad comments, and no one blessed him

2021-08-27 23:43:53 Tencent Entertainment

writing / Ziyi

《 cardiac 》 Ending up , But I can't suppress the anger of the audience !

original , Ma Zijia, who has always surrounded his feelings around small holes and oranges , And finally got a place , In fact, the answer has always been clear , It's just that netizens don't accept it .

The horse hole issued on the night of the official announcement cp weibo , There was a curse below .

In order to protect Xiaokong's reputation, Ma Zijia sent a microblog to denounce fans , The number of likes is as high as 72 ten thousand , This is the traffic that many popular stars in the entertainment industry don't have , The comment area is dark , Extremely unpleasant .

Tencent cooperates with bazaar magazine , And shoot a couple cover for each couple .

Fang Chen Style CP Cover , It was the first official announcement .

They are very sweet , Once hung on the hot search, enviable , The finale also broadcast Fang Binhan's birthday , The picture of two people kissing .

This is right CP Very real , It belongs to the love story from the program to reality , Yesterday, two people were photographed walking in the street , Even on the hot search .

However, one day later , When bazaar magazine throws Madonna with a small hole on the magazine cover , But there was no blessing below , This is right cp The suspicion of buying hot search also follows .

Curse in the comment area , It seems to have covered up the happiness of the two smiling on the cover of the magazine .

It's just , There is one saying. , Macon cp Malice and abuse suffered , One is the magical editing of Tencent video , Second, the style of the two people in the program is too much .

These days , Everyone knows that CP How powerful powder is , After all 1+1>2 ah .

But , If you ask CP What will happen ?

I think the fate of Ma Zijia and Kong Ruchun , You can see that .

( One ) Girls are boycotted , Boys send microblogs to maintain , Except for women 5 outside , All other guests were silent

Pinhole was once invited by a wedding dress brand , Took a lot of wedding photos , Be posted on the microblog by the brand side .

And Marcon CP After the official announcement , The microblog was boycotted , The next day, the brand side deleted the microblog and apologized to the audience , Claim not to let Bad conduct The person who speaks for the wedding dress , This remark means a lot .

Ma Zong and pinhole's Bazaar magazine cover , It's also a curse .

Pinhole responded on Weibo , Make it clear that you are not liked , In fact, their hot search , It is also a gift of cooperation between two brands .

In the original program , Ma Zijia is not very popular , And with the small hole , They only keep a low profile , To reduce the perceived malice .

However, the cover of bazaar magazine , They quickly boarded the hot search , And these two boring cp Once again on the cusp of the storm .

Not to mention the editing problem , Or two people's style , After being hated , Another high-profile behavior , Will eventually be eaten back .

After their official announcement , Under Ma Dong's microblog , Pinhole was scolded bloody , However, the only female guest who stood up to defend him was Jiajia , The other guests didn't give clear help, which is very helpful to cp Resist bad reviews .

In the program , Small hole only complains to Jiajia , The friendship between the two is also closer .

Exactly so , The subsequent interaction is called by netizens as , Woman 4 Number and female 5 No. 1 small group , It annoyed the audience , Small holes are even by vicious netizens p There was a posthumous photo .

In fact, Xiaokong and Jiajia are the last two girls to come , It's hard to integrate into this big group , In the process , What's wrong with two people holding together for warmth ?

Under this highly sensitive network , It's easier for the audience to stand on the moral high ground , Look at every bright line .

( Two ) The observer mission wishes Fang Chen cp, Kaiwei and Jiajia ,baby Love oranges alone , Only Xiao Kong and Ma Dong have no blessing

When all the guests get together with the observation team , Ma Zijia and Xiao Kong , It seems to take advantage of this occasion , In response to bad comments on the Internet , It's just a lack of sincerity .

Ma Dong's hesitation in the program , Found an excuse to apologize .

He admits ,“ I was in the cabin because of my inner entanglement , Without considering others Feelings , The details of many things are not mature enough ”.

And the small hole on one side , I'm also watching Ma Zijia describe all this carefully , She also mainly thanked female No. 5 Jiajia , Some comfort to her .

Ma boqian listened to Ma Dong talking , The expression is out of control , Look down and sigh , Not echoing , The expression is very real .

Fang Chen Style cp Sprinkle sugar frequently ,simon Make a bold confession to Fang Binhan , Call her the biggest gain in the program .

Ears of wheat and oranges are generous and decent , It is loved by many netizens , Kaiwei and Jiajia get along like an old husband and wife , It's also very gratifying .

On the contrary, the most unnatural are ma Dong and Xiaokong .

Both seem to be directly or indirectly , Want to prove the objectivity of behavior , To get the audience to understand .

The observer mission also tried to make a circle for two people , But no one's on sugar , No one sends sincere blessings , The two of them cp Feeling very weak , There was a curse on the barrage .

Speak true , It's really a little sad .

( 3、 ... and ) All the dignity of the orange was given to Ma Zijia , Sweet interaction with pinhole and praise

After the show , Pinhole interacts with orange on microblog , Oranges are generous and respond .

In fact, girls' friendship , Never been destroyed .

In the program , When I'm sad by the sea alone , Oranges also came to comfort .

Orange faces the choice of emotion , It's a little lack of courage , Indecisive ; Even younger holes can give oranges encouragement in love .

In the cabin , They took pictures in private , Interaction is also frequent , It's very natural to hook your shoulders and carry your back , The relationship between the two is not what netizens say , Only the authorities know the truth .

The last one , Oranges have prepared gifts for everyone , She also boldly praised , My sister is a very gentle person , I was taken care of very well .

Face Ma Zijia , She also calmly cooked beef hot pot , Make up for this regret , At this time, she , Really mature .

Take pictures at the end of the program , Oranges also boldly praise small holes , Frankly , I appreciate it from my heart .

In fact, at the end , Oranges are also well served , Oranges have always been decent people to walk , She is always discovering the highlights of others , Then convince yourself to accept all this .

However, Ma Zijia's speech in the observation room , Seems a little stingy .

When he mentioned the tangle about oranges , use “ others ” Instead of oranges , And did not explicitly give an apology , I didn't even look directly at the orange , The atmosphere in the observation room was also very embarrassing .

Ma Dongtang is an enterprise boss , But I can't even grasp the scale .

It's not as generous as ears of wheat and oranges , The whole atmosphere is so awkward , Embarrassing full screen .

If Ma Zijia were a little bolder , Stand up like a man , On the one hand, I left enough dignity for oranges to be friends , On the other hand, you can express your love to Xiaokong .

Instead of two people making small moves in private , And hide it from the program team , So the post editing must start again .

According to this observation , His handling is immature .


at present , This big triangle sadism , The topic is very high .

Most people are defending Hong Chengcheng against injustice , After all, Ma Zijia hesitated , It makes people anxious , Also hurt a lot of people .

and , Between Ma Zijia and Hong Chengcheng , It was obviously Ma Dong's initiative , Time and again , Show love again and again , Success attracted the attention of oranges .

However , Here comes the small hole , This situation was quickly broken .

Ma Dong was completely attracted by the small hole , Even on a second date , They have close group photos , It's just , The program team, out of careful consideration , Cut it out .

Most people , For Marcon, this pair CP, It's really hard to straighten your waist and knock .

indeed , The program group made random editing , Not twice at a time .

Yao Muxi, the girl of the last term , Not with a man 1 Number two together , But it was cut into a pair .

In the program , Even if ordinary people don't like , And force them to follow the script 、 Practices that cannot be explicitly rejected .

This will inevitably give them friendship , Cause many misunderstandings .

Although reality shows , It is indispensable to set off the script , But I can only say , Ma Zijia “ Cheating on men who play with women's affections ” Script , Kong Ruchun's “ Later generations live in ” Script , There is really no audience .

They were scolded , You deserve it .

I can understand , Even intellectually understand , Ma Dong with the hole , Is the happiest ;

Even I'm not worth it for oranges , I think if she doesn't insist on decency , Fight properly , The situation may be different .

can , Demolition CP After all, it's against everyone , In the hearts of the audience , Makabaka is the most right , Unexpectedly, he changed his mind halfway , Will certainly be dissatisfied , Even my last article , Many people left messages , Express no understanding .

The strongest female four in the history of love synthesis !《 Cardiac signal 4》 How did the small hole realize the position of the latecomer ?

What do you think ?

I'm Ziyi , Welcome to your attention , Leaving a message. , give the thumbs-up .

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